Chapter 171: Rob and Kill


Qin Tian is greedy, very greedy.

Among the 20,000 cores, there was no lack of rank 7 cores, and there was also a rank 9 core.

How could he let go of such huge wealth? Even death wouldn’t make him yield.

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If he was to let go of this good opportunity to make a fortune, he would not be Qin Tian anymore.

After the break through to the ascension realm, his demand for cores had increased. Also, his Dantian had been strengthened by the ascension force, and can now accommodate 10 cores to help him replenish his qigong.

In other words, a second is able to replenish 1000 qigong.

20,000 cores, how much qigong would they be able to replenish?

When he thought about it, his heart couldn’t help but feel excited and his blood boiled in excitement. How could he miss such good opportunity? Unless when he was young, his head was sandwiched in between the doors and was then kicked by a donkey.

“Brother Qin, do you really have to do this?”

“Why not discuss with patriarch?”

“Killing of demonic knights is a capital offense and it would lead to the extermination of the tribe.”

Luo Feng was cowering behind a large rock. He felt very nervous and his body could not stop shivering. He nervously looked at Qin Tian who was standing at the entrance as cold sweat formed on his forehead.

“I ask you, do you hate the demonic knights?”

“Hate, hate to the bones.”

“Good, I ask you again, do you want to become stronger?”

“I want, even in my dreams!”

Qin Tian gave a faint smile. He then heavily patted Luo Feng’s shoulder before saying in a serious tone, “That would be enough. Follow me and I will cover your meals. In less than a week, I will have you turn into a rank 10 fighter.”

“Rank 10 fighter?”

Luo Feng stared blankly at Qin Tian as he seemed like he did not believe it to be true. He was currently a rank 4 fighter and was the least valued. Previously, he felt feverish but went to guard the exit which resulted in him to be seriously injured and become a laughingstock. If he were to become a rank 10 fighter, who would dare to laugh at him?

Thinking till here, both his eyes were shining with spirit.

To cultivators, they always have the desire to become strong.

“Trust me.” Qin Tian chuckled. Suddenly, he frowned and his gaze changed to contain excitement, “They are here.”

“Boom, boom boom…”

18 demonic knights quickly arrived. Their thick armor exuded an evil aura and their gazes were dark and sinister, causing people to shudder.

On the main street, it was filled with yellow sand and dust was lingering in the air.

Demonic knights were Dark Ocean King Luo Hou’s emissaries and their strength wasn’t ordinary.

Seeing them, others had to retreat. For those who didn’t, only death awaits.

Hence, under normal circumstances, when the demonic knights appeared in the wild, there would not be any living creatures that would approach them.

However, now was different.

Before Qin Tian rushed out, his powerful ascension force had already viciously attacked. The immortal rank seven lore formation’s seven dark swords were suspended in the air. Under the influence of the ascension force, the destructive force of the seven lore formation had gone up by a shocking 3 folds.

The 18 demonic knights were startled and they fiercely roared.

However, Qin Tian sneered then took a step forward and directly flew up. He shouted, “Down!” The seven huge dark swords seemed as if slicing through the air, they directly hacked down.

“Bang, bang, bang…”

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Seven consecutive loud bang sounded and the seven demonic knights instantly turned into a pile of dust. A gust of wind swirled the yellow sand and the dust was also instantly scattered into the air.

“Congratulations on getting a drop of blood essence…”

“Congratulations on getting a drop of blood essence…”

A consecutive of seven system notifications and they were all about obtaining demonic blood essence. Qin Tian instantly understood that the demonic knights were all from the demon tribe and they could be the demon tribe which had disappeared a few 10,000 years ago.

“As expected, they are from the demon tribe.”

Qin Tian slowly landed and stood in the middle of the main street. He chuckled as he looked at a demonic knight.

“Who are you?”

The demonic knight was shocked and he solemnly asked. A sinister force was instantly released and his black eyes locked onto Qin Tian. The spear in his hand was making humming noises like it would anytime rush forward and kill.

“Who I am isn’t important. The fact that you’re from the demon tribe isn’t important too.” Without a trace of fear, Qin Tian laughed, “I am interested in the items within your spatial ring. Put it down if you want to live. I seek wealth, not lives.”


The leader of the demonic knights laughed in disdain, as if he was neither afraid nor shock at Qin Tian killing 7 of his companions in one move.

“Hehe!” Qin Tian laughed coldly too. His disdain disgusted Qin Tian. Suddenly, a cold smile appeared on Qin Tian’s face and a mass of darkness force gathered on his hand shot out.

