Chapter 134 – Playing Tricks?

“Have you noticed anything out of place nearby?”

“I did not notice anything out of the ordinary.”

West Camp Chief was startled for a moment but reported to Yang Tian truthfully. It was true that the patrol team he had sent out did not discover anything wrong.

“They must be well hidden, for the patrol team to be unable to discover them.”

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Li Mu was afraid that Yang Tian would doubt him and quickly explained.

“There is a hill southwest from West Camp, they are there.”

“Hill? It is indeed outside the range of our patrol.”

West Camp Chief reply caused Li Mu to feel more assured.

“Boss, there are three unavoidable areas leading to the hill, we can ambush them in those places.” Lei Xing suddenly suggested.

Towering rocky cliffs surrounded the hill; it was an excellent place for hiding, allowing the army team to hide without being easily discovered. However, there are three unavoidable areas that the army must pass through if they want to come out.

“I can return to the manor to grab some explosives, and we can set up to ambush at those points.”

“No need, I have some here.”

Yang Tian took out three Bomb Spiders.

Everyone looked at the Bomb Spiders feeling inconceivable, but they knew that Yang Tian would not joke about it. All of them were curious how powerful these fist-sized spiders can be?

“There are three areas, the two of you will split up and each lead a team from West Camp to guard two of them. Li Mu and I will be at the third location.”

Yang Tian passed the three Bomb Spiders to them and instructed the Bomb Spiders to act according to the situation. He also ordered the Bomb Spiders to listen to their commands, allowing them to control the Bomb Spiders as well.

As for Yang Tian, he brought Li Mu to the most apparent area of the three.

“Just the two of us?” Li Mu was flustered.

“Isn’t it enough?”

“When night falls, we will act.”

Lei Xing and the rest should be ready by nightfall, that will be when they take action.

Waiting for the unknown was always the most torturous, Li Mu was currently in this state.

The sky slowly dimmed until the last ray of light disappeared from it.

“It’s time.”

“Then… what am I supposed to do?”

“You will return and get them to take this path, as for how to do it, I believe you will think of something! Right, I have also placed a Bomb Spider on your back, if you betray me or played any tricks, I will make sure you die without a body.”

“I will definitely complete this mission.”

Li Mu had felt something moving on his back, he did not expect it to be a bomb placed there by Yang Tian. It had Li Mu badly terrified.

Yang Tian saw Li Mu frantically running towards the hill when two soldiers suddenly appeared and took him away.

Sometime later, a platoon appeared in Yang Tian’s vision, but Li Mu was not within them.

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Yang Tian used Examine and discovered the not everyone in the platoon was metahumans, and many of the armored vehicles were empty, they were planning to use the darkness to mislead Yang Tian.

 “As expected, Li Mu cannot be trusted.”

Yang Tian did not detonate the Bomb Spider, instead, he walked out to appear in front of the platoon.

“Just you guys?”

Yang Tian coldly sneered.

Two bombs appeared on Yang Tian’s hands which he then threw towards the platoon.

The metahumans were the first to run away, only the empty armored vehicles remained stationary.

Boom Boom

What looked like a large platoon was only filled with a few dozen individuals.

“You are the mastermind who killed the country’s soldiers!?”

This time, the real team appeared, every soldier of this team was a Rank 2 metahuman. Standing in front of this team was a middle-aged man, despite not being a metahuman, his voice was domineering; one would know that he was a person that held a high position for many years in a glance. Moreover, five Early Rank 3 metahumans were standing beside him.

“This is my territory, why would I care who you are?”

“Let’s put that aside first. I heard from Li Mu that you are an extraordinary talent, why not serve the army?”

“Right, Li Mu should have defected, right?”

The middle-aged man understood what Yang Tian was saying and waved his hand, Li Mu slowly walked out of the team.

“I am being threatened by you, it is not considered defecting.”

With the army backing him, Li Mu’s tone was much tougher than before.

“Aren’t you afraid that I will detonate the spider on your back?”

“I have already gotten someone to check, there is no spider.”

“Didn’t you forget? He just called me an extraordinary talent!”

The middle-aged man’s face instantly changed when he heard Yang Tian’s words, he quickly shouted.


The five Early Rank 3 metahumans also noticed something and promptly grabbed the middle-aged man to move away from Li Mu.


An enormous explosion happened in front of Yang Tian with Li Mu in the center, the metahumans nearby have basically lost their lives.

As the Early Rank 3 metahumans knew that they were unable to stop the explosion, they used their bodies as meatshields to defend the middle-aged man from the blast.

Yang Tian did not place the Bomb Spider on Li Mu but planted it inside his body, that was why they had not discovered it.

After the explosion, only a handful of people remained; they were the metahumans that were at the very edge of the blast. However, these people were also affected and were covered in blood.

“You are pretty lucky.”

Yang Tian saw that the middle-aged man was still alive; for the sake of protecting him, two Early Rank 3 paid their lives.

“They are warriors for protecting the people, yet they died in your hands just like that. Don’t you feel ashamed?”

“Protecting people? When F City was attacked by zombies, where are they? Only the higher-ups of F City management was rescued? Z City has been fighting the zombies for a long time and the zombies there are also the weakest, yet I did not see any assistance from the army!”

“These are the decisions of the top. Even if you put it as such, these men are still warriors standing in the frontlines.” 

“Your so-called frontlines are just areas that your top management selective choosing whom to protect, while my frontline is here, this is the place I am defending. In your eyes, the otherworld creatures are invaders; but here, anyone who steps into my territory is an invader, I do not care if you are a human or a creature, this applies to those I see as comrades as well.” 

After facing the post-apocalyptic era once, Yang Tian learned how important it is to protect the things that mattered to you. There is no point in slaving for others and protecting the things that mattered to them.

The middle-aged man continued to persuade, but Yang Tian only saw him as a sad person, a pawn of the military? Or is he also one of the higher echelons of the military? Yang Tian was not sure, and he was not interested in confirming it.

“However, you cannot deny this one fact. You are a human and citizen of the Celestial Empire.”

“That is why I went to complete the thing that you people failed to do. I went to F City to fight the zombie wave.”

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