Chapter 336: Sect Origin Swords Secret Technique

Azure Water Grand Hall…

Ouyang Wentian was already waiting there.

When Ouyang Wentian saw Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist coming in, he tossed a jade scroll to Li Fuchen immediately and said, “This is a one-time use martial arts jade scroll. On it is the information of the Sect Origin Swords secret technique. Remember, the Sect Origin Swords secret technique is our Azure Water Sect’s sect defining secret technique. There are less than 20 individuals who cultivated it. So, it is forbidden to impart it to anyone else and you have to make a Martial Dao Oath.”

The Martial Dao Oath was something miraculous and it was actually an oath on a martial artist’s future martial dao.

There was someone who had violated the oath but truly suffered constant setbacks throughout his future martial dao progress. Gradually, more people started to believe it.

The Martial Dao Oath had another name, which was the Demonic Heart Oath.

Those who violated the Martial Dao Oath would develop a demonic heart and it was this demonic heat which would obstruct the progress of the martial artist.


Li Fuchen raised three fingers with his right hand and recited the oath.

After leaving Azure Water Grand Hall, Li Fuchen immediately returned to his own mountain peak and prepared to fully concentrated on studying the Sect Origin Swords secret technique.

Three days later…

‘The Sect Origin Swords is incredible. It actually allows the dantian’s qi sea to produce a Life Origin Sword which could be used to store sword qi.’

Violent winds blew across the mountain peak.

Li Fuchen stood amidst the winds while his clothes were fluttering violently.

Taking a deep breath, Li Fuchen activated the Sect Origin Swords.

The sharp qi presence caused the violent winds to shatter and everything within a 100 step radius had been turned into a windless zone.

At the same moment, sword qi floated around Li Fuchen’s surroundings. With just a rough glance, there were more than a hundred sword qi.

Producing Life Origin Sword in one’s dantian consumed a lot of qi and it wasn’t enough with one’s own qi supply. Li Fuchen was able to to produce and store 100 Sect Origin Swords qi mainly due to the low-grade spirit stones.


With a thought of his consciousness, the hundred sword qi shot at the giant boulder on the other side.

Pfff, Pfff, Pfff, Pfff…

The giant boulder was pierced into a honeycomb before exploding into dust.

‘Such a formidable power.’ Li Fuchen’s brows lifted.

Every Sect Origin Swords qi had a strength which was far inferior to an all-out attack from a 1st level Heaven Dipper Realm martial artist. It might look unremarkable, but when 100 Sect Origin Swords qi were condensed, the power would reach the 3rd level of the Heaven Dipper Realm.

And this was just a hundred Sect Origin Swords qi. If there were several hundred, a thousand, or even several thousand sword qi, how dreadful would the power be?

Immersing himself in his consciousness, Li Fuchen looked at his own dantian.

In his dantian, there was a giant scarlet red flaming sphere, it was just like the scarlet red sun. It was Li Fuchen’s true inferno qi, and beside it was a small white sword.

This small white sword was the Life Origin Sword.

The stronger one’s Life Origin Sword, the more Sect Origin Swords qi one would be able to store. As for now, Li Fuchen’s Life Origin Sword could only store a hundred sword qi and he had used all of them earlier.

Taking out a piece of low-grade spirit stone, Li Fuchen started to absorb the spirit qi within the stone and poured it into his Life Origin Sword.

Apart from storing Sect Origin Swords qi, the Life Origin Sword could also condense sword qi and make one’s sword qi stronger.

After two hours, 100 sword qi were successfully produced.

‘100 sword qi would need two hours to be fully gathered. 1000 would take twenty hours, which is around a single day. 10,000 sword qi would need ten days. This is perhaps the fatal flaw of the Sect Origin Swords!’

The Sect Origin Swords was extremely powerful and was one of the top ten 5-star secret techniques in the East Unicorn Continent, but its flaw was also very big. Once all the sword qi was used up, the practitioner would require a huge amount of time to produce more sword qi, unlike other secret techniques which could be constantly used in battle.

After his sword qi was filled up, Li Fuchen activated the Sect Origin Swords again.


One hundred sword qi appeared.

With a thought in his mind, Li Fuchen started to assemble the sword qi.

With Li Fuchen’s thoughts, 100 sword qi formed a giant sword which thrust at another giant boulder.


The giant boulder exploded and it was even more thoroughly destroyed.

