Chapter 203 – Undercurrent surges

A black house stood deep in the mountain ranges surrounding Tianji Sect, entwined in a faint evil atmosphere and people dared not approach.

Inside the house, Liu Shuanghan was sitting cross-legged with his eyes closed, his body covered with sweat that soaked through his clothes. The muscles at the corners of his eyes twitched wildly. In the midst of extreme pain, his whole body was peeled off like a layer of silk, a feeling that was harder to withstand than being tortured in hell.

His consciousness was in his mind sea. There was a faint light emitting from a seed and a cold voice sounded in his mind, “Liu Shuanghan, you have disappointed me.”

The voice was deep and old though powerfully thunderous. With an incredibly strong aura, the tone was full of anger.

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The voice blasted throughout the mind sea like an exploding bomb. The pain was unbearable and he clenched his two fists, digging his nails into his flesh until red blood dripped down. His throat convulsed as he immediately knelt on the ground, his body quaking and his eyes caught in a depthless fear.

“Acting so rashly, had I not warned you before? The Thousand Snake clan is an ancient family, do you think your current self will be able to kill Wutian?”

“Wanting the evil fruit of immortality and in the end, actually wasting a trace of Universe Force, you have really disappointed me.”

In the mind sea, the voice sounded like swift thunderbolts. Liu Shuanghan was in unbearable agony, however he did not dare to have the slightest bit of rebellion in his heart, not even a trace of infuriated resistance.

“You want a physical body right?”

“Okay, I will give you a chance.”

“As long as you can win the top place in the Inner Disciple Hundred Strong Competition, I will return your physical body to you.”

“If you cannot take the top place, never dream about having a physical body again. You will be my slave for all eternity.”


The voice gradually faded away. Liu Shuanghan held his head with both hands and rolled about on the ground.

For many years, he had been like this, enduring pain that ordinary people would never be able to endure. All of this was due to a mysterious mark. The power of the mark instantly pulled out his spirit, using a godly art to refine and shape a fake body.

Ever since then, Liu Shuanghan had reincarnated as a slave to this marking. With absolute obedience, if he made the slightest mistake, he had to endure a pain like his brain was being hollowed out. The pain that felt like his soul was torn away made him want to end his life, yet no matter how he destroyed himself, it was useless.

He had no physical body, only a fake body constructed from his spirit.

Over the past few years, he searched hard through every corner of the Tianyun continent. Finally, he locked his sights on the evil fruit of immortality. He wanted to use the evil essence to recast a physical body, however, the unfortunate appearance of Qin Tian had lead to his failure in the end.

Having lost his one and only chance, Liu Shuanghan almost fell into despair.

Decades of hope had been shattered and the pain he felt had caused him to fall into insanity. At that time, he yearned to crush Qin Tian into dust.

Now, a glimmer of hope ignited in his heart. The top place in the Inner Disciple Hundred Strong Competition.

Although he did not know who engraved the mark in his mind sea and did not know if that person would follow through with his words, this was still his only hope.

No matter what, he had to try.

“ Inner Disciple Hundred Strong Competition?”

“Laozi must massacre, kill them all…”

A rumble sounded in the dark house as a flash of lightning broke through the sky, heavy rain pouring down……


At the same time.

In the Thousand Snake Valley, Wutian stood proudly in front of the tombstone. He was lost in thought for a long time until lightning struck through the night sky, startling him.

An ancient sounding voice rang out midair from the abyss.

The voice fell as a figure appeared midair in the abyss, emitting the power of a saint that surged forward like the waves of the sea.

Immediately, Wutian’s expression became respectful as he knelt down on one knee, “Father.”

There was a turmoil throughout the Thousand Snake Valley, every single creature bowed low on the ground. All the snakes paid respect.

This was the king of snakes, the mighty saint who had broken through the void thousands of years ago. The first saint of the Thousand Snake clan.

Wutian felt very agitated in his heart as he spoke while still kneeling on one knee, “ Father, the evil fruit of immortality…”

“I already know, there is no need for Tian’er to take the blame.” The figure was indifferent, feeling no anger regarding the treasure of the Thousand Snake clan. Wutian was his only child and even if he was angry, he would not show it. Instead, he said, “Tian’er, I came here this time to let you participate in the Inner Disciple Hundred Strong Competition. Furthermore, you must take first place.”

Wutian wrinkled his brow slightly and asked, “Father, is there something major about to happen?”

The figure sighed, “There is no need for you to know, you just need to take the first place. At that time, you will naturally know.”

“Yes, I understand.” Wutian did not ask any further, there was no need for him to know the details of his father’s instructions, he should just do as told. “Father, Liu Shuanghan from the Violent Sky Faction would definitely participate. I am afraid there may be some difficulty overcoming him with my strength.”

“Do not worry, I will use the law of immortality to help you break through to the Void Piercing realm. By then, he will no longer be a worthy opponent,” the figure smiled faintly.

Wutian was secretly delighted. Breaking through to the Void Piercing realm on top of having an Absolute physical body, winning against Liu Shuanghan will not be too difficult.

Suddenly, the figure emitted a tremendous momentum. An aura rose from the nether, transforming into a sharp sword that directly pierced into Wutian’s body.

