Chapter 206: They’re Always Bullying Me

Altogether, there were four narrow-panel man-made doors made of fine pearwood, the yellowing giving it an aged esthetic. It was engraved with realistic pictures of plums, orchids, bamboo, and chrysanthemums. Attached to the back of the panel was a piece of glass to shelter it from the rain In the blink of an eye, the man shattered it; broken glass and wood falling onto the ground. 

The fierce-looking man was sent flying with just a single kick, not only breaking the door panels, but flying all the way into the street.

In that split second of motion, his whole body tensed up and was full of adrenaline, his cells bursting with energy from head to toe. His fists rapidly punched out, not only sending all the men flying, but making him feel extremely relaxed.

“Hu!” Lin Xiao Bai let out an excited gasp as she turned around. She had already made up her mind that was she going to lose money, and since she didn’t want to deal with those ruffians any further, she was just going to pay. Luckily for her though, Su Ke2Su KeMain Character unexpectedly lashed out and defeated them all.

Su Ke knew that the whole area of Liu Fei Hong was still mostly under development, and the position that he was standing in now was within the sphere of influence of Lang Guang and the Ming brothers, but with the fat man standing there making demands, he didn’t hesitate to act.

In the store, there were still two men controlling Lin Cheng and his girlfriend, and when they.

However, he was already ready and waiting. He shoved Lin Xiao Bai behind him before dropping down to make his figure smaller. However, just as he was about to rush forward, a person suddenly ran inside. What surprised everyone the most was that the person that ran in wasn’t the man that Su Ke had kicked out earlier, but a slender, graceful looking girl.

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Wearing blue jeans and a white blouse, with her wrapped up curves showing, the moment she walked into the room. it was clear she was someone of significance. 

“Police, everyone behave!” 

Su Ke froze and looked around cautiously. This couldn’t be the person who gave him the pennant this morning, Yang Pei Er! With the way she was dressed, it seemed like she just got off work.

Even with her casual clothes, she appeared very capable and experienced. 

Her face was taut as she sized up everyone there. 

When Yang Pei Er saw Su Ke, she looked distracted, but did not acknowledge or greet him, instead asking in a stern voice, “Fighting? What’s going on!?” 

When the two remaining men saw Yang Pei Er walk in, they were rather surprised as they silently turned their heads to look at the old man sitting behind the counter. 

Lin Xiao Bai looked toward her savior and ran up to Yang Pei Er, explaining the entire flow of events that had just happened in detail, “Officer, this shop is engaging in extortion and blackmail.” 

The more Yang Pei Er heard, the angrier she got, the heaving of her chest growing stronger before she turned to glare at the old man.

“Hehe! Excuse me, miss police officer, may I ask if you brought your ID with you?” 

The old man was calm as he spoke, analyzing the fuming Yang Fei Er and giving her a half-smile as he fanned himself, giving off the impression of a person sitting at ease in a fishing boat in the middle of a storm. 

He then followed up with, “Our treasure pavilion is the property of Master Lang Guang, please think clearly before speaking!”

Yang Pei Er didn’t bring her ID, so she was slightly distracted after hearing the old man speak, but she quickly pulled herself back together, “I don’t care about any Master Lang or a Second Master Lang, you’re Yan Tai Lang and Hong Tai Lang, I’m shutting you down!” 

She then immediately took out her phone to make a police report. 

The old man closed his folding fan in a swish, his voice turning ice-cold as he exclaimed, “Up, go upstairs!” 

Once they heard that, the two men immediately rushed towards Yang Pei Er. 

Since they were dealing with a woman, there was no pressure. 


Yang Pei Er had a fiery temper, or she wouldn’t have clashed with Su Ke in the past. 

When she saw the men advancing, she immediately rushed forward to strike first. 

Her movements were quick and nimble as she kicked one of the assailant’s knees so hard that Su Ke could hear the sound of the man’s bone breaking. 

Yang Pei Er’s wrestling skill was more geared towards actual combat as opposed to Su Ke’s military boxing, and the power between the two was vastly different to the point where they should not be compared. Fortunately, Su Ke now had some skill in Jeet Kune Do, and upon seeing Yang Pei Er act out, he was ready to face the other man. 

Initially, he was wondering if the store had any genuine artifacts that he might break, but now that a police officer was here, he didn’t have to worry about that. 

All his restraints were off as he quickly struck.

Su Ke held the Guangxi man by the wrist and forcefully pulled him forward as his right elbow struck, sending both of them into a rack, causing items to fall onto the floor and shatter. 

Just before Su Ke acted, Lin Xiao Bai had already rushed over to hide, and seeing Su Ke and the self-declared policewoman violently beat the two ruffians into submission, she was still extremely nervous and shaking as she thought about calling the police.

At this moment, the fierce-looking man that got kicked out of the shop by Su Ke finally returned, both eyes bloodshot, looking like a lion gone mad.


Lin Xiao Bai suddenly shouted in shock as he neared them.

However, the man’s attention was solely focused on Su Ke and Yang Pei Er, totally overlooking her. As the saying goes, when a man and a woman are paired together, they won’t get tired. 

With Yang Pei Er joining in and Su Ke being a welcome addition, even though it was two against three, they handled it with ease. Like rain, the sound of smashing objects seemed to never stop, the whole floor covered in pieces and fragments of jade, pottery, artifacts, and other goods.

By the time a police siren, could be heard, Su Ke and Yang Pei Er had already finished their battle. One of the men was laying on the ground unconscious, while another had his hands tied behind his back and was being detained by Yang Pei Er. The last guy was sitting on the floor panting heavily, a very old sword pressed against his neck.

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Su Ke hit the man on the shoulder with it, causing him to slump onto the floor, not daring to move a muscle. Even though the sword was an artifact and it was blunt, the chill on his neck caused the man to hesitate and not try anything.

The old man behind the counter had lost all sense of authority as he withdrew into a corner and pulled out his phone. However, the reinforcements he was expecting haven’t shown up yet, causing his wrinkled face to turn green with nervousness. 

Looking at the mess on the floor, he didn’t know if he was feeling sad or scared as his whole body subconsciously trembled.

Yang Pei Er’s hands were firmly holding down the man on the floor, her knees pressing into his back as she turned to look at Su Ke and exclaim, “Su Ke, it seems like you have a penchant for causing trouble!” 

Su Ke’s posture was unchanged as he responded, “Office Yang, it’s not like I’m trying too! People are always bullying me!” 

The sword in his hand had a gem embedded in it, and it looked exceptionally gorgeous. 

With a chuckle, he then took notice of Yang Pei Er’s current position. Her plump buttocks were pointed in his direction, he could almost feel them in his hands before he hurriedly looked away.

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T/N: Yan Tai Lang and Hong Tai Lang translate to ‘Very Ashy Wolf' And ‘Very Famous Wolf’ where the word ‘Lang’=’Wolf’. She’s just making fun of the guy, lmao
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