Chapter 346: Hearts In Sync

“What are you mumbling around alone for? Talk it out, I’ll listen.”

Han Zheng walked towards him with two mineral water bottles in his hand. When he saw his childhood friend standing there with his back straight, emitting the rigid aura of a soldier from every inch of his body, he teased from behind, “Your little fox can become a celebrity wherever she goes. If I pick a worker at random, they’ll also know about her.”

“They left four days ago. They only rested for a day. They were quite in luck and managed to come upon a tour bus from outside coming here, and left the next day on that same bus. Tsk tsk tsk, I say, Sir Xia, if you want to catch the tail of your little fox, it’s difficult.”

Xia Jinyuan tightly twisted the cap of the mineral water bottle that he had drunk half of and narrowed his gaze at his childhood friend teasing him. Chuckling, he replied, “Do you think the little fox is the same as the group of busty and airheaded women you have? They entered the desert with a plan, of course they’ll leave the desert with a plan. Luck? She never believed in luck, she only trusts herself and facts.”

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The truth was, they had seen the tour bus when returning from Hotan river. They had planned everything before they had entered the desert, and it just so happened that they caught up to the bus and left with them.

“F*ck! Big boobs have their uses! There’s no need for me to be troubled!” Han Zheng was unconvinced, and he snorted back, “They’ll be settled after I give them a small amount of pocket money, unlike you, traveling from east to west. How tiresome!”

This way of chasing after girls, he really didn’t have the patience for it!

What he received was Xia Jinyuan’s even colder chuckle, “What you seek is hard to be admired by others. You spend money looking for women, and in the end, none of them are reliable, so what do you get in the end? True, it might be hard for me to court her, but I’m happy to do it. Finding a girlfriend that can fight alongside me, that’s a soulmate, that’s the highest realm of love that two people can achieve.”

“People like you who spend money looking for busty women, sigh, you’ll never know what the meaning of ‘hearts in sync’ is. You’re destined to be single your whole life.”

Do you wish to flaunt yourself as a superior being in front of me, Xia Jinyuan? Ha, I’ll let you taste my attack until you feel like crying.

Han Zheng, who never managed to get the upper hand, received the brunt of his childhood friend’s attack. He was so furious that the mineral bottles in his hands were crumpled out of shape. He ground his teeth and jeered, “You don’t even know where she is, and you’re telling me about nonsense like ‘hearts in sync’, phew!”

Although Han Zheng did not surrender with his words, his internal thoughts were completely the opposite. It couldn’t be denied that Xia Jinyuan’s speech indeed managed to shock him.

The girls that he spent money to get weren’t reliable in the end, but girls that were hard to court were those who could fight alongside him. Their ‘hearts in sync’ … No matter how he thought about it, it made him feel so envious.

Xia Jinyuan left Han Zheng, who was deep in thought, with a smile on his lips, his leaving footsteps elegant and light-hearted.

Although it was quite regrettable that he did not get to see his little fox, this did not affect his mood one bit.

In the country’s massive landscape, at different times, both of them had left their footsteps in the same place. Although they had not met up with each other, that was still perfect.

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Sounds of firecrackers could still be faintly heard. Xia Jinyuan lifted his arm and checked the date on his watch. February 6th, the first month of the lunar year, day 21. He and his little fox celebrated the new year at the same place … It didn’t feel too bad.

He jumped into the car and called out to Han Zheng, who was still standing still, with a cheerful voice, “We’re having roasted lamb tonight. If we don’t leave soon, are you sure those ‘wolves’ back at base will leave a lamb leg for us?”

“…” Han Zheng stood there stunned for a second. When he returned to his senses, he immediately slapped his forehead and increased his pace into a sprint, “I almost forgot, you still want one of its legs? If we’re late, we’re lucky to even get one of its hooves! Hurry hurry hurry, speed up! Spending sixty, seventy days in the air, I had to f*cking control my body weight! If I don’t get meat soon, I’ll lose strength in my hips!”

After jumping into the car and closing the door, Han Zheng raised his eyebrows. His pair of eyes, shaped like flower petals, were filled with a proud smile, “If a man doesn’t have enough strength in his hips, hahaha, Sir Xia, what do you think the result would be?”

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