Chapter 131: Alarmed!

Even though the death of Kunlun Sect Master and the other elders was sealed off internally, this news was still spreading like a wildfire.

“Are you sure that this news is true?” An old man heard the news from his subordinate as he asked surprisingly.

“Elder Wuming, this is absolutely true. This news was from the spy we have in Kunlun. The Kunlun Sect Master and a few of the other elders have died,” A young man kneeling down on the floor said respectfully.

The person sitting in front was the secular Tianshan Sect’s deacon, Elder Tian Wuming. He was in charge of distributing all the strength of the Tianshan Sect in the Secular World. In the sect, his position was very high.

“Do you know how did they died?” After his surprise wore off, Tian Wuming asked once again.

“As for the details, we were unable to find them out. However, I heard that a few days ago, they went out to handle something. In the end, all of them returned dead. The current Kunlun is now being managed by the other four elders.”

“Descending the mountains to handle something? What could have happened to create the need to send out such a powerful lineup to handle something? And who was the one who killed them? The worst was a Foundation Establishment Realm middle stage expert and the Kunlun Sect Master Xuan had already reached the pinnacle of Foundation Establishment Realm late stage, so how could they possibly be killed so easily?” Tian Wuming was shocked and puzzled at the same time.

Although Sect Master Xuan was only the Sect Master of the secular Kunlun, his position and identity were still considered supreme. No matter how big an accident, very seldom would the Sect Master personally handle it.

Let’s take the Tianshan Sect as an example. Basically, everything that happened in the Secular World would only be handled by Elder Tian Wuming and very rarely would there be anything that couldn’t be solved when passed on to him.

If it was in the Cultivation World, it was possible they met some stronger cultivator. But in the Secular World, no matter how powerful a person was, at most it would be that his martial arts foundation was extremely stable, but compared to the cultivators was like comparing a human to an ant. There was no threat.

However, now that Kunlun Sent out their strongest Foundation Establishment Realm lineup and they all returned dead, Tian Wuming couldn’t help attaching importance to this matter.

Tianshan Sect, Kunlun Sect and Shushan Sect came to the Secular World to obtain natural resources. As competitors, they naturally do not wish the other sects to grow stronger than them. Therefore, the sects would always try to compete with each other in order to send more natural resources back to their sect. Even though the three big sects were always competing with each other, they were still unable to do anything to each other.

Now that such a big incident had happened to Kunlun, it might be because another powerful sect decided to show up. If it was like that, they would have to pay extra attention on this. If they were only intending to take out Kunlun, that would be the best. But if they were intending to deal with all the sects in the Secular World, this would be a big problem to the three big sects.

“Send someone to bring back all the news related to this. Ask them to monitor the other sects if they are making any movements. In addition, send someone to start pressuring some of the Kunlun subsidiaries,” Tian Wuming asked the man kneeling down to convey his orders.

This was a seldom an opportunity for them. No matter what exactly happened to Kunlun, there was someone who actually solved the problem for them now. Of course they would have to hit Kunlun while it was down and start occupying their properties.

However, Tian Wuming felt that to be able to kill Xuan, the person must be someone from the Cultivation World. Otherwise, with his dozens of years of understanding of the Secular World, there was no one who had the ability to kill Xuan and the group of elders.

The news was not only spread to Tianshan Sect, even Shushan Sect had also gotten the news. Similarly, they sent the information back to their sect.

Although the three big secular sects were competing with each other endlessly, even after so many years of competition, they were all still evenly matched. None of them dared to make a move on the others as they were afraid the other side would obtain benefits while they were doing so.


Cultivation World Kunlun

“Trash! Why did you not report such a big incident to the sect earlier?!” A middle-aged man sat at the front while he looked at the kneeling Secular World Great Elder, Ku Shou. When he heard the news just now, he became angered. This person was the Cultivation World’s Kunlun Sect Master, Yuan Yangzi.

Two pinnacle Foundation Establishment Realm ate stage and another five in middle stage were actually unable to kill a kid who had recently just broke through to Foundation Establishment Realm late stage and the kid even managed to behead six of them. What was more hateful was that the Sect Master was also killed in the process. If this were to be spread out, how were kunlun going to show their faces in the Cultivation World?

“Sect Master, that person said that he was from Limitless Palace. Thus, we did not wish for his circumstances to be leaked out. Therefore we sent a huge lineup to deal with him. But we didn’t expect that the kid was so valiant,” Ku Shou’s position was very prestigious in the Secular World, but in the Cultivation World Kunlun, he was just a small Foundation Establishment Realm cultivator. That was only equivalent to an inner disciple. Facing the Sect Master’s wrath, Ku Shou was trembling with fear.

“Hmph! For the time being, do not bother yourself with this incident. I will investigate it thoroughly. Bring two Foundation Establishment Realm late stage back to the Secular World to stabilize Kunlun first. I believe that Tianshan and Shushan Sects should have already gotten this news. You must preserve all our properties in the Secular World. If you can’t handle this properly, you will no longer have the need to come back.”

Yuan Yangzi wished he could kill Ku Shou right now. However, when he saw that Ku Shou was in the Foundation Establishment Realm late stage, he restrained himself.

“Thank you, Sect Master! Thank you, Sect master! I will definitely handle this matter well,” When he got the Sect Master’s amnesty, Ku Shou was happy. He was truly afraid that Yuan Yangzi would kill him. Ku Shou quickly accepted the orders and departed from the main hall.

