Chapter 205: A Lot of Treasures in Treasure Pavillion

Just as Su Ke2Su KeMain Character was about to leave the cab, he heard the driver suddenly remind him, “Hey! Your fare!” 

He immediately sat back down and suddenly felt anxious. 

Both of them overlooked why the driver wanted them to give him money. 

Fortunately, the amount of idle cash on Su Ke wasn’t little, and after taking out 20 dollars from his pocket and passing it to the driver, he was free to go. 

‘Treasure Pavillion’.

These two words were attached to a wooden board, and on top of it, there were even three spotlights. When they walked in, they realized that it was a store that sold handicrafts and antiques. The shelves were filled with precious jade artifacts and several ancient looking pieces around a century old. At the sales counter, there were various popular carvings and crafts on display neatly lined in a row. 

The stall wasn’t very large and there were only a few people inside. 

Once they entered, Lin Xiao Bai walked over to a young man who was with a girl that seemed to be his girlfriend. However, the girl’s face was deathly pale and she seemed quite scared.

There were also three men standing in the doorway and an old man in a satin half-sleeved traditional suit, waving a folding fan in one hand and smiling at Lin Xiao Bai.

“Young lady, your little brother broke a treasured object from our shop. It was a plate colored lemon yellow and decorated with birds and flowers. It was Emperor Yong Zhen’s during the Qing dynasty. Even though it was unintentional, I still must be reimbursed, even if it is paid with Initially, the old man’s speech seemed rather educated and refined, but with that next sentence, he suddenly had a bloodthirsty aura around him.

Lin Xiao Bai naturally ignored the old man’s one-sided words and went to ask her younger brother, “What’s going on?”

“Big sis, this is my girlfriend Mi Lu! We were walking around after work and ended up in this shop!” 

When Lin Chen introduced her to Lin Xiao Bai, Mi Lu’s whole face looked extremely nervous, and it took everything she had to squeeze out a smile. 

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With a slight Tian Jen accent and a resentful tone, Lin Cheng said, “We walked around and didn’t find anything we liked, and just when we were about to leave,  the plate fell to the ground. Neither of us touched anything even close to the plate, but they immediately blamed us and said it was worth ten thousand dollars! They even locked us in here and won’t let us leave!” 

Lin Xiao Bai’s little brother Lin Cheng had yet to graduate from university, but he wanted to leave home and make a name for himself. He had just left Tian Jin and came to Wei Hai to intern at a company here, but an intern can only earn so much, so ten grand to him was a huge sum of money. Now facing a situation like this, the first thing that came to mind was to call his older sister for help. After listening to her younger brother’s explanation, Lin Xiao Bai immediately reacted. A lot of places have shops that specialize in cheating foreigners of their money. The news loves doing stories on these places, but Lin Xiao Bai never expected such a thing to happen to her little brother.

Lin Xiao Bai’s small face was strained as she rushed forward and pointed angrily at the old man, “What you’re doing right now is extortion and blackmail, this is obviously a scam! That plate is obviously not worth anything at all! If I were to call the police, none of you will be able to escape!” 

When Su Ke heard Lin Xiao Bai’s words, he sighed inwardly. It looked like this issue would not be solved peacefully. If Lin Xiao Bai had been more tactful, these people might have exercised some restraint, but with the unyielding tone that she used just now, there is bound to be repercussions.

As expected, the old man behind the counter lightly stroked his goatee as he chuckled and said,  “Young lady, you better not slander us. Extortion, blackmail…these are not things that you have the final say on!” 

Subsequently, as if he had just thought of something, he then pointed at the three men standing in the doorway and said, “Of course, it’s also not up to them to have the final say!”

Lin Xiao Bai subconsciously looked toward the direction that the man was pointing at, and as if they were given some command, the three men at the door sneered at her with disdain, their arms crossed and their gazes cold.

She was immediately frightened as she suddenly recalled what the news had said about shops like this; they usually collude with gangsters. 

The three men stared at Lin Xiao Bai like they were looking at a small non-threatening white rabbit. At this moment, Lin Xiao Bai realized the seriousness of the situation, and she was unable to resist the urge to reach for her phone, albeit carrying out the action rather slowly. 

“Young lady, I advise you to stay quiet! Don’t do anything stupid, pay attention to the idiom ‘Amiability makes you rich’ No one wants to have trouble every day! Moreover, it may not necessarily be a bad thing for you to lose a fortune to prevent a disaster. ‘Lose at sunrise, gain at sunset’!”

Su Ke didn’t expect this old man to explain extortion and blackmail in such a way that made it seem philosophical and full of fallacy, causing him to frown. He was standing at the door this whole time. Perhaps it was due to him still dressed like a student, his face looking young and innocent that made it look like there was no one there at all. 

After all, Lin Xiao Bai was still a girl, and it wouldn’t be easy for her to cope with such a situation. In her mind, she wished that the police or some gods would appear and catch these lawbreakers. Even though the old man had already subtly threatened her, she still took out her phone, but one of the men immediately grabbed her arm, causing her to cry out in alarm, “What are you doing? Let me go!” 

When he saw his sister being bullied, Lin Cheng instinctively wanted to react, but when the other two men moved to stand in front of him, he had no choice but to give up as he anxiously said, “Sis, how about we just give it to them!?”

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Ling Xiao Bai struggled with all her might, but the man was holding onto her tightly, so she couldn’t budge. Looking up at the man’s fierce face, he had an ominous look, as if he was looking at just a small hill.

For most people, ten grand was no small sum, and Lin Xiao Bai only managed to get that amount by saving it bit by bit. Not that she was some miser or scrooge, but this was truly her hard-earned money, so she was bound to feel distressed about it. 

At this moment, no one noticed that Su Ke had already walked up to the counter, staring at the old man with the goatee before calmly exclaiming, “Tell your people to let go!” 

As if he had just heard a joke, the old man sneered and asked, “Little doll, where are your parents?” 

As he stared at the senior high school student in jeans and a T-shirt, the funnier he found the situation. Su Ke didn’t want to escalate things further; it was best if everything could be settled peacefully. After all, he was involved in way too many things, so it would be easy for him to get into trouble because of some situation. 

However, a lot of things won’t change just because he wants them to. 

Su Ke heard the old man’s words and helplessly shook his head before turning around and walking away, but not before saying, “Who’s covering this territory? The double-headed wolf or Fatty Zhang? You can tell either of them that I want to smash your store right now!” 

Before he finished speaking, Su Ke had already rushed over to Lin Xiao Bai’s side, chopping the wrist of the fierce-looking man. 

The man immediately reacted by throwing a countless number of punches at Su Ke.

However, with just a simple kick of Su Ke’s foot, he flew backwards and crashed into the door of the Treasure Pavillion.

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