Chapter 132: National Exam

Even though it was already past nine am, there was a grace period of 15 minutes for the national exam. Therefore, Cheng Yu’s luck was quite good as when he arrived, the grace period had almost ended.

When Yao Na saw that he had gone into the exam venue smoothly, she finally loosened up. Ever since she knew of Cheng Yu’s disappearance, Yao Na didn’t have good sleep.

Even for those who were extremely close to Cheng Yu, they shouldn’t have been able to sleep for the past few days.

The first subject was language. After having experienced two mock tests, Cheng Yu was easily able to enter the state of mind needed for the exam. However, with Cheng Yu’s identity as a cultivator, even if it was his first time sitting for the exam, he would still be able to achieve the state of mind easily.

When Cheng Yu received the questions, he quickly skimmed the questions to gain a rough understanding, then he started to answer them. With Cheng Yu’s ability, solving these questions was not a problem.

However, Cheng Yu was not anxious. He released his spiritual sense. As Cheng Yu had a cultivation of Foundation Establishment Realm late stage, his spiritual sense was able to cover the whole school, needless to say the small exam venue.

Cheng Yu very easily found the spot Lin Yuhan and Fatty were sitting at. After disappearing for three days, he believed that they should have been worried about him. So, he transmitted his voice to Lin Yuhan first, ”Hanhan, I’m back at the exam venue. You don’t need to worry about me, but concentrate on the exam.”

For the past two days, Lin Yuhan had always been absent-minded. Cheng Yu suddenly disappeared, and he did not even leave behind a note for her. Even after she tried to inquire about him from Teacher Yao, she was still not able to get any news of Cheng Yu. This caused Lin Yuhan to be extremely sad.

Lin Yuhan had known Cheng Yu for around two years, but the time Cheng Yu had truly become friends with her was only about three months ago. From ignoring him to slowly falling in love with Cheng Yu, Lin Yuhan felt that she was very fortunate to have a person caring for her and was slowly obtaining the need to care for another.

She had already started fantasizing the days she was going to attend university with him. After graduation, they would get married and give birth to children. That was the dream of a blissful life Lin Yuhan had. However, when it was the most crucial period before the national exam, Cheng Yu actually went missing without any reason!

Lin Yuhan did not know if an accident had happened to Cheng Yu or if he was held up by some other stuff. It was also because Cheng Yu did not leave behind anything that this caused her to be extremely worried. Lin Yuhan was afraid that Cheng Yu would not return forever. Today was the day for the national exam, and she inside the examination hall for more than 10 minutes, yet all she could think of was Cheng Yu. She could not settle down to focus on the exam.

While Lin Yuhan was still panicking, suddenly, Cheng Yu’s voice came beside her ear, giving Lin Yuhan a scare. She almost cried out. Luckily, she restrained herself in the nick of time. But when she turned around and looked at her surroundings, she did not even see the reflection of Cheng Yu, so she felt that she just a hallucinated.

“Don’t be surprised. I am transmitting my voice to you right now. Others won’t be able to hear me. Just focus on your exam. Remember our bet, and let’s get into Yunhai University together!” Even though Cheng Yu was seated at the exam hall and not able to see Lin Yuhan’s expression distinctly, he was able to understand her. So, he transmitted his voice again to be careful.

Lin Yuhan was an extremely strong-minded girl. Furthermore, she had placed an extreme importance to this exam. Cheng Yu did not wish to affect Lin Yuhan showcasing her abilities because of his issues.

After he had settled Lin Yuhan, he aimed to calm Fatty Qian. This fellow had been restless for the past few days. His miraculous boss had suddenly gone missing. This caused him to feel puzzled.

Fatty Qian had seen how powerful Cheng Yu was. Naturally, he was not afraid of Cheng Yu’s plight. Besides, he did not know that Cheng Yu was actually in conflict with such a strong opponent. Therefore, the only thing he could not understand at the moment was why his boss suddenly disappeared.

Looking at the exam in front of him, Fatty sighed. If only boss was around, he would definitely be able to get into Yunhai University with him. Now, he could only rely on himself to get in.

Even though Cheng Yu had given him the Soul Pill to increase his memorizing capacity, his comprehending abilities were not something that could be compared to Cheng Yu. Therefore, even though he had managed to memorize all of the information, if he wanted to use it freely, it was still impossible for Fatty.

Fatty Qian believed that if he wished to enroll in any other university, it shouldn’t be a problem to him. But if he wished to get into Yunhai University, a top grade university, it was not something achievable for him.

Even though he was still puzzled, Fatty Qian still chose to calm himself down and started to answer the questions slowly.

“Fatty! Your boss is back! Now, follow me to answer the questions together,” Just as Fatty decided to prepare himself to take a gamble on this, to his surprise, he heard Cheng Yu’s voice. Immediately, he was elated. However, after remembering Cheng Yu’s reminder, even though he was surprised, he did not attract any proctors’ attention.

Cheng Yu led Fatty along as they solved the questions together. The national exam had always treated cheating very severely. Basically, any electronic devices could not escape from their metal detectors. However, no matter how foolproof they thought their methods were, they would never expect that there was actually such a miraculous way of cheating in this world.

With Cheng Yu transmitting the answers, Fatty answered the questions with a quick pace. However, Cheng Yu would occasionally change his answers. When it came to subjective questions, Cheng Yu only explained them to Fatty and asked Fatty to answer it according to what he felt. If their subjective answers were exactly the same, even if the proctors did not manage to catch them cheating, the markers would also suspect them of cheating.

After coming out of the exam hall, Lin Yuhan and Fatty found Cheng Yu. However, they both felt a different kind of happiness. For Lin Yuhan, when she saw that Cheng Yu was finally back, her heart finally felt free from anxiety.

