Chapter 347: Nothing To Fear

“Your kidneys were always weak, and you lost your virginity at such a young age, so you’re definitely more knowledgeable about the consequences of losing your hip strength than me. As for me, Sir Han, as long as you’re not jealous, then it’s okay.” Xia Jinyuan stepped on the gas. Even the layer of dust on him couldn’t cover the nobility between his brows. He laughed cheerfully. He was quite experienced at mocking his childhood friend.

Han Zheng’s unwilling sigh in response could be heard from the car. As the car’s wheels dug up large amounts of dust, their car drove off from the station.

Meanwhile, the millions of animals in Jiangxi province jungles woke up. When Ye Jian and the rest of them arrived at Jiangxi province, they followed their plan and started their training only after arranging a place to lodge for Old Uncle Gen.

“We are currently in the third year of the plan. Little lass, your leave of absence has its benefits.” Principal Chen, with a military map in his hands, looked at the lively and enthusiastic lass with a benevolent look, “The four-year plan was shifted 14 months earlier in total. This was completely unexpected.”

They started their four-year plan in April 1995; the first year was until April 1996, and the second year was until April 1997.

And now, it was only February 1997, yet they were currently undergoing the training plan for 1998. This was where the benefits of taking a leave of absence from school became evident; not even two years had passed, but they had already started the schedule for the third year.

Facing Principal Chen’s sentiments, Ye Jian beamed at him, “I still have to thank First City High for this. If not, where would I find a reason for Grandpa Gen and Uncle Chen to agree to me quitting school?”

“You quick-witted girl! It just so happened that it went according to your wishes.” Principal Chen started laughing. The little lass’s intelligence was actually high. “Alright, let’s talk about our upcoming training.”

They did not enter the jungle without a destination in mind. They had to follow a very strict route, and using the military map, they could calculate their coordinates, longitudes, and latitudes of their route.

Where they entered the jungle from, which locations they would pass by, and which exit they would leave the jungle by – these were all strictly planned out.

Compared to her peers, who were still sitting in classrooms and absorbing knowledge from textbooks, Ye Jian had walked much further on the journey of life.

This was a distance that countless people could never reach, and a journey that many could never accomplish throughout their life.

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The doorway to magnificent days had opened its gates to Ye Jian because this life of hers was destined to be out of the ordinary long ago.

On the spread out military map, Principal Chen held a small stick in his hands with a serious expression on his face, and he repeated the route they were going to take once more, “This will be our starting point, and this will be our end point. After three months, we will leave together at the exit and meet Old Uncle Gen. Lass, jungles in Jiangxi, in this huge forest, you can imagine the dangers lurking around without me mentioning it.”

“After three months, we must leave this place. With the rainy season, unpredictable dangers will become more frequent.”

“I can manage, but Uncle Chen, your old wounds…” Ye Jian pursed her lips. What she was really worried about were Uncle Chen’s old battle wounds. “How about we shorten the duration of three months to two?”

Principal Chen stared at her with a stern gaze and bellowed, “This is a training plan. Previously, when we set it in place, you agreed to it. There’s no need to worry about me, take care of yourself.”

The little lass easily became soft in front of him and Old Uncle Gen, but he had to let her realize that training was training, and there was no room for negotiation.

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Bearing a gaze that was as indifferent as a bullet being fired, Ye Jian nodded her head while her heart pounded in her chest. Her pretty face, which resembled the blossom of a hibiscus, immediately became serious and cold and replied, “Understood!”

Ye Jian, who realized that she made an error regarding principles, did not speak further, but she had decided in her heart that she would look after Principal Chen when the time came.

On February 8th, Ye Jian and Principal Chen entered the mountainous jungle with waterproof military backpacks on their shoulders.

They crossed the thick shrubs with little care for stealth. They swung army machetes that could be used as knives to chop down vines in their way to open up paths and started their journey through the woods that very few had ever tread on.

Facing a cliff, with climbing ropes ready, they gritted their teeth, and step by step, they scaled the cliff like agile foxes.

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