Chapter 338: Dragon Elephant Body Forging Chapter

“Not good, the Vigorous Demonic Bull is coming over.”

Everyone was in great alarm. The Vigorous Demonic Bull was a class 5 mid-tier demonic beast and a casual blow of breath from it was enough to kill a whole group of Heaven Dipper Realm martial artists.

“Demonic animal, get lost.”

At that crucial moment, Ge Hai burst out with some secret technique which boosted his speed greatly. In an instant, he appeared in front of the Vigorous Demonic Bull and used a single blade to cleave and repel it over ten miles2miles1 Chinese mile = 500 meters away.

“Damn it!”

The Vigorous Demonic Bull was infuriated. Its millstone-sized eyes were bloodshot as it continued its intense battle with Ge Hai.

Everyone let out a breath of relief and started to eliminate the rest of the demonic beasts.

In just a short moment, all of the demonic beasts were killed and everyone started to search the bodies of the demonic beasts for materials.

Be it class 3 or class 4 demonic beasts, all the materials from their bodies were extremely valuable. There were some demonic beasts that weren’t seen normally and the materials from their bodies were truly priceless. Like among the thousands of demonic beasts, there was an absolutely rare class 3 demonic beast, Red Eyes Beast.

Just the pair of eyes from the Red Eyes Beast had a value that exceeded a class 4 high-tier demonic beast’s entire body. If it was auctioned, it would fetch at least a few million gold coins.

The one that obtained the pair of eyes was an Earth Shatter Realm martial artist and he was grinning and howling with laughter, as he was truly struck a windfall. A few million gold coins wasn’t a small sum.

But there were others that were even luckier than this Earth Shatter Realm martial artist. In another team, there was a middle-level Heaven Dipper Realm martial artist who obtained a class 4 mid-tier demon core.

A class 4 low-tier demon core was worth more than 10 million gold coins and a class 4 mid-tier demon core was worth tens of millions of gold coins.

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Furthermore, there might not even be a single demon core among a hundred demonic beasts. It went to see how fortunate this person was.

Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist didn’t really bother about the materials from the demonic beasts.

He who had a few hundred low-grade spirit stones was just inferior to a Reincarnation Realm martial artist in terms of wealth. Hence, he didn’t even need to bother about a few million or tens of millions of gold coins. To him, the essence blood of the demonic beasts was much more important.

The main reason why he placed such importance on essence blood, is due to when he progressed to the 4th level of the Heaven Dipper Realm, the earth class body refinement technique that he obtained in the seventh mystic martial door had finally appeared.

This body refinement technique was at the earth class high-tier and it was called the Dragon Elephant Body Forging Chapter.

It might not sound extraordinary and the contents weren’t extraordinary as well.

The Dragon Elephant Body Forging Chapter was split into six and a half chapters. Every chapter corresponded to a cultivation realm.

The first chapter corresponded to the Qi Training Realm.

The second chapter corresponded to the Origin Returning Realm.

The third chapter corresponded to the Earth Shatter Realm.

The fourth chapter corresponded to the Heaven Dipper Realm.

Currently, he had just cultivated the third chapter to the completion rank. When he wasn’t circulating his qi protection, he could ignore attacks from Earth Shatter Realm martial artists.

Of course, it was just referring to the attacks from regular Earth Shatter Realm martial artists. If it were those prodigies who were at the Earth Shatter Realm but possessed Heaven Dipper Realm attacks, Li Fuchen wouldn’t be able to defend against them.

Right now, if Li Fuchen wanted to cultivate the fourth chapter, he would require a large quantity of mystic class body tempering elixirs. Of course, demonic beast essence blood would also suffice, but it had to be essence blood from class 4 demonic beasts, as those below class 4 would basically be ineffective.

Previously, Li Fuchen had killed plenty of class 4 demonic beasts and spent some effort in extracting the essence blood from those demonic beasts, giving him around 40 plus drops of essence blood.

“Everyone, I need a huge quantity of class 4 demonic beast essence blood and I am willing to buy it at 250 thousand gold coins for each drop.” Li Fuchen spoke in a loud and clear voice.

This price had exceeded the price from most of the sects, as it would normally be worth around 200 thousand gold coins for every drop.

Moreover, every single class 4 low-tier demonic beast would generally have two to three drops of essence blood. A class 4 mid-tier demonic beast would have around three to five drops, while a class 4 high-tier demonic beast could have up to ten drops of essence blood.

