Chapter 135 – Shadow Hunter

The middle-aged man was unable to refute that as well, there were too many cities in the Celestial Empire that were not being protected and had been ravaged by zombies. Regarding this matter, the middle-aged man had also chosen to protect his birth city immediately instead of following the orders of the higher-ups.

“Since we are unable to come to an agreement, then I can only capture you as ordered.”

The three Early Rank 3 metahumans beside him instantly took action upon the middle-aged man’s words.

“What a joke.”

“I know the three of is not enough, that is why…”

Boom Boom

Before the middle-aged man could finish, two more explosions similar to the one he experienced occurred at two different locations.


“You should check your soldiers. Tonight is only a warning.”

Yang Tian disappeared after speaking. Lei Xing and Xu Dafu also retreated with their teams after they received the message Yang Tian transmitted using his mental power.

On the route back to West Camp, Yang Tian was blocked by a metahuman.

“No one has ever managed to escape unscathed after causing my teacher to suffer losses.”

“If that’s the case, I am the first!”

Yang Tian guessed the teacher in question was the middle-aged man.

“You dare to provoke me. Remember to tell King Yama in hell that the person who killed you is called Guo Tian Gang!”

After Guo Tian Gang spoke, he charged towards Yang Tian as a pair of crescent-shaped scimitars appeared in his hands.

Mid Rank 3 Shadow Hunter.

An assassin-type metahuman. Unfortunately, when in Venom form, Yang Tian is a warrior and do not fear Guo Tian Gang.

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Guo Tian Gang stared at Yang Tian, he was about to deal a lethal strike, but Yang Tian had turned into a black monster in the next second. The sudden changed cause Guo Tian Gang to hesitate for a couple of seconds, for an assassin, these seconds would expose many problems. 

“You are still too green.”

Yang Tian’s arms turned into war blades and he uses an explosive speed to arrive in front of Guo Tian Gang.

By the time Guo Tian Gang could react, the two blades have appeared in his face. Guo Tian Gang could only use the scimitars in his hands to block the attack.


Sparks appeared on the crescent-shaped scimitars.

“Your blades are trashed.”

A huge chip appeared on the edge of the scimitars.

Fine sweat appeared on Guo Tian Gang’s face, Yang Tian was much more difficult to deal with than expected. Back at the hill, Guo Tian Gang did not detect such powerful energy on Yang Tian earlier on, which was why he came to find him by himself.


As Guo Tian Gang was considering his next move, a ray of red light struck him.

Guo Tian Gang noticed a red and charred spot on his chest, the attack nearly pierced him.

“Boss, we are here.”

Lei Xing and the rest heard the sounds of fighting and came over, that was when they saw Yang Tian fighting another metahuman. Lei Xing immediately used his Yagun and shot at Guo Tian Gang.

As he was defenseless at that time, Guo Tian Gang suffered a significant loss.

“You can no longer escape.”

Xu Dafu and West Camp Chief appeared; surrounding Guo Tian Gang, they had cut off his path of retreat.

“If I want to leave, none of you can make me stay.”

Guo Tian Gang noticed that Xu Dafu and West Camp Chief were not really powerful, allowing him to secretly sigh in relief.

“You can try.”

Mental Disruption

Guo Tian Gang was unable to resist Yang Tian’s current level of Mental Disruption. Had it been a pure offensive mental-type skill, Guo Tian Gang would have even collapsed on the spot immediately.

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Yang Tian’s Dragon-Claw Hand appeared in front of Guo Tian Gang, as the latter was defending another area, he was wholly exposed to Yang Tian’s attack.



Guo Tian Gang released a painful cry, his left ribs had just been shattered by Yang Tian’s attack.

“Do you think you can still run?”

West Camp Chief tied Guo Tian Gang into a bundle and tossed him to the metahumans behind him.

“Bring him back to West Camp, this is a pretty good trophy.”


Guo Tian Gang had wanted to take down Yang Tian and earn his teacher’s praise, yet he got caught instead and becoming a burden to his teacher.

At the same time back at the hill, the middle-aged man noticed the missing Guo Tian Gang, he managed to guess what has happened from his understanding of Guo Tian Gang.

“That child…”

“Company Commander, what should we do?”

“Send someone to negotiate with them tomorrow.”


Yang Tian did not return to the manor tonight and chose to remain in West Camp.

The next day, someone from the army visited West Camp.

“Tell me, why are you here?”

Yang Tian looked at the envoy and calmly asked.

“Release our team director, the higher-ups will provide a generous ransom in return.”

“That will have to depend on what you are planning to offer in return.”


The envoy only knew that it would be a generous ransom, but he did not know the details.

“Are you trying to deceive me?”

“I believe you should know the might of the army. If you are willing to exchange the team director, we are willing to offer a generous ransom. If not? I believe you guys cannot resist the might of the army.

The envoy suddenly tried to threaten Yang Tian.

“Go on, please go on.”

It was unknown if the envoy was really stupid or acting as such, he did not understand Yang Tian’s meaning and was about to continue speaking. However, the next moment, he saw a flash appear in front of him.

“Throw his corpse back and also tell their people this, send a smarter fella.”


The metahuman of West Camp did as commanded and threw the corpse of the envoy back to the hill, and also relayed Yang Tian’s message.

In the afternoon, another envoy was sent to West Camp.

“You should be a smart fella.”

“This one understands.”

The envoy tidied himself before he stood courteously in front of Yang Tian.

“The higher-ups had told me to inform you that we will listen to all your demands in exchange for the team director.”

“I know that your organization has obtained blueprints like this in the post-apocalyptic world. Tell you higher-ups that I want a couple of dozen of these, and do not try to hoodwink me.”

Yang Tian showed the magic energy formation blueprint of the Raygun to the envoy, Yang Tian did not believe that this person was just an envoy.

And as expected, the envoy displayed a shocked expression when he saw the Raygun’s blueprints.

“You also have that?”

“Why? I can’t?”

The magic energy formations of the Rank 2 Raygun has been memorized by Yang Tian since previous life, there were also other magic energy formations in his memory. However, Yang Tian was not a Gunmaster and had only learned about a few of the magic energy equipment in that category.

“No no no! I just need to return and seek permission for this matter.”

“Sure! But better be quick, this is a Mid Rank 3 metahuman we are talking about.”

Yang Tian emphasized Mid Rank 3 when he replied.

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