Chapter 207: The Wind Heralds Rain

“What!? Even the police came? Then we’ll do this!”  

Lang Guang casually hung up the phone, his whole face full of color before he gestured for Lang Ming to come over. This man seemed very ordinary and mediocre, appearing to not have a single ounce of ruthlessness within him, but the instant he hung up the phone, his entire imposing manner resonated out, causing people to subconsciously feel a sense of crisis. 

The forty-two-year-old Lang Guang sported a neat crew cut, his black hair sporting strands of white. After hanging up the phone, he turned his head to the side and looked at his younger brother, “D*mn, Treasure Pavillion got smashed up by the police!” 

Lang Ming paced around the house topless. 

His muscles were very attractive; his shaved head and the numerous scars giving him a rather sinister look.

“Big brother, don’t worry about Treasure Pavillion right now! Instead, how exactly are we going to handle the issue with Wu Ao Ran?” 

In the past two days, Lang Ming hasn’t seen Wu Ao Ran. He didn’t think too hard about it at first, but after one of the men stationed at Liu Fei Hong reported that a few people were seemingly killed by Ma Meng two days ago, he had a bad feeling.

It wasn’t about loyalty, it was that there wasn’t enough incentive to lure people to betrayal.

In this world, betrayal happens every day and everywhere; in offices, companies, small hawkers, stalls, and especially in the gray area of gangsters and organized crime syndicates. Betrayal in the last two is innumerable. Even Lang Ming is clear of this fact; he himself had spied on Liu Fei Hong and fatty Zhang. 

“Is there any activity from that woman?” 

Lang Guang was like the sharp edge of a machete. He didn’t appear to be aggressive, but from time to time his eyes gave off a certain chill, and as he spoke, the thumb and fingers on his right hand were pinching the phone, lightly tapping on the rosewood table. 

“What else!? She’s been planning to deal with us for a long time now, I’m afraid she’s itching to start a war!” 

Leaning back in his chair, Lang Guang slowly closed his eyes as he faced his brother and quietly said, “Control your anger!” 

His brain whirled as he thought about how Wu Ao Ran’s disappearance was definitely not a coincidence.

Lang Ming glanced at his older brother before violently exhaling. He seemed impatient as he constantly moved in his chair. After all, Wu Ao Ran had been with him for years; if he had suddenly died, it would be hard for him to accept it.

After a slight pause, Lang Guang cautiously asked, “What about fatty Zhang?”

 Lang Ming had already visited Fatty Zhang earlier to make preparations to deal with Liu Fei Hong, so he swiftly answered, “That fatty is crafty and always so secretive, wanting to be a pr*st*tute and a chaste widow at the same time. We agreed to give him half of our territory as long as he doesn’t act without thinking, but even with such good conditions, he still refused!”

After all, the two families have been together since the beginning, and after all these years, they had become the local gangs of power, while Liu Fei Hong was obviously an outsider. 

They were supposed to work together, but who would have thought that Fatty Zhang would only care about influence and be so impractical. 

Lang Guang finally decided, “Don’t bother about him, let’s get ready to strike first and gain the upper hand!”  

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This was already Su Ke2Su KeMain Character’s second time going to the public security bureau to make a statement. He was sitting in the lobby of the bureau with a helpless expression on his face, and as he turned around to look at a tall police officer, the lighting made them look unnaturally solemn and holy. 

As Lin Xiao Bai was walking out of the bureau, her heart full of trepidation, she thought about how Su Ke’s actions in the Treasure Pavilion made it seem like he was a totally different person, and it was quite hard to believe.

Lin Xiao Bai then suddenly asked, “Do you know that female police officer?”  

“He he, we’re not that familiar with each other!” Su Ke said, as he shrugged his shoulders.

Right when he finished answering her, Lin Cheng quickened his pace and caught up to them,

“Thanks for today!”

Although Su Ke looked quite young, he was still a friend of his older sister and helped them out of their predicament, so his tone was naturally sincere. 

Lin Cheng’s girlfriend finally relaxed as well and looked much better as she exclaimed, “En, really, thank you!”

They looked like a good match, her delicate and pretty features standing out.

Su Ke lifted his head and swung his hands as he noticed that Yang Pei Er had caught up to them from behind, “You’re too kind! I didn’t help out much, the one that did most of the work is our police officer big sister!” 

“Isn’t that right, sister police officer?”

“What are you talking about? Are you saying something bad about me?” 

Yang Pei Er was off work and while she was doing her own thing, she happened to stumble upon Su Ke fighting criminals, so she carried out her official duties outside of working hours.

“I wouldn’t dare!” Su Ke spread his hands, adopting the appearance of an honest and innocent youth. 

“You better not be or else I’ll lock you up in the detention center!” 

Yang Pei Er was now quite familiar with Su Ke, and as such, their conversation was quite comfortable. 

Yang Pei Er then casually rested a hand on Su Ke’s shoulder and said, “Su Ke, would you like to treat me to a meal, it’s a great opportunity today!” 

It seemed that most police officers have casual personalities, making it easy to get close to them. 

As Lin Cheng’s older sister, Lin Xiao Bai had the final say, “It’s my treat today! I have to properly thank you after all!” 

However, once she finished speaking, Su Ke took out his phone, smiled apologetically and the people around him, then walked over to one side to take a call. 

The person on the other end wasn’t just anyone, it was the person that Su Ke had been missing Ma Meng. 

“Hello! Brother Meng!”

“En! Su Ke, where are you right now?” Ma Meng’s calm voice came through, and Su Ke was unable to detect the constant changing of his mood, thus causing him to not speculate what exactly was going on. 

“Me? I just got out of the public security bureau!” 

Su Ke said as he nodded his head, looking over at the doorway where the words ‘Public Security Bureau’ were exceptionally conspicuous.

Ma Meng was surprised when he heard that, causing him to pause for a moment before asking, “What happened?” 

“It’s nothing! I just reported a case where my friend was almost extorted!”

Su Ke wanted to ask about a certain incident, but he didn’t know how to approach it. 

Fortunately for him, Ma Meng immediately solved his problem, “If it’s convenient for you, come over to Bi Hai, sister Fei Hong wants to talk to you!” 

There was a brief pause before Ma Meng hurriedly added, “Don’t worry, it’s nothing bad!”

After hanging up the phone, Su Ke saw that Lin Xiao Bai and Yang Pei Er were both waiting for him, making him feel rather apologetic. He lifted up both his hands and said, “I’m really sorry, but something just came up! I need to go right now!” 

“Wei! I’m not bringing you to play! If you anger me, I’ll put you in the detention center!” 

Yang Pei Er was obviously unhappy with the way Su Ke was trying to escape. 

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Originally, they already agreed to have a meal together. 

Su Ke was helpless, so he could only act pitiful and exclaim, “Elder Sister, I really have something I need to do!” 

 He then inwardly thought, ‘You can put me in the detention center, but I’m still not done with my other situation! That’s gonna force me to eat a bullet!’

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