“250 thousand gold coins is quite a good deal. I will sell mine.” A middle-level Heaven Dipper Realm martial artist smiled and responded.

It was natural that only a Heaven Dipper Realm martial artist would be able to kill a class 4 demonic beast. 

Just like this, Li Fuchen bought every drop of essence blood at the price of 250 thousand gold coins. In total, he bought a thousand drops of class 4 demonic beast essence blood, spending a total of 250 million gold coins.

In fact, Li Fuchen didn’t possess so many gold coins. He who had killed a large quantity of Heaven Dipper Realm evil dao experts only obtained a few dozen million gold coins from their storage bags.

But he had low-grade spirit stones.

Selling low-grade spirit stones at the price of 12 million a piece, Li Fuchen sold 20 spirit stones and got back 240 million gold coins.

Because of these 20 low-grade spirit stones, a few of the wealthy Heaven Dipper Realm martial artists nearly fought over it.

After all, gold coins could be earned, but there was no way to earn low-grade spirit stones and they normally had to wait for their sects to distribute them.

With over 1000 drops of class 4 demonic beast essence blood. Li Fuchen reckoned that he should be able to cultivate the Dragon Elephant Body Forging Chater to the completion rank of the fourth chapter.

According to the description of the body refinement technique, when the fourth chapter was at the completion rank, just the physical defenses gained were enough to ignore attacks from regular high-level Heaven Dipper Realm martial artists.

It might sound easy, as Li Fuchen had effortlessly obtained the resources required to cultivate to the completion rank of the fourth chapter.

But in fact, it was impossible to obtain more than 1000 drops of class 4 demonic beast essence blood in normal times.

To obtain more than 1000 drops of class 4 demonic beast essence blood would mean one would have to slay around 200 class 4 demonic beasts and it wasn’t an easy task. Even a Reincarnation Realm expert would require a long time in order to accomplish this task.

Due to the fact of this current great war, class 4 demonic beasts became very common and had given Li Fuchen this chance.

Otherwise, Li Fuchen would need years before he had the chance to cultivate the fourth chapter to the completion rank.

Of course, now wasn’t the time to consume the demonic beast essence blood, and Li Fuchen had to return to Black Mountain City before even thinking of doing so.

Boom, Boom, Boom…

Ge Hai and the Vigorous Demoni Bull’s battle was getting to the climax.

When a man and a beast had reached this level of almost even strength, they might not be able to see any results even after days and nights of constant fighting.

“Mountain Splitting Sea Severing!”

Ge Hai was indeed a Supreme Elder of a first-rate sect, as he had multiple methods to temporarily increase his strength. Seeing his figure rushing into the sky, and cleaving down after grasping his saber with both hands. This saber cleave, had a feeling that it could split everything apart and it was half a move of the earth class low-tier saber art that Ge Hai happened to obtain in the past.


How could the Vigorous Demonic Bull be able to withstand against an earth class low-tier saber move? Even if it was just half a move.

Its demonic beast body which was more than several hundred feet long was instantly inflicted with a blood scar that was more than one hundred feet long. Fresh blood sprayed out like a fountain and sprayed all over the place.

“Human, just you wait. I will surely take my revenge.”

The Vigorous Demonic Bull stomped violently with its four hoofs, causing the ground within dozens of miles to crumble in an instant. Countless ground chunks were blasted at Ge Hai, while the Vigorous Demoni Bull borrowed the strength from its stomping and fled with haste.

Ge Hai furrowed his brows as he didn’t have enough time to chase after it. In just the blink of an eye, the opposition had already escaped more than a hundred miles away. It would be very difficult to chase after it.

“Class 5 demonic beast blood!”

When Li Fuchen saw the spraying of all the class 4 demonic beast blood, he had an impulse.

He was confident that he could extract a trace of the Vigorous Demonic Bull’s essence blood from that blood.

With the Vigorous Demonic Bull’s essence blood, he would require a lesser period of time to cultivate the Dragon Elephant Body Forging Chapter to the completion rank.

“A pity…” Seeing the countless ground chunks burying the blood, Li Fuchen withdrew his thoughts.

After repelling the Vigorous Demonic Bull with a single saber cleave, Ge Hai ordered everyone, “Continue to advance.”

Hearing such, everyone quickly followed.

The White Mountain Region was about the same size as Azure Water Region which were both around a few tens of thousands of miles in radius.