As for Fatty, he was overly excited. Having been a student for more than 10 years and going through numerous exams, this was the first time he actually cheated so mystically. How could he not be excited?

“Boss, you are too awesome! You are simply as if a god descended from the heavens!” After Fatty found Cheng Yu, he laughed heartily.

“It’s just something trifling. Alright let’s not speak anymore and have our lunch. Xiao Hanhan, for the past two days, have you been worried about me?” Cheng Yu ignored the jealous look from others as he held onto Lin Yuhan’s hand and walked out of the school.

“Hmph! Who is worried about you? Where exactly have you been for the past few days?!” Lin Yuhan allowed Cheng Yu to hold on to her hand. Even though she was a little embarrassed, her heart was feeling very sweet at that moment.

“Haha! Nothing much. I went out to handle some matters and returned a bit late. That’s all,” Cheng Yu did not wish to tell Lin Yuhan that he had been injured. Otherwise, she would definitely be worried.

Lin Yuhan and Fatty no longer asked him questions as they felt that as long as Cheng Yu was back nothing else mattered. Cheng Yu also called Yao Na to join them outside to have lunch together.

When Cheng Yu saw that these people around him show so much concern for him, his heart felt warmth. At the same time, he thought of the others who were close to him as well should also be worried. So, after the meal, Cheng Yu immediately reported to them that he was safe and sound.

After getting the news of Cheng Yu returning to Yunhai safe and sound, everyone finally felt that the boulder that in their hearts had finally disappeared. The afternoon test was math. With Cheng Yu’s help, Fatty did not face any stress while solving the questions.

After the exam, Cheng Yu did not return to his villa. At that time, when he was battling with Kunlun, the villa was already almost destroyed. For it not to topple over should already be counted as something fortunate.

However, the efficiency of Qin Canghai and the others handling this matter was quite alarming. Before Cheng Yu even returned, they had already gotten someone to start reconstructing the villa.

Cheng Yu drove back to his aunt’s place. Because he reported that he was safe and sound, he had gotten the news that his mother had come to Yunhai once again. The feelings he had towards this convenient mother were quite intricate. Cheng Yu’s body was the child of this mother, but his soul was not. However, previously he had interacted with this convenient mother for a while. It could also be counted as Cheng Yu admitting his duties as her child.

Returning to his aunt’s place, he once again saw his mother. Cheng Yu felt that his heart was very satisfied. These feelings were unable to be put into words. Perhaps, this was a form of happiness.

The two days for the national exam passed by in a flash. The student’s faces were displaying different expressions. Some were excited, satisfied, disappointed or depressed. No matter what, the national exam was the first checkpoint in their lives. They had completed the first phase of their lives.

After the national exam ended, all their school mates who had been with them for so many years would have to go their own ways. Therefore, that night, all the classes would prepare a last gathering as a farewell party. Originally, Cheng Yu did not wish to participate in this activity. However, when he saw that the students were all so interested in it and even Lin Yuhan and Yao Na also wished to participate, naturally he would not be able to reject them.

Supposedly, the mass gathering for students would be held at a restaurant. However, all the schools’ graduating classes had already graduated, so most of the restaurants were already fully booked. After all, every one of them was still a student, the gathering was just a social event. How could they afford to fork out so much money for it? They could only choose a restaurant to have their last social gathering.

However, Cheng Yu did not think of it as such. Since it’s a gathering, they should at least organize it at a good location. Cheng Yu looked at the Haitian Hotel in front of him. He intended to bring everyone there instead.

Haitian Hotel was the only five star hotel close to Yunhai High School. When they saw Cheng Yu had actually brought them to such a high class location, the students felt a little guilty. With so many people going to eat at the five star hotel, it would definitely cost at least a few grand. Then, how much would a single person cost? However, everyone had already entered. It was not nice for them to leave after entering. They could only thicken their skin and follow the crowd.

Yao Na was able to pinpoint the problem. She knew that these students were worried that they were unable to pay. However, Yao Na knew that Cheng Yu was extremely magnanimous and would definitely not bother to ask for money. But she knew it was not nice to just let Cheng Yu pay without giving him some credits. So, she asked, ”Cheng Yu, we are afraid that we are unable to fork out so much money to pay for this kind of place.”

Cheng Yu looked at the students behind him and noticed that all of them were showing signs of awkwardness. He laughed and said to everyone, ”Today will be my treat. Everyone can just enjoy themselves.”

When they heard that Cheng Yu was going to treat, everyone immediately widened their eyes with happiness. It’s not that these students were petty and narrow-minded. This was an opportunity to enjoy a meal in a five star hotel. This was a luxury not normally afforded by students.

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Of course, Cheng Yu would never bother about all this. He had always not shown any concern for wealth. Furthermore, he was not lacking money, so he would care even less.

There were around 45 people. Eight people a table would at most require six tables. In Cheng Yu’s class, no one was extraordinarily rich. He believed that there was hardly anyone who had eaten in the five star hotel before. However, their class was not one that was able to enjoy a meal in such a luxurious five star hotel. Yunhai High School was the most prestigious high school in Yunhai. In the school, there were lots of very rich children studying.

It just so happened that when they all were just seated, Cheng Yu saw Jiang Ming. Jiang Ming also brought his classmates over to enjoy a meal. Jiang Ming did not pay any attention to them as he was discussing something with the manager of the hotel and everyone was able to tell that the hotel manager was extremely polite to him. Jiang Ming was probably a frequent customer here, and the hotel manager would also know about his family’s background.

“Young Master Jiang is so magnanimous to have actually invited all your classmates to such a luxurious place,” Just as Jiang Ming had arranged everything with the hotel manager for his classmate, he heard a familiar voice from not so far. Jiang Ming turned around, and he was immediately speechless.

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