Chapter 337: Vigorous Demonic Bull

Black Mountain City was constantly in urgent mobilization. Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist and Teng Qingyun would regularly see a Reincarnation Realm martial artist leading a large group of Heaven Dipper Realm and Earth Shatter Realm martial artists as rushed towards the White Mountain Region which was in front of the Desolate Mountain Region.

It was a spectacular scene which allowed Li Fuchen and Teng Qingyun to deeply understand that a single person’s strength was minute when compared to the strength of the Hundred Sects, let alone the Demonic Ten Regions.

The team that Elder Wang led was extremely huge. There were 50 Heaven Dipper Realm martial artists and at least a thousand Earth Shatter Realm martial artists.

But Li Fuchen knew that there were plenty of teams of such a size in Black Mountain City. This time, the Hundred Sects had mobilized 50,000 Heaven Dipper Realm martial artists and over a million Earth Shatter Realm combatants as they vowed to fight with the Demonic Ten Regions to the end.

In the early morning three days later…

The token suspended on Li Fuchen’s waist suddenly vibrated.

‘Are we going to the battlefield?’

Standing up, Li Fuchen flew towards the center plaza of Black Mountain City.

After arriving at the center plaza, Li Fuchen noticed around 5000 to 6000 individuals gathered here.

‘There are a total of five teams. Each team is led by an expert who is either at the 9th level or peak level of the Heaven Dipper Realm.’ Li Fuchen took a glance and thought in his heart.

Just as Li Fuchen entered Elder Wang’s team, a vast prowess enveloped the plaza and suffocated everyone with pressure.

A black-robed elder appeared in the sky.

“It is the Flowing Light Sect’s Supreme Elder, Ge Hai.”

Someone recognized the black-robed elder’s identity.

The Flowing Light Sect was a first-rate sect in the East Unicorn Continent. In the sect, there were close to twenty Reincarnation Realm martial artists. There were two individuals who were at the 5th level of the Reincarnation Realm and Ge Hai was one of them.

“Set off!”

Ge Hai was expressionless as he led the way out.

“Set off!” 

Elder Wang and the other team leaders waved their hands and yelled out in unison.

Swish, Swish, Swish…

The Heaven Dipper Realm martial artists were flying in the sky, while the Earth Shatter Realm combatants were running on the ground. More than 5000 individuals rapidly advanced to the White Mountain Region under the lead of Ge Hai.

Ten days later, they arrived at the White Mountain Region.

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The massive White Mountain Region was now pervaded with horrific killing intent.

Along the way, everyone could see the disintegrated mountains, the dried-up lakes, countless pits, and even a flowing river of blood.

Ge Hai was very fast and was scouting around. On this day, Ge Hai noticed someone and yelled out with a cold voice, “Advance to the east.”

Half a day later, everyone arrived on a grass plain.

It was a damaged grass plain as it was filled with pits and the presence of blood nearly pierced through the heavens.

In the center of the grass plain was a corpse that was severely destroyed.

This human corpse might already be dead, but the qi presence emitted from its body still had a horrific prowess.

It was obvious that this was the body of a Reincarnation Realm martial artist.

It was a pity that he had already perished and opposite him was a monster standing there.

It was a monster with a bull’s head and a human’s body. The qi presence coming from its body was so tyrannic that it was like a storm.

If someone familiar with this monster was here, they would definitely recognize it. This was a class 5 mid-tier demonic beast, Vigorous Demonic Bull from the Tiger Devil Region.

When a demonic beast reached class 5, it would possess the ability to partly assimilated into human form. But its most powerful form was still its demonic beast form.

Behind the Vigorous Demonic Bull was a whole patch of demonic beasts. Those demonic beasts were currently chewing up human corpses and strengthening themselves.

“Demonic bull, you shall die!”

 In the sky, a black shadow assaulted the Vigorous Demonic Bull.

It was Ge Hai. He who was at the 5th level of the Reincarnation Realm didn’t have any fear against the Vigorous Demonic Bull, as he slashed with his saber.

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The saber was like a flowing light and was extremely fast.

Before saber qi shot out, an intense saber pressure had already split the ground open. Plenty of class 3 demonic beasts were instantly split apart and burst apart in a bloody mess.

“Human, you are the one who shall die.”

