Chapter 126: Retreat to Advance

Upon listening to Xiao Zi Xuan’s words, the servant suddenly laughed out loud. It was exactly as Xiao Zi Xuan said, what did the robbery incident have anything to do with them?

“Then, about the matter, we…” The servant was still somewhat worried so she carefully tried to ask Xiao Zi Xuan.

Xiao Zi Xuan smiled coldly: “Since it has nothing to do with us, do we really need to care about the result of the investigation? What could an orphan girl like that Ning Meng Yao, who is without any background, do to us?”

Even if that man with her was somewhat skilled, what could they do? Xiao Zi Xuan was the heiress, and her husband was the heir. She couldn’t be bothered with some hunter.

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Getting Xiao Zi Xuan’s affirmation, the servant was relieved: “Then I’m relieved..”

Xiao Zi Xuan nodded faintly: “If that little village girl dares to try and find **** again, you know what to do, right?”

Momo’s body stiffened. She saw the coldness in Xiao Zi Xuan’s eyes and quickly nodded: “Yes, I know.”

Xiao Zi Xuan nodded and signaled her to leave.

Ling Luo stood at the door and looked at the woman who just left. His eyes gradually became cold. If he recalled correctly, this woman was sent out a month ago for stealing.

But why was she here now? She even looked proud.

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Xiao Zi Xuan spotted Ling Luo at the corridor when she was about to go out. He was looking at the door and it was difficult to make out what he was thinking about.

Xiao Zi Xuan’s heart skipped a beat. Did he see the servant? Thinking about this, Xiao Zi Xuan walked over to Ling Luo, looking a little nervous: “What are you looking at?”

“I saw a person just now. A month ago, you told me that she had stolen your belongings, so I kicked her out, but she’s back here now. And out of all the places she could be in, she was at your place. Can you explain to me why?” There wasn’t even a tiniest trace of affection in Ling Luo’s voice. Hearing that voice, Xiao Zi Xuan was having cold sweat.

She looked at Ling Luo with a bitter smile. Instead of giving an explanation, she just looked at Ling Luo calmly: “You don’t believe me, is that right?” Surely, he hadn’t believed her, that was why he would subconsciously question her.

Ling Luo looked at Xiao Zi Xuan, he couldn’t help but smile ironically. What a good move to retreat like that, directing the question back at him, seriously… It was difficult for him to find any loophole.

“You know very well why I’m questioning you. How can a person who had been expelled from here return like that but not attract anyone’s attention at all? Don’t try to tell me that you don’t know, Xiao Zi Xuan. Do you think I’m foolish?” Ling Luo sneered as he looked at Xiao Zi Xuan’s pale face.

He had always thought that Xiao Zi Xuan was a sensible person, but recently he discovered that she was the same as every other woman, she didn’t care about others at all.

The pale-faced Xiao Zi Xuan watched Ling Luo leave. He actually didn’t believe her, just because of a woman who spoke nonsense.

Her body shook a little, then she laughed at herself. What was the point of doing all of this then? Only now she realized that her actions had only pushed Ling Luo farther and farther from herself.

The servant by the side grabbed Xiao Zi Xuan by the wrist: “Heiress, you must take care of your health. You’re still pregnant with the young master’s child.”

“Young Master? Haha, does he even care?” Ever since that woman appeared in their life, Ling Luo had completely changed. When they just got married, he was so good to her, that she thought they were the best pair and will be together forever.

But now, he had changed so much that she no longer believed that this man was the same man who loved her at the beginning.

The servant looked at Xiao Zi Xuan with worry as she didn’t know how to comfort her: “What are you saying? This is his first child. How could he not care about it?”

“Are you sure? But why don’t I feel his expectations for this child?” Xiao Zi Xuan whispered subconsciously.

If he really was concerned about their child, if he really looked forward to see the baby, then why was he so halfhearted when he was accompanying her? Earlier, he was so impatient, so excited, but now it seemed… as if he didn’t want to have the child anymore.

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