‘As expected, when combining the Sect Origin Swords with his consciousness, it would be even stronger.’

Scattered sword qi were ultimately weaker than assembled sword qi. When 100 sword qi were assembled, its power was more than two folds stronger.

Furthermore, this was just 100 sword qi. If Li Fuchen were to assemble 1000 sword qi, the power increase wouldn’t be just two folds stronger.

‘Let’s see if it can be stacked with the Sword Essence secret technique.’

After absorbing more spirit qi, the Life Origin Sword was filled up with sword qi again after two hours.

This time, Li Fuchen made the sword qi go through the Bronze Sword Essence before exiting his body.


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There was a clear sword brandish sound.

In Li Fuchen’s surroundings, 100 bronze sword qi floated around him. Every single sword qi was like a real bronze sword and looked like they were all materialized.


After assembling the 100 Sect Origin Swords’ bronze sword qi together, it turned into a giant bronze sword and thrust out.


The giant boulder which was a mystic class peak-tier ore instantly exploded.

It had yet to finish. The giant bronze sword only dimmed a little and had yet to dissipate, as it still had a powerful attack force.

Which meant to say that after stacking with the Sword Essence secret technique, not only did Li Fuchen’s Sect Origin Swords had a drastic increase in destructive power, it also had an extended combat time.

After cultivating for one week, Li Fuchen Life Origin Sword got stronger by several folds and could now store 500 sword qi.

Cultivating the Sect Origin Swords and nurturing the Life Origin Sword put a high demand on one’s spirit willpower. Regular Heaven Dipper Realm martial artists would never be able to meet this requirement. Only high-level Heaven Dipper Realm martial artists would be able to barely meet the requirement.

Li Fuchen’s spirit willpower was naturally powerful and everyone could see it during the Stars Ranking Tournament.

This was also why, Ouyang Wentian would impart the Sect Origin Swords to Li Fuchen in advance.

If Ouyang Wentian was to know of Li Fuchen’s progress, he would very surprised. To be able to nurture the Life Origin Sword and store 500 sword qi in just ten days, was progress that was appalling. Back when Ouyang Wentian cultivated the Sect Origin Swords, he took three months to nurture his Life Origin Sword to this level.

On the battlefield, the third battle persisted for a considerably longer period of time. There were massive numbers of Earth Shatter Realm and Heaven Dipper Realm martial artists that perished every second and every moment. There were also a few Reincarnation Realm martial artists that had fallen.

The Hundred Sects must not withdraw, once they withdrew, the consequences would be unimaginable.

The Demonic Ten Regions didn’t care about withdrawing as they held the advantage and there was no reason to withdraw.

Perhaps, the Hundred Sect realized the importance of this third battle and didn’t retreat so easily. Some of the old geezers who had been in seclusion for several years had no choice but to emerge and contribute their strength.

In addition to the unique combination formations of the various sects, they were able to resist against the Demonic Ten Regions.

In the boundless battlefield, Zhao Wujin was slaughtering like a maniac.

Zhao Wujin’s strength was much stronger than Li Fuchen had imagined.

Zhao Wujin might only be a 4-star bone frame, but he had plenty of fated encounters during his early years and he had cultivated the True Azure Water Technique to the 19th rank a very long time ago. At the same time, he had also comprehended the Azure Water Sword Intent. With the addition of the Sect Origin Swords, there was almost no one below the Reincarnation Realm who could rival him.

It wasn’t wrong to consider him as a peak level Heaven Dipper Realm prodigy.

When taking a glance across the battlefield, one thousand miles2miles1 Chinese mile = 500 meters away in the shadows of the mountains, there was a massive being that was wreaking havoc. Every time it smashed into something, there would be a mountain that crumbled.

It was the Mountain Shaking Elephant which was the ruler of the Thousands Demon Region.

Zhao Wujin had a yearning expression as he thought to himself, ‘I wonder if I will ever be able to step into the Reincarnation Realm in this lifetime.’

His biggest desire for this lifetime was to become a Reincarnation Realm martial artist.

Below the Reincarnation Realm, one’s lifespan would never exceed the age of 150 years. In fact, it was already good enough to live to the age of 100 years.

The cultivation of a martial artist was the process of extracting potential. The more potential extracted, the lesser the lifespan. It was actually those regular martial artists who didn’t have high cultivation that would live longer.

