Chapter 136 – Light-Gathering Stick

The envoy understood Yang Tian’s intention as well; this was a matter of great importance and he was unable to make the decision. The envoy needs to return and discuss this with the middle-aged man first.

“Boss, how many blueprints do you think they have?” Lei Xing asked in an astonished tone.

“Do not look down on the military, they might have already researched and created some magic energy equipment by now.”

“However, are they willing to offer Rank 3 blueprints?”

“That will depend on how important Guo Tian Gang is.”

Lei Xing was also very interested in Rank 3 blueprints, the blueprints that Yang Tian had given him were mostly Rank 2, with only three of them being Rank 3. Moreover, Lei Xing was unable to manufacture them yet with his current abilities.

Yang Tian remained in West Camp for another day before the envoy’s return.

“How is it?”

“Please have a look.”

The envoy respectfully handed a blueprint.

“Hmm? It is indeed Rank 3, but the usefulness… is poor.”

The envoy lightly sighed, they had hoped to use this blueprint to try their luck, but as they feared, Yang Tian was not that easily tricked.

“My commander also added that the military will not take a single step into this region for the next six months.”


Yang Tian pondered for a moment before giving his reply, allowing the envoy to sigh in relief.

“Thank you, Sir. About our team director…”

Yang Tian waved his hand, and West Camp Chief handed a heavily bounded Guo Tian Gang to the envoy.

“Uncle Pang, I…”

“Let’s talk after we return!”

The envoy released Guo Tian Gang from his restraints and left the camp while assisting his injured body.

Yang Tian played with the Rank 3 magic energy equipment blueprint in his hand.

Rank 3 Magic Energy Equipment, Light-Gathering Stick

This is neither an offensive nor a defensive equipment, it was instead categorized as a special type. The purpose of the equipment was to gather light energy; despite being a Rank 3 equipment, it was deemed a useless magic energy equipment in the eyes of many people.

“Boss, what magic energy equipment is this?”

Yang Tian passed the blueprint to Lei Xing, the latter displayed a strange face after looking at its contents.

“Boss, this magic energy equipment is even worse than a Rank 1 offense-type equipment.”

“Do you also think that this magic energy equipment is as simple as it looks?”

“Can it be that there is something special about it?”

“Light-Gathering Stick is part of a set of two magic energy equipment, individually, each equipment is useless. Only by combining the two together will they become useful.”

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However, being a set, the blueprints should be discovered together. It was highly likely that the military has yet to discover their uniqueness and has treated the two magic energy equipment as useless items.

“The other one should still be in the hands of the military, we need to obtain it without them noticing our motive.”

The military was placing emphasis on magic energy equipment because they noticed its usefulness in battle; being products from high-tech planes that fell onto Earth, the military around the world has treated all magic energy equipment with great importance.

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However, these high-tech planes also viewed magic energy equipment above Rank 5 with great importance as well, it is basically impossible for magic energy equipment of such levels to fall on Earth. However, the intelligence of humanity was not weak; they managed to develop Rank 6, Rank 7… and higher magic energy equipment by researching and understanding low-rank blueprints. Yang Tian remembered that the highest level they reached in his previous life was Epic Rank magic energy equipment, one such magic energy equipment could decide the victory of the battle.

Yang Tian wants to establish his own organization, the magic energy equipment department must not fall behind others.

“But how are we going to negotiate with the military?”

“Let me think of something.”

Yang Tian is determined to obtain the other Rank 3 blueprint.

When night arrived, Yang Tian visited the hill. Morning the next day, Yang Tian returned to West Camp and successfully obtained the other blueprint. As for what transpired during the negotiation, no one knew.

“Energy Transmission Tube, another Rank 3 magic energy equipment, it does not look as useless as Light-Gathering Rod.”

When Lei Xing got the blueprint from Yang Tian, his face still looked confused.

“Create it first.”

The military had created an Energy Transmission Tube before, but the destructive power was weaker than an ordinary Rank 2 offense-type magic energy equipment.

“Lei Xing, are you able to do it alone?” Xu Dafu asked.

“Snow will be helping me.”

The Snow being mentioned was the blonde loli, the latter’s understanding about firearms was comparable to Lei Xing; her understanding of magic energy equipment was also the same. Moreover, when the blonde loli was working under the Li Family, she was also involved in magic energy equipment and had even created part of a Rank 1 magic energy equipment before.

“Snow knows even more than I do as she had come into contact with magic energy equipment much earlier than me.”

“Then it is likely she knows how to create Rank 1 magic energy equipment already.”

“That’s right.”

Upon learning that the blonde loli knew how to create Rank 1 magic energy equipment, Yang Tian suddenly had an idea.

“Do you have people who already knew how to make magic energy equipment in West Camp?”

“There are three of them, but they only know two or three designs, and they often failed to succeed .”

“Tell me, do the other camps have metahumans who knew how to create magic energy equipment as well?”

“We are all from various forces of the military, each team would more or less have a couple of metahumans who possess such knowledge.”

“I want the people in West Camp to start manufacturing magic energy equipment, request for materials if you lack any. Of course, while making magic energy equipment, also focus on nurturing magic energy equipment makers.”

Ordinary metahumans can make Rank 1 and Rank 2 magic energy equipment. However, from Rank 3 onwards, only metahumans with high Focus could make them. That was also one of the reasons that the Gunmaster profession was born.

Archers have a high talent for making magic energy equipment as compared to other metahumans because their attributes leaned towards Focus, which also makes them natural Gunmasters.

Of course, certain types of special metahumans could also become Gunmasters.


West Camp Chief was delighted, he initially planned to make magic energy equipment in the first place, it was great that he now has support from Yang Tian.

“Dafu, I want you to inform the Camp Chiefs of the other camps about this.”


Xu Dafu quickly flew to the other camps.

“Lei Xing’s Raygun is a Rank 2 equipment, maybe I could learn something if I watch them make Rank 1 magic energy equipment.”

Xu Dafu has never given up on making magic energy weapons.

When Xu Dafu heard Yang Tian’s plans, he sees hope that he can create his own magic energy equipment in the future.

After Xu Dafu and West Camp Chief left, Lei Xing asked:

“Boss, will we have enough materials?”

Lei Xing brought up the most crucial point. It was inevitable that there would be a high material waste when people with less talent manufacture magic energy equipment.

“Materials? There will be many soon, this period is simply to get people to start practicing.”

Lei Xing did not understand Yang Tian’s words, but since Yang Tian did not give further explanation, Lei Xing did not probe further.

Lei Xing did not know that Yang Tian was referring to the soon-to-be-arriving Second Blood Rain.

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