Chapter 204: Great Oaks from Little Acorns Grow

Su Ke2Su KeMain Character was stunned, wanting to cry because of the assault. Lin Xiao Bai, however, had no reaction. She looked confusedly at Su Ke before glancing at Luo Fei Yan, who had just come down. Looking at her teasing gaze, only then did she realize what she meant, her cheeks flushed red as she exclaimed, “Sister Yan, what are you saying!? You’re perverted!”

“He he, how am I perverted? Didn’t you see the look Little Brother Su was giving you just now!? That is a true lecher. I’ll tell you now, you better not let Little Brother Su’s outer appearance fool you. This sly dog has already seduced Du Wan and Qin Zheng until they were head over heels for him, nearly stripping naked and throwing themselves at him!”


Even though Su Ke’s skin has thickened a lot in this amount of time, he almost couldn’t take this demonic boss’ teasing. His cheeks immediately blushed red, an awkward expression plastered on his face. 

He took a deep breath to calm himself down before audibly swallowing some saliva. 

Su Ke then put his palms together and put on a boy worshipping Buddha pose, “Sister Yan, I’m begging you! Let this humble one go!” 

“Pei!” Luo Fei Yan spat out softly, feeling that there are tens of thousands of ways to flirt and seduce people. 

“Looks like I should be the one begging you to let this small store off! I haven’t been open for long, but this small shop’s employees and customers have all fallen into your young evil claws!”

Lin Xiao Bai finally found her chance and inserted her two cents, “Right! And our beautiful and exotic female boss!” 

The enemy of my enemy is my friend

She then stared at Su Ke, “If you dare touch our beloved boss, do I have to call you boss in the future?”

“Gah! This d*mn lass, you dare to tease me!?” 

Once Luo Fei Yan finished listening, she immediately took two steps forward and walked over to the counter. 

She unleashed her “Nian Hua Qia Rou” finger skill that terrified the entire Jiang Hu and headed straight for Lin Xiao Bai’s chest. Nimble and efficient, if this attack hit, it was estimated that Lin Xiao Bai would be seriously injured, her chest spewing milk. 

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Eh, that’s wrong! It should be her chest spewing blood. Luo Fei Yan moved like she was chopping wood; her movements were quick as she said, “You d*mn lass, haven’t you heard that it takes constant vigilance to stave off evil? If Su Ke falls into this lady boss’ hands, he would be gone forever, dead from excessive ejaculation, pei pei pei!” 

Noticing that she had said too much, Luo Fei Yan quickly shut her mouth and made some weird noises.

Lin Xiao Bai had a deep understanding of her family’s palm technique. When she saw that the situation wasn’t good, she immediately became a pure and honest willow, turning her waist and dodging Luo Fei Yan’s fatal attack. However, even though she escaped from the tiger’s cave, she quickly fell into the wolves’ den when she saw Su Ke with his arms wide open and fell into his embrace.

Su Ke was originally a bystander, protecting the Jiang Hu’s position, so he never anticipated he would attract trouble to himself. One moment of carelessness and he actually had Lin Xiao Bai in his embrace. 

Luo Fei Yan quickly realized that her attack wasn’t going to land, so she retreated and pointed at the two of them, “Lies! Still saying that you two aren’t together!? You just threw yourself into his arms and beat me at my own game, such loving affection!” 

Once she finished, she laughed lightly with a smile on her face.

Su Ke’s arms were open as he hugged Lin Xiao Bai, her whole body draped over his legs. Coincidentally, her face landed in a very sensitive area where Su Ke could feel puffs of warm air.

Oh god, Lin Xiao Bai’s warm breath seemed like it had ignited a fuse, instantly causing Su Ke’s universe to explode. His entire body was hot, the small flame continuously shifting before finally congregating to a point just below his navel (dantian). 

Instantly, his little brother was unable to hold back. 

Even Luo Fei Yan was stunned silly and quickly covered her eyes.

However, her fingers were all spread open as she stared at Su Ke and said, “I can’t take it! You guys are going way too fast, it’s daytime!” 

Su Ke’s face was lifeless. The flames across his entire body made him feel scalded. 

Like he was possessed by Lord Guan, all his limbs were completely stiff. 

However, the worst thing was that his fifth limb was waking up, gradually stiffening. 

It was even more unbearable for Lin Xiao Bai, her heart thumping continuously and her breathing getting heavier. Besides breathing warm air against Su Ke’s vital area, she stared blankly at the thing that was slowly inflating in front of her. 

It had the momentum of ‘Great Oaks from little acorns grow’

Luckily for everyone present, there was the sudden sound of a phone ringing. 

Indomitable and continuous, he finally managed to pour cold water onto the raging inferno. 

“Disappointment!” Luo Fei Yan was gloomy that she didn’t get to watch such a good show unfold. She surveyed the room for the source of the noise before pointing at Lin Xiao Bai, “Miss Xiao Bai, it seems to be your phone!” 

“Oh!” Lin Xiao Bai quickly got off Su Ke’s lap and fished her phone from the other side of the counter with a flustered face. 

Glancing at the caller ID, she immediately accepted the call with a slight tremble in her voice, “Wei! Lin Cheng?” 

Her blush still hadn’t receded, making her look extremely moving. 

A young man’s eager voice suddenly traveled through, “Sister, it’s me! Sister, I’ve encountered a bit of trouble, can you bring some money over!?” 

There was then a brief pause before he continued, “Ten thousand!” 

“What? What happened!?” Her flustered face tightened and became deathly white when she heard his words.

“I can’t explain everything right now, just come to Yong An street’s Treasure Pavilion. It’s a place that sells handiwork!”

“Okay, I’ll head over there now!” 

Lin Xiao Bai then hung up and immediately looked at Luo Fei Yan, “Sister Yan, my little brother is in a difficult  situation, I have to leave for a bit!” 

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“En! If you need help, call me!” 

Since the three of them were originally together, Su Ke could hear the whole phone call very clearly. Lin Xiao Bai then nodded with a grim expression before picking up her bag and running outside. Su Ke stared at her fleeting person before glancing at Luo Fei Yan, “Sister Yan, I’ll go with Sister Xiao Bai!” 

“En! Remember not to panic if something happens! If you can’t solve it, call me!” 

However, before Luo Fei Yan could finish, Su Ke had already left.  

Lin Xiao Bai was very nervous and distracted while sitting in the taxi. 

Luckily for her though, Su Ke was sitting right beside her. 

“Sister Xiao Bai, don’t worry! I won’t let anything bad happen. Your little brother didn’t make it sound like the situation was very serious either!” 

It was already slightly past 6 PM and the sky was getting dark. The street lamps lit up, one after the other. Luckily, it was past peak hours and Yong An Street wasn’t very far away. 

When the taxi stopped in front of an antique-looking store, Lin Xiao Bai immediately rushed in. 

- my thoughts:
1. 老板娘 (Female boss), 老板 (Boss); usually if the owners of a shop are male and female, they’re married. So Lin Xiao Bai is making a joke about how Su Ke will marry Luo Fei Yan 2. Cough, this is basically an n**ple pinching skill 3.
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