Wutian felt an explosive power through his whole body and was exultant…


A storm was brewing, the tense atmosphere spreading.

These few days, Qin Tian cultivated almost solely inside the Glass Pagoda.

The Inner Disciple Hundred Strong Competition was his only chance to approach Long Xiaotian so he must not let the opportunity go to waste.

There were as many experts in Tianji Sect as there were clouds in the sky. For someone at rank three Ascension realm wanting to enter the top ten places, it was undoubtedly difficult.

There was no time to level up, the only thing that could be done now was constantly hone his abilities. As long as his abilities can improve, it could compensate for the lack of cultivation ranks.

However, it would still be a massive challenge if faced against an expert at the Rebirth realm or at the Void Piercing realm.

While he was cultivating, Little Demon, Mao Mao, Yao Kong, Yan Xin, and Yan Bing also cultivated inside the pagoda.

The most bizarre was Little Demon. After having absorbed the evil essence from the flower of immortality, his strength had grown leaps and bounds. At present, he had already reached the peak of the 1st revolution realm and his control of the arts was much improved.

“Rank 5 Berserk”

A glaring light shone in the second space of the pagoda, causing turbulence that scattered the surrounding mist.

Bright light shone from Qin Tian’s body, Berserk could now increase his attributes by 64 times. Feeling the power, the look in Qin Tian’s eyes was imposing as he felt the incredible power. He thought to himself, “Still not enough, still too weak. Need to cultivate more…”

“Rank 5 Berserk”

“Emperor’s Descend…”

“Godly dark arts…”

Continuously releasing, his skill proficiency wildly increased!

…………Eight days passed quickly.

Qin Tian transmitted a message into everyone’s mind sea in the Glass Pagoda, then walked out of the pagoda.

Before long, Yan Xin and Yang Bing came out, with eyes shining brightly after having further advanced their strength.

“Rebirth realm.” Qin Tian was secretly delighted, never expecting that in a mere few days, both of them could actually break through.

Both Yan Xin and Yan Bing’s cultivation had reached the Rebirth realm and their auras had undergone earth-shaking changes. When they saw Qin Tian, they both laughed at the same time as they ran up to him and spoke delicately, “Thank you, husband.”


Qin Tian laughed heartily.

“No wonder you could make an immortal tool in one night, turns out you possessed the Glass Pagoda, a half-god tool. Serves Zhou Wei right for actually offending my husband, hehe.” Yan Bing gently leaned against Qin Tian’s shoulder, revealing a delicate expression.

“Don’t tell anyone about the Glass Pagoda,” Qin Tian warned.

The Glass Pagoda was a half-god tool, however its abilities were almost heavenly compared to ordinary half-god tools. Having more than one cultivation space, it was a valuable treasure for any practitioner.

Refining the laws of space in such a half-god tool was extremely difficult. Without understanding the laws of space, a refining master need not even consider refining. Even Shen Yan who was a grandmaster refiner would not be able to refine.

The Glass Pagoda was extremely invaluable and was the pinnacle existence within auxiliary half-god tools.

They both nodded simultaneously. Having come into contact with it for a brief period of time, they were  unable to see through Qin Tian even more. The more that they understood, the more mysterious he became. Both of them had improved their cultivation, yet Qin Tian had not made any progress. It was as though he had not cultivated at all in these few days.

However, they had been directly told that Qin Tian’s transformation was huge, so huge that it was impossible for them to imagine.

“Alright, tomorrow is the Inner Disciple Hundred Strong Competition. In order to congratulate our good results beforehand, I’ve came to a decision to properly treat our stomachs.” Qin Tian smiled and let Mao Mao out.

“Henji, henji.”

Mao Mao revealed his fangs and brandished his claws, incredibly excited. He knew what Qin Tian planned to do and thinking of the fresh snake meat from the Thousand Snake Valley the other day, he could not stop drooling.

Reaching the outside of the house, Qin Tian asked Mao Mao to find a pile of dry wood and set up a stand to place the snake meat on.

“Last time, was it you who roasted snake meat in Thousand Snake Valley?” Yan Bing shrieked, immediately going over and pushing Qin Tian to the side. “Yeah,” Qin Tian lit the fire. It was not long before the flames rose high and the snake meat slowly roasted, sizzling.

“The reason why we entered deep into the Thousand Snake Valley last time was because we were attracted by this fragrance. We would not have guessed that it was you.” Yan Bing was very excited, moving close to Qin Tian’s ear to say, “My sister really wanted to eat it last time.”

Qin Tian gave a knowing smile, looking over at Yan Xin standing under the eaves of the house.

Yan Xin also smiled gently this time. This smile was really touching.

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“The iceberg has melted, haha…” Qin Tian smiled secretly.

After an hour, the aroma of the snake meat made them eager to swallow it into their stomachs.

Mao Mao’s eyes were fastened to the snake meat on the stand above the fire, his saliva pouring onto the ground.

“You’re such a foodie.” Qin Tian teased and immediately added some spices. The aroma of snake meat spread even further, attracting many onlookers. However, they all looked from afar and did not come close.

Their eyes were filled with envy.

Qin Tian’s group looked like a happy family.

However, within the crowd was a cold gaze aimed at them with an unstoppable and intense killing intent……

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