When battling within a radius of a few tens of thousands of miles, it wasn’t an easy task for both sides to encounter one another.

Unknowingly, one week had passed.

On this day, Ge Hai noticed another battlefield. His face was filled with killing intent as he spoke, “3000 miles ahead is an extraordinary battlefield. There are three class 5 demons, over twenty class 5 demonic beasts, and dozens of Reincarnation Realm martial artists.” Ge Hai spoke calmly.

This battlefield was extremely dangerous for him.

Class 5 demons were of the same existences as peak level Reincarnation Realm martial artists. Several high-level Reincarnation Realm martial artists were needed to deal with one of them.

“What? So many class 5 demons and demonic beasts?” Everyone was appalled.

In such extraordinary battlefield was very dangerous for Reincarnation Realm martial artists, let alone for them.

“Extraordinary battlefield?” Li Fuchen’s expression changed.

The Azure Water Sect’s Supreme Elder Liang had perished in such battlefields and was killed by accident.

The battlefield was filled with instant changes, you might even perish just because a few pinnacle existences went past your side.

In a distance, everyone could already hear the sounds of slaughtering on the battlefield.

The sound was thunderous.

As though it could shake the mountains and shift the ground.

As though it was the end of the world.

As though it was a volcano eruption.

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Many of the Earth Shatter Realm martial artists were gulping down their saliva with pale faces.

They were just Earth Shatter Realm martial artists and they were simply like cannon fodder if they went to such battlefields. A simple Heaven Dipper Realm martial artist could eliminate them without any effort. If a class 5 demon or demonic beast was to kill over, it was entirely possible for them to be wiped out.

Finally, the group of a few thousand individuals had arrived at the battlefield.

What kind of battlefield was this!?

A single glance was filled with endless and borderless devastation which stretched all the way to the horizon.

The skies of the battlefield was filled with a blood-red color, the thick smell of blood was nauseating, yet produced an intense numbing sensation. It was truly a surreal feeling.

They seemed to have arrived in another world.

On the battlefield, the sounds of slaughter was like the howling winds in the valleys and the roaring of a tsunami. There were slaughters everywhere and there were corpses which weren’t even cold yet.

“Be careful.”

Ge Hai rose up and cleaved with his saber.


A small mountain that flew over got split into two by the saber.

This small mountain flew over from a hundred miles away, where a class 5 high-tier demonic beast and a high-level Reincarnation Realm martial artist were fighting.

This class 5 high-tier demonic beast was like rhinoceros with a body length of nearly a thousand feet. With a lift of the head, a small mountain was sent flying.

“It is too dangerous.”

The legs of one of the Earth Shatter Realm martial artists were trembling as it was his first time encountering such a level of a battlefield.

“All of you be careful.”

Leaving behind a statement, Ge Hai entered deep into the battlefield.

During his flight, he would occasionally sent out saber qi to kill patches of demonic beasts and demons.

But soon enough, he locked onto a target.

It was a class 5 mid-tier demonic beast, but it was much stronger than the Vigorous Demonic Bull which was also of the same tier. Right now, that demonic beast was dealing with a 4th level Reincarnation Realm martial artist who was in danger, and Ge Hai quickly provided his assistance.


Not far away, a class 4 demon and a few class 4 peak-tier demonic beasts killed over.

“Let’s work together to deal with the class 4 demon.”

Elder Wang and the five other team leaders had on a grave expression.

A class 4 demon was extremely fearsome. It might not be at the level of a Reincarnation Realm martial artist but it an almost invincible existence below the Reincarnation Realm. Multiple peak level Heaven Dipper Realm martial artists were required to clash against it. No one would be a match for it alone.

“Li Fuchen, we will work together to deal with a class 4 peak-tier demonic beast.”

A martial artist at the 9th level of the Heaven Dipper Realm transmitted a message.


Li Fuchen didn’t want to expose too much of his trump cards and it was best for him to work together with high-level Heaven Dipper Realm fighters.

The few of them locked onto their target, which was the class 4 peak-tier demonic beast, Nocturne Beast. The beast was pitch-black in color, had a long body like a panther, but it was more than a hundred feet in length. It moved without any sound or presence and with extreme speed. It had the title of Night Killer.

It might be called a class 4 peak-tier demonic beast, but it was actually a class 4 high-tier demonic beast, but it was at the pinnacle of class 4 high-tier demonic beasts.

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