“Cheng Yu, Limitless Palace. Hmph! Unexpectedly you people have finally felt bored after having hidden yourself from the world for so long. You actually sneakily infiltrated into the Secular World. Do you really think that Kunlun will be afraid of you?” Yuan Yangzi stood at the top of the main hall and frowned. His heart ruthlessly pounded.


After a few days later, a lot of sects in the Cultivation World found out that the Secular Kunlun forces had been eliminated by more than half. Most of them were mocking Kunlun surreptitiously.

Just because Kunlun had strong influence, they established themselves in the Secular World with strong forces in order to accumulate a huge quantity of natural resources. This caused a lot of other sects to be unhappy. Now, Kunlun’s forces had actually been destroyed in the Secular World. This was naturally a delightful incident for them.

Even though the Limitless Palace had concealed themselves for thousands of years, it did not mean that they totally ignored everything happening outside. They still had people paying attention to all matters from the Cultivation World and Secular World.

Though this incident was extremely secretive, the Limitless Palace were still able to find out some details about it.

“Sect Master, I heard that there was someone in the Secular World that used our name to attack Kunlun. Do we need to declare our stand on this to the outside world?” A white bearded old man asked another old man who was seated at the seat of honor.

“There is no need for that. In the recent years, Kunlun has been getting more and more powerful in the Cultivation World. Their ambition is to unify the whole Cultivation World. At least they will realize that the Cultivation World still has us old hags, so they will not be able to unify the whole Cultivation World so easily,” The old man seated at the seat of honor was the Sect Master of Limitless Palace, Xu Wuzi. His cultivation was extremely deep and profound. Even his Junior Brother, the white bearded old man, Xu Mingzi, was not able to see through it.

“Right. However, I am curious who this person that so courageously used our name to intimidate others outside. And he was actually able to kill so many Foundation Establishment Realm cultivators. Could he be a Golden Core Realm from a younger generation?” The white bearded old man drank the tea in his hand as he asked curiously.

“Haha! We long retired from the Cultivation World hundreds of years ago. Presumably, this person should also be someone from the Cultivation World. However, the majority of the Golden Core Realm cultivator have already been attracted to a lot of the other sects and there are hardly any left sectless. These people are even more unlikely to head over to the Secular World that has such sparse spiritual Qi. However, there are also some cultivators who like to roam the world. It seems like we have to send someone to the Secular World to take a look.”


Three days later.

It was neither a long nor short time period. Cheng Yu’s disappearance had caused people in Yunhai to be extremely anxious. Currently, those that had some relations with Cheng Yu had basically been searching everywhere for Cheng Yu’s whereabouts. However, there was no one who had managed to find any news about him.

At the bottom of the steep cliff.

Cheng Yu stretched his body as he had already fully recovered. The Spiritual Origin Tree with its incomparable rich amount of spiritual Qi was located here. This was simply a paradise made for cultivation. If it was not because of the tree, with the grave injuries Cheng Yu had sustained, he would definitely not be able to recover fully within three days.

For the past few days, Cheng Yu had been sitting at the bottom of the Spiritual Origin Tree silently to heal his wounds and the Flood Dragon would occasionally come out to revolve around Cheng Yu.

When it saw Cheng Yu had woken up, the flood dragon that was lying nearby immediately ran into the pool.

“Hehe! Xiao Jiao, thank you!” When Cheng Yu saw the flood dragon had run away, Cheng Yu did not bother it as Cheng Yu did not want to hurt it anyway.

Frankly speaking, Cheng Yu was really thankful to this flood dragon. If at that time, the flood dragon decided not to give him any face, the injured Cheng Yu would not be able to even resist a move from the flood dragon.

Even though he wished to continue to chat with the flood dragon, Cheng Yu knew that he had something more important that he needed to handle. Three days had already passed, and today was the first day of the national exam. It was impossible for him to miss it. Thus, he did not continue to remain here as he used his flying sword and flew towards Yunhai City.

Of course, this place was deep inside the mountains, so Cheng Yu was not afraid that someone else would see him. After exiting the mountains, Cheng Yu sped towards a place that had transport as he took it and went straight to his school.

Today was the day of national exam and traffic was jammed very badly. Luckily, Cheng Yu had exited the mountain early and was able to make it to school by nine am.

However, Cheng Yu did not have his student id or the exam admission ticket. He was stopped by the security guard by the gate, not allowed to enter. Just as Cheng Yu was intending to force himself in, he saw Yao Na running over.

“Cheng Yu, where have you been for the past few days?!” Yao Na was extremely worried about Cheng Yu when she was not able to contact him for the past few days. As the days of national exam drew near, she still did not have any news of Cheng Yu. She had no idea what should she do.

Even though she had no idea if Cheng Yu would be attending the national exam, she still went to prepare his exam admission ticket and the necessary equipment needed for the exam early in the morning as she kept watch at the school gate. However, she waited for him inside the school and not outside as outside was filled with parents who were sending their children to the exam center, and she was worried that she would miss Cheng Yu.

Cheng Yu’s sudden appearance made Yao Na extremely elated. Momentarily, she was not able to control herself as her eyes grew red. However, with so many people present at the scene, she still restrained herself.

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“Haha! A small accident happened. However, it should be fine. Quickly give me the things. The national exam is going to start soon!”

Yao Na immediately reacted when she heard Cheng Yu’s words. She no longer questioned him as she took out Cheng Yu’s exam admission ticket to allow him to enter. After that, she hastily brought him to the exam room.

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