Under the influence of his ascension force, it was extremely fast.

The darkness force was as sharp as a sword, piercing through the chest of one of the remaining demonic knights. He let out a piercing scream.

Immediately after, the hole grew. The amount of flesh it had decreased slowly. Soon, his entire chest was devoured.

The expression of the leader changed.

He waved his spear and the feeling he emitted changed. He stared coldly at Qin Tian, no longer able to laugh

“You’re courting death.”

4 demonic knights pressed their legs down and their mounts, the Blazing Rhinos, spurted out flames. They started charging, causing the seabed to tremble.

“Demonic mounts?”

“Mao Mao!” Qin Tian shouted and Mao Mao rushed out of his spatial ring, entering battle mode directly.

Mao Mao was no longer a rank six Blood Eye Lion, its strength was many times stronger than before.

Two huge wind gales were shot out.

A piercing ghost-like cry sounded as the wind gales flew at great speed above the seabed. It then looked towards the sky and roared.


Strands of faint light appeared from its roar, shocking Qin Tian. “Sound wave attack?”

“When did Mao Mao learn such a move?”

Mao Mao’s battle form shocked Qin Tian, every part of it had undergone a change. Its body radiated with golden light as if on its body was a golden armor.

“Did my break through to the ascension realm make it stronger?” Qin Tian wondered, “The pet system shouldn’t be like this right?”

Qin Tian could not understand how, in a short few days, it had undergone such huge changes.

Just how did it cultivate?

For its strength to increase by a few ranks, just what happened?


Suddenly, a cute and immature laughter was heard. Qin Tian’s heart tightened and he sent his conscious into his Dantian.

Not only did Mao Mao changed.

Even the Demon Baby had undergone a change too.

On him was a blood red armor. His body was filled with power. At this moment, he was rocking back and fro in laughter. He was obviously delighted.

Qin Tian immediately opened his system to check the Demon Baby’s attributes. Seeing a series of words, he became excited.

Demon Baby: 1st revolution realm
Rank: 15
Hp: 170,000
Skills: Great Art of Control
Note: At 1st revolution realm, he can exit player’s body and attack

……level upped?

And revolution realm increased! [TLN: I will be using ‘revolution’ for now]

Demon Baby now looks like a 3 to 4-year-old kid, with a hp of 170,000. However, what excited Qin Tian the most was ‘At 1st revolution realm, he can exit player’s body and attack’. This means the Demon Baby can finally leave his Dantian!

“Little demon, Mao Mao becoming stronger, was it your doing?” Qin Tian suppressed his excitement and asked sternly.

“Mao Mao’s too weak. If I don’t change it a bit, how can it play with me in the future?” The little demon pouted. “I’m very strong, hehe……”

“How strong?”

“At any rate not weaker than you.” The little demon laughed mischievously

Qin Tian was secretly startled. Demon Baby’s growth was just too fast. However, having him means having another helper. He can be considered a trump card.


Huge crates could be seen around. In half a minute, 4 demonic knights went up one after another, only to turn into piles of flesh. Mao Mao shook its golden fur and stared at the remaining with its red eyes. It then roared, as if it was showing its dominance as it threatened.

“Mao Mao, return.”

“I’ll give you another chance. Give me that spatial ring and Laozi will spare you.”

“Who are you?” The leader of the demonic knights finally felt fear. He stared at Qin Tian, emitting a chilling aura, “Since you know we are from the demon tribe, get out of here. You can’t bear the consequence of offending us.”

All of a sudden, baleful force was released into the surroundings.

“Baleful force?”

Qin Tian laughed and shake his head, “I’ve given you two chances, yet you don’t know how to cherish them. A person like you will never know how you enter hell.”

“Since you’re a demon, Laozi shall let you see what is a demon.”

Qin Tian laughed sinisterly, “Demon mode……”

‘Gege, Ci la la…….’

In less than half a breath time, Qin Tian’s body undergone a huge transformation. His body turned red and a horn grew from his forehead. His body emitted an extremely powerful baleful force.

“Sir Heavenly Demon?!”

The demonic knights retreated, trembling greatly. The black eyes of theirs were filled with fear.

“How could this happen?”


“At the ancient great war, the heavenly demon fell, so how could one appear?”

The red hand of his clenched as his mouth opened and softly breath out. A red mist, with a pungent smell o blood, was breathed out. “Haha……”

The above was covered with red light as if it was stained with blood.

Heavenly Demon, the demon of slaughter.

The red light shrank into strands of red light, descending with a great destructive force.


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