The Vigorous Demonic Bull rushed to the sky and used its hoof-like fist to clash with the saber light.


The Vigorous Demonic Bull was sent into flight and created a deep pit in the ground.

The demonic beasts in the nearby radius of the deep pit were all killed by the aftershock.


A dreadful voice echoed, while a demonic bull the size of a few hundred feet emerged from the deep pit.

The demonic bull had two horns, glistening pitch-black skin, and thick demonic qi which revolved around its body like dark clouds. A single glance at the bull was enough for people to feel boundless terror and despair.

The several hundred feet long demonic bull which had powerful limbs, rushed into the sky and rammed at Ge Hai.

“Brute beast, go and die at the side.”

Ge Hai wasn’t surprised when a single saber slash from him wasn’t enough to injure the Vigorous Demonic Bull.

Demonic beasts had extremely tough bodies and it was definitely a challenging task to injure them.

A man and beast were in frantic close combat. In just a short moment, they killed their way to the borders of the grass plain.

How could the rest of the demonic beasts dare to follow? Be it the class 5 demonic beast or the Reincarnation Realm martial artist, they were both an existence from the heavens to them.

Furthermore, they had their own enemies.

Several miles2miles1 Chinese mile = 500 meters away, over 5000 individuals were killing their way over.

“Kill those humans!”

A class 4 high-tier demonic beast which was over a hundred feet long spoke in human language and rushed out.

Boom, Boom, Boom!

This wasn’t considered a large group of demonic beasts, but there were still a few thousands of them. They were the survivors of a big battle and many of them still had injuries.

When a few thousand demonic beasts which were class 3 and beyond gathered together, they would produce a qi presence which was more imposing than the qi presence from a few thousand Earth Shatter Realm martial artists.

The physique of demonic beasts were simply superior to humans. It was natural that their qi presence were superior to humans.

“Kill!” Elder Wang had a grim expression and led the charge.

He was the Grand Elder of the Silver Spear Sect. He was wielding a silver spear and had an extreme speed. In a flash, he was already close to a class 4 high-tier demonic beast and thrust out with his spear.


This class 4 high-tier demonic beast was already injured and when its head was pierced by Elder Wang’s spear thrust, it immediately died a miserable death.

As the Grand Elder of the Silver Spear Sect, Elder Wang’s strength was undoubtedly at the pinnacle of the Heaven Dipper Realm. Killing an injured class 4 high-tier demonic beast wasn’t a difficult task.

“Purple Qi Divine Needle!”

Teng Qingyun’s mastery of the Purple Qi Divine Needle was even higher than before, it was probably at the perfection stage. That dark green bamboo pole in his hand shook, as countless purple shadows burst out and pierced a class 4 low-tier demonic beast into a honeycomb.

‘No wonder he is an elite prodigy. This single attack’s power is already comparable to a 4th level Heaven Dipper martial artist.’

Some of the Heaven Dipper Realm martial artists were looking at Teng Qingyun and singing praises in their hearts.

As he was flying, Li Fuchen drew his sword.


As he brandished his sword, the blazing hot sword qi turned into a whip and swept across a class 4 mid-tier demonic beast.

In an instant, that class 4 mid-tier demonic beast was split in half and turned into two parts of ashes.

“Such strength.” A nearby middle-level Heaven Dipper Realm martial artist was shocked.

With his strength, he would probably need hundreds of move before he could kill this class 4 mid-tier demonic beast. He never expected that the beast couldn’t even withstand a single slash from Li Fuchen.

How could he have known that a normal Li Fuchen could already crush more than 90% of class 4 mid-tier demonic beasts?

“His strength?” Teng Qingyun had on a complicated expression.

In just less than one year, Li Fuchen had already left him so far behind.

That sword earlier was obviously an ordinary sword slash, but it was able to kill a class 4 mid-tier demonic beast instantly.

“Human child, die.”

A class 4 high-tier demonic beast, Blue-Winged Beast dove at him.

The Blue-Winged Beast was a class 4 high-tier aerial demonic beast. It had a pair of blue wings that were impervious to sword and spear, untouchable by water and fire. It had a very powerful lethality.

In a swoop, the Blue-Winged Beast arrived before Li Fuchen. Its pair of blue wings slashed at Li Fuchen like a pair of blue sky blades.


