Chapter 121: Selection for New Concubines

The Grand Empress Dowager sighs, “Although life in Nu Yi Department is hard, they indeed committed a huge mistake.   They deserve that punishment.  You did well, Imperial Grandmother is pleased.”

Mo Qi Qi smiles happily before stepping closer towards Gong Ya Xian and holding her hand, “Ya Xian, I was at fault for making decisions without consulting you and His Majesty.  Especially when it directly concerned you two.  All of this happened because of me.  I truly regret my action.”  That Jun Qian Che!  He pretty much already married all the available maidens out there, what difference would one Gong Ya Xian bring?  Just marry her!  Now look at the awkward spot he has put the poor girl in!

Gong Ya Xian smiles at her warmly, “You should not say that, Your Ladyship.  It is Ya Xian who does not have such luck.  Now that you have punished the three maids, no one will dare to talk about this matter again.  Let’s just forget about all this.”

Mo Qi Qi nods, “Alright, we will never speak of this matter again!  Imperial Grandmother, Qi Qi has things to attend to.  Qi Qi should leave first.”

The Grand Empress Dowager nods, “Alright, Empress.”

Mo Qi Qi then leaves.

The Grand Empress Dowager sighs before patting Ya Xian in the back, “The Empress really has changed.”

Ya Xian nods in agreement.

As for Mo Qi Qi, she and Ban Xiang leave the imperial garden.

Ban Xiang is a little curious, “Your Ladyship, why did you punish the three maids so heavily?  It’s not like you don’t know how much the people inside the palace love gossips.  You usually closed one eye to them, why did you react so greatly this time?  Besides, they were talking about Miss Ya Xian, not you.”

Mo Qi Qi gives her an indiscernible smile, “Do you really think it was just idle gossip?  The Grand Empress Dowager and Ya Xian were not that far away from them, did they really not notice their presence?”

Ban Xiang becomes even more puzzled, “You mean, they knew the Grand Empress Dowager and Miss Ya Xian were standing nearby and that they purposely said all that for them to hear?  They were too preposterous!”

“They have someone backing them up, they naturally dared to be preposterous,” sneers Mo Qi Qi.

“Someone backed them up?” Ban Xiang finally realized the gravity of the situation.

“I was the one who came up with the idea to marry Ya Xian off to His Majesty, but the Emperor rejected the idea.  Someone wants to take this chance to ruin my relationship with Ya Xian, hence them secretly instructing people to spread rumors,” deduced Mo Qi Qi.

Ban Xiang nods in agreement, “You are right, Your Ladyship.  No wonder you kept telling them to say who instructed them.”

“To tell the truth, bengong had no intention to kill them.  Bengong only wanted to warn the perpetrator to stop messing around.  Bengong knew they’d never fess up, so when the Grand Empress Dowager spoke for them, bengong immediately agreed to lighten the sentence.   Hopefully, the perpetrator will retract their claws.”

“Who do you think the perpetrator is?” asks Ban Xiang.

Mo Qi Qi shrugs, “There are a lot of people inside the palace who dislikes bengong.”

“Do you think it could be—- Yang Guifei?”

Mo Qi Qi smiles, “Perhaps, but I don’t know for sure.”  Suspicion flashes in her eyes.

Ban Xiang laughs, “It doesn’t matter who the perpetrator is, the point is His Majesty rejected Miss Ya Xian!  It means that in his heart, he cares for you the most!”

Mo Qi Qi scoffs in disdain, “Don’t try to flatter me, I don’t care for his love!  Why did he reject Gong Ya Xian?  Is it because he does not like her?  Does this means bengong will have to look for other beauties for him?”

“Don’t make blind assumptions, Your Ladyship,” quips in Ban Xiang quickly.  “You are currently with a child, you should focus on your pregnancy.  Don’t think of things that will only upset you.  It is good that His Majesty does not wish to marry Miss Gong.  Don’t tell me you’d prefer fighting with more women for favor?”

Mo Qi Qi smiles wickedly, “Wrong!  Bengong has never been favored by His Majesty to begin with!  If there is a fight for favor, only Yang Guifei would engage in them!  For the goodness of my own child, bengong must help His Majesty fill the harem!” Hehe, it will only be merrier if there are more women.  Right now a lot of people are jealous of her for being pregnant.  Yang Shi Han, being the only one favored by the Emperor ought to be jealous too.  Who knows what plan she already concocted for this child?  Moreover, Mo Qi Qi still cannot be certain Jun Qian Che really plans to let this child live.

In order the shift the focus from her child, she needs to admit more women into the harem.  Let Yang Shi Han battles with them all!  Let Yang Guifei and Jun Qian Che’s focus shift elsewhere! 

With that in mind, Mo Qi Qi prepares a grand plan.

And so, on the next day, Mo Qi Qi gathers everyone and announces that the selection for new concubines will be held early.  All noble households are to send a list of daughters that will participate in the selection.  It will be held three days from now.

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With that, the harem is in a furore once more.  Nobody can understand the reason behind the Empress’ action.  Some speculates that she is trying to secure her child’s place by flattering the Emperor.  In short, a lot of speculations are thrown around.

When the news reaches Jun Qian Che’s ears, he suddenly has the urge to choke her to death.   Is the crowd of women in the harem not big enough for her?

According to the rules of the kingdom, when a new Emperor inherits the throne, other than appointing an Empress, he also needs to fill the harem to ensure the birth of future successors.  Jun Qian Che did not object.  After all, the court was unstable at the time and he needed the ministers’ support.  Pretty much everyone chosen into the harem have connections to the court.

Around 20 new concubines were selected in the very first selection.  Back then, Mo Qi Qi was so angry that she smashed all the furnitures inside Feng Yang Palace.

Back then, Jun Qian Che was preoccupied with the court and had no mood to deal with her.

More people send beauties to the harem afterwards, so the number grew. 

However, Jun Qian Che himself rarely visit the harem.  In a way, those women are like mere ornaments.  Sometimes, he even feels bad for them for wasting their glory years like this.

Afterwards, due to the guilt, he would reject any offer to expand his harem because he did not want to waste anyone’s youth.  If he has the chance, he would willingly give his concubines their freedom.

But now, Mo Qi Qi is actually taking the initiative to expand his harem!  Fire rises in his heart.

He is too busy and does not have the opportunity to immediately confront her.  Once he is done though, he will look for her.  Since she is capable enough to anger him, let’s hope she is also capable enough to douse that anger.

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