Chapter 125: Not Related to Us

Initially, Yang Xiu Er was still set of her plan but she was anxious now. How did things become like this?

“No, no. Aren’t you afraid of retribution?” Yang Xiu Er stared at the servant in disbelief. The confidence she had was already made fun of in front of Ning Meng Yao earlier.

She knew that if they really didn’t want to help her, then she would be completely finished.

The servant couldn’t help but laugh out loud when she saw Yang Xiu Er’s foolish expression: “Retribution? Then how about you? Just because you wanted to get revenge and money, you chose to attack the people of the same village as you. She was even your friend before. Shouldn’t it be me asking you if you aren’t afraid of receiving retribution?”

The servant’s words were like a nightmare, circling around within Yang Xiu Er’s mind. Indeed, if it wasn’t because of herself, would she fall into such a predicament now?

“If I were you, I would be cautious and behave like this incident never happened.” The servant sneered at Yang Xiu Er.

Sure enough, a peasant like Yang Xiu Er from a small village couldn’t possibly withstand such a violent wave.

So what if Ning Meng Yao knew? Does she have any evidence against them?

If she had, she would have started to make a move already. Otherwise why would she wait until now?

Yang Xiu Er looked at the servant. She opened her mouth and wanted to refute but no words came out.

“Leave now and never return again.” Since Yang Xiu Er was tongue-tied, the servant just glared at her coldly.

Yang Xiu Er’s eyes widened. Are they really abandoning me?

Yang Xiu Er returned home lifelessly, her mind filled with the servant’s words.

Sure enough, it was just as what Ning Meng Yao said, they didn’t care about her at all. In their eyes, she was just a peasant. The ridiculous thing was that she actually thought that she was important. She could only blame herself for the consequences.

Yang Xiu Er laid on her bed, feeling lost. What should I do now?

The servant had warned her that if she dared to tell anyone, she wouldn’t be able to see daylight again.

No, she was still young. She hadn’t even had a boyfriend yet, and neither had she lived a good life yet. How could she die like this?

She wouldn’t let such things happen. She wouldn’t let them abandon her like she was some trash. If they wanted to cast her aside, that would have to depend on their capability. 

Getting up from her bed, Yang Xiu Er went to her cupboard and looked outside. There was no one there so she took out a box from the cupboard and opened it. There, in the box, was a jade. It looked valuable, and inscribed on it was a character, “Xiao”.

Yang Xiu Er looked at the jade in her hand and smiled sinisterly. This was what she had unintentionally took from the servant without any notice.

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“You want to abandon me? Let’s see if you can do it or not.” Yang Xiu Er sneered.

Ning Meng Yao looked at Qing Xuan: “You’re saying that Xiao Zi Xuan’s people are abandoning Yang Xiu Er? And Yang Xiu Er has a token to Prince Xiao’s mansion?”

“That’s right. That servant doesn’t know that the token is in Yang Xiu Er’s hands.” Qing Xuan said mockingly.

 It seemed that Yang Xiu Er wasn’t really stupid and hopeless.

 “This is going to be really interesting.” Ning Meng Yao chuckled.

She didn’t expect that Yang Xiu Er would have such an idea. It really surprised her. Now she couldn’t wait to see Xiao Zi Xuan getting mad.

She just wasn’t sure if Yang Xiu Er could live until that day.

“Keep an eye on her and don’t let her die.” Ning Meng Yao said cruelly.

Yang Xiu Er was still useful. If she or the jade in her hand was gone, how could Ning Meng Yao watch the play that was about to come?

“Yes, Miss.”

The servant returned to the household after meeting Yang Xiu Er.

Xiao Zi Xuan was busy dealing with some concubine at the moment. When she spotted her servant coming in, she asked impatiently: “What happened?”

“Heiress, something happened in the village. That farmer girl, Yang Xiu Er said that Ning Meng Yao knows the truth about the robbery.” She explained to Xiao Zi Xuan seriously.

Xiao Zi Xuan’s eyes became cold when she heard that. She had been so busy dealing with the vixens her mother-in-law gave to her husband, that she had totally forgotten about it.

“Was there any evidence left there?”

“None at all.”

“Okay, if that’s the case, then does this robbery have anything to do with us?”

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