Li Fuchen repelled the Blue-Winged Beast with a single sword. As the powerful sword qi spread out, it conveniently killed a class 4 low-tier demonic beast.

‘This Blue-Winged Beast is rather powerful and should be comparable to the 8th level of the Heaven Dipper Realm.’

Li Fuchen flew up and slashed several times at the Blue-Winged BEast.

The Blue-Winged Beast was battered up and apart from its wings, its entire body was covered with scars and blood.


The Blue-Winged Beast’s body spun into a storm and the blue wings were like two guillotines which sliced in a spinning movement.


The Blue-Winged Beast’s kill move intrigued Li Fuchen, but it was time for it to end.

With sword intent rushing into the sky, Li Fuchen thrust with his sword.


The sword qi entered a chink in the blue wings and stabbed into the Blue-Winged Beast’s vital point.

In normal circumstances, even if the vital point was pierced, it would cause death with a single sword. But Li Fuchen’s sword thrust contained a scorching and violent Inferno Sword Intent. With support from the Inferno Sword Intent, the sword got extremely ferocious and had instantly shattered its life intent.

“This is mystic class peak-tier sword intent?”

Elder Wang who was in an intense battle with a class 4 peak-tier demonic beast was shocked.

One must understand that even he had only comprehended a mystic class peak-tier spear intent after a few years. He never expected a youth that was just in his early twenties to have actually comprehended a mystic class peak-tier martial arts intent. This was truly outrageous.

Furthermore, Li Fuchen’s combat strength was too powerful. He only had the cultivation at the 4th level of the Heaven Dipper Realm, but he was able to kill a class 4 high-tier demonic beast. It was impossible to not be surprised at such level-surpassing strength.

Elder Wang admitted that he had underestimated Li Fuchen.

A single Li Fuchen was comparable to a highly experienced high-level Heaven Dipper Realm martial artist.

After killing the Blue-Winged Beast, Li Fuchen would roam the battlefield and brandish his sword to kill demonic beasts from time to time.

Perhaps due to the fact that the demonic beasts already experienced a huge battle earlier, Li Fuchen’s side held the obvious advantage. In just two hours, the original 4000 demonic beasts were left with less than 1000 demonic beasts, while Li Fuchen’s side only lost a few hundred men.

As the demonic beasts started to decrease, Li Fuchen started to pay more attention to the commotion a few hundred miles away.

With his astounding awareness and Heaven Dipper Realm cultivation, Li Fuchen saw in the distance, there was one man and one beast that were in frenzied close combat.

The demonic beast was extremely astonishing. Its body was a few hundred feet in length and had demonic qi that were like dark clouds. Its limbs were just like copper pillars and every stomp it made would produce a mountain shattering sound. Every howl it released would cause one’s heart to palpitate even at a distance of a few hundred miles away.

‘This is a Reincarnation Realm martial artist and a class 5 demonic beast?’

How could Li Fuchen not see that Ge Hai’s strength was stronger than all the Supreme Elders in the Azure Water Sect?

But when thinking about it, it wasn’t a surprise as Ge Hai was at the 5th level of the Reincarnation Realm, while the no.1 expert of the Azure Water Sect, Supreme Elder, Ouyang Tie was merely at the 3rd level of the Reincarnation Realm.

Every level of the Reincarnation Realm had a gap as wide as the sky and the ground. A single level meant a huge disparity in combat strength.

If Supreme Elder Ouyang Tie were to deal with this class 5 demonic beast, he would be killed in a few moves.

“Human, I will kill your underlings first.”

The Vigorous Demonic Bull sensed that its demonic beasts were eliminated and couldn’t help but get infuriated. It got rid of Ge Hai and flew to the battlefield rapidly.


The earth was trembling. Every time the Vigorous Demonic Bull jumped, it would cover a distance of over a dozen miles.

In fact, it could simply fly, but it could borrow strength by jumping which made it faster.

“Stay here!”

Ge Hai didn’t expect for the Vigorous Demonic Bull to be so hard to deal with. After a few hundred moves, he still couldn’t gain the upper hand. Right now, he had to stop the Vigorous Demonic Bull from reaching the battlefield at all cost. Otherwise, half of his thousands of men would be extinguished.

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