But once one’s cultivation reached the Reincarnation Realm, the practitioner’s lifespan would be at least 200 years and above, which was almost double the lifespan.

Double the lifespan. What kind of concept was that? Zhao Wujin couldn’t even imagine it.


Not far away, a class 4 demon was killing its way over.

A class 4 demon had heaven-defying combat strength. It might not be on the same level as a Reincarnation Realm martial artist, but it was still stronger than Zhao Wujin and it was even able to easily slaughter a class 4 peak-tier demonic beast.

Zhao Wujin knew that he wasn’t its match, thus, he retreated quickly.

He had already encountered such situations many times.

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On the battlefield, the demons had the strongest combat strength, while the humans and demonic beasts were even in strength.

Only some mutated demonic beasts would be able to contend against a demon.


Azure Water Sect…

After two months of cultivation, Li Fuchen Life Origin Sword had already grown so much that it could store up to 3000 sword qi, and had made it to the sub-completion rank.

For the Sect Origin Swords, the capability to store 1000 sword qi would be the initial rank, 3000 sword qi would be sub-completion rank, while storing 10,000 sword qi would be the completion rank.

“It is time to go on the battlefield.” Li Fuchen’s eyes flashed with battle intent.

During these two months, the fourth major area of the Azure Water Region basically didn’t have any activities from the evil dao forces, which gave Li Fuchen a sense of relief.

There was a limit to his energy, as it was impossible for him to handle everything. At this current juncture, he wanted to go on the battlefield more than anything and contribute with his strength. He didn’t want to stay in the Azure Water Region and deal with the evil dao forces.

Li Fuchen’s request to go on the battlefield was finally approved by Ouyang Wentian.

On the same day, he rode the Giant Sickle Terror Bird5Giant Sickle Terror BirdFlying spirit beast that Ouyang Wentian gave to Li Fuchen and departed from the Azure Water Region as he rushed for the six regions.

Facing the six regions, were four regions where the Hundred Sects were temporarily garrisoned at.

On this day, Li Fuchen arrived at one of the garrisons which was the Desolate Mountain Region.

In Black Mountain City of the Desolate Mountain Region…

This city had suffered the devastation of the demons and had already turned into an abandoned city. After the Hundred Sects arrived, they occupied this city.

Thus, in this city, there wasn’t a single ordinary martial artist, even the weakest would be an Earth Shatter Realm martial artist. While there were hundreds of Reincarnation Realm martial artists.

“Li Fuchen.” On the street of the Black Mountain City, a voice called out to Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen looked over in the direction of the voice.

It was Teng Qingyun.

The Black Mountain City had experts from more than twenty over sects were stationed here. Among them, were the two elite factions, the Wind Snow Sect and Eternal Spring Valley.

With Li Fuchen’s eyesight, he naturally could see that Teng Qingyun had reached the peak state of the 2nd level of the Heaven Dipper Realm. Teng Qingyun had accumulated a lot of experiences and Li Fuchen believed that Teng Qingyun’s strength wasn’t as simple as it was on the surface.

“Teng Qingyun.” Li Fuchen smiled and responded.

He didn’t have a friendly relationship with Teng Qingyun, but there weren’t any grudges as well.

“Let’s go report together!” Teng Qingyun suggested.

Before joining the battlefield, they had to report first. After all, discipline was the last few advantages of the Hundred Sects. If they were to swarm into the battlefield, the Hundred Sects would suffer an even more miserable defeat.

“Sure.” Li Fuchen nodded.

In just a short moment, the duo arrived at Black Mountain City’s city lord residence.

This place was currently the command center and it was commanded by the upper echelons of the Wind Snow Sect and Eternal Spring Valley.

Li Fuchen and Teng Qingyun’s arrival didn’t surprise the upper echelons of the command center. Situ Lei, Qi Heng, and the other prodigies had already joined the battlefield one after the other. Since the two had progressed to the Heaven Dipper Realm, they were probably unable to hold themselves back anymore. But the upper echelons were rather surprised to see that Li Fuchen had advanced all the way to the 4th level of the Heaven Dipper Realm.

“Elder Wang, the two of them shall enter your squad!”

One of the upper echelons spoke to an elder.

Elder Wang was a Grand Elder for one of the sects and his cultivation was at the peak state of the Heaven Dipper Realm. His face didn’t show any joy nor delight.

The two of them might be prodigies, but their current combat strength was limited and it didn’t really matter if they were to join in the battle or not.

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