Chapter 130: Post-Battle

Cheng Yu concentrated on healing his injuries and restoring his strength at the bottom of the cliff. This time, even though Kunlun had incurred heavy losses in this attack, for the Great Elder to have escaped will bring Cheng Yu another potential threat in the near future.

Basically, the current Secular World Kunlun no longer had anyone that would be able to threaten him. But since such a big event had happened, the Great Elder will definitely request help from the Cultivation World Kunlun. When the time came, the opponent Cheng Yu might need to face will probably be in the Golden Core Realm.

With Cheng Yu’s current strength, even though he was able to simply keep a Foundation Establishment Realm expert at bay easily, if he were to be in front of a Golden Core Realm expert, he would be like an ant. Therefore, Cheng Yu had no choice but to step up on promoting his cultivation.

While Cheng Yu was concentrating on recovering, Yunhai City was turned into a chaotic mess, especially Cheng Meiyan. When she found out that she was not able to locate Cheng Yu, she became extremely anxious.

Cheng Yu was their family’s only son. In the past, even though his discipline was very bad, the people in the family still continued to pampered him. But now that he had changed, he was absolutely a good genius their family wished to nurture.

This time, if something were to happen to Cheng Yu, the Cheng Family would definitely not accept it. Fortunately, Cheng Meiyan did not spread the news to the Cheng Family in the capital. Otherwise, with her sister’s personality, if she were to know her son’s whereabouts were unknown, Cheng Meiyan did not dare to think what her sister would do.

That night, Cheng Meiyan accompanied Zhao Minglong to Cheng Yu’s villa and looked at the disastrous scene. Both of them were scared sh*tless. Such serious damage! If Cheng Yu were to really suffer a terrorist attack, it would be impossible for him to be alive!

After that, Cheng Meiyan continued to call Cheng Yu’s number. Previously, the call went through, but no one picked up. However, the situation was no longer the same! The call no longer got through! How could they not be worried?! When she thought of her brother and sister-in-law in the capital, Cheng Meiyan had no idea what she should do or how she was going to convey this news to them.

The police had no idea what happened in this great battle between Cheng Yu and Kunlun. However, this kind of incident was still covered up. Other than the nearby villas who thought that there was a terrorist attack, no one else knew such an incident had actually happened.

This incident was confidential. Some of those who had influence and those close to Cheng Yu were still able to receive some news about this.

The first to know of this was the Blood Wolf Gang. Although the current Blood Wolf Gang may seem like the Qin Canghai trio were still the bosses, every member knew that the actual boss was Cheng Yu. And in their heart, Cheng Yu was a true deity who had taught them how to cultivate. Naturally, they would show extreme concern when it came to Cheng Yu’s whereabouts.

When they heard that Cheng Yu had gone missing, the Qin Canghai trio turned pale with fright. Today, Cheng Yu could be said to be the trio’s master. With Cheng Yu’s abilities, for him to go missing after a battle, how could they not be worried? They quickly ordered all their members to search every corner to find Cheng Yu.

After that, it was Lan Ya, Yang Ruoxue and Han Xue. As Lan Ya and Yang Ruoxue were rich and powerful in Yunhai. Now that something had happened to Cheng Yu, they naturally received news about it. As for Han Xue, as she was in the police, when such a thing happened, she naturally learned about such news.

When the three of them knew, they quickly went to Cheng Yu’s villa. Basically, they already knew of Cheng Yu’s identity. When they heard this news, they knew that Cheng Yu had definitely met a tough opponent this time. If something were to happen to him, it was not something that could be solved by mortals, so all three of them were extremely worried.

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Among the three of them, Lan Ya was the most anxious one. In the whole of Yunhai, the only existence that could threaten Cheng Yu would be Kunlun. As for why Cheng Yu had gotten into conflict with Kunlun was also all because of her. When she saw the aftermath of Cheng Yu’s villa, Lan Ya naturally thought of it being done by Kunlun. When she thought of how the opponent had dispatched even stronger immortals to deal with Cheng Yu, Lan Ya’s complexion turned white.

On the other side, Yao Na, Lin Yuhan and Fatty were also extremely worried. Cheng Yu had never once brought them over to his new villa, and they did not know much about Cheng Yu’s background. Now, there were still two days left before the national exam, and Cheng Yu was nowhere to be seen!

They took out their phone, but no matter how much they called, the call did not go through. This caused them to get even more worried as they did not know what to do.

Luckily, Yao Na was Cheng Yu’s homeroom teacher. She quickly took out Cheng Yu’s enrollment information and found his address. However, when she reached Cheng Yu aunt’s place, what she got was the news that Cheng Yu went missing. Furthermore, from their expression, she knew that something bad had happened to Cheng Yu. This caused Yao Na to be even more anxious.

After having experienced so many things between them, Yao Na’s heart had long developed feelings towards Cheng Yu. Now that something had happened to Cheng Yu, how could she not be anxious? However, she was only an ordinary teacher. Other than worrying, there was nothing else she could do.


While the friends and family were still worrying about Cheng Yu, inside Kunlun’s Discussion Hall, there were six corpses on the floor. They were the bodies of Sect Master Xuan and the other five elders.

This time, Kunlun had dispatched their strongest lineup. Yet, the only person who managed to survive was the Great Elder. Other than that, there were only Foundation Establishment Realm initial stage elders left in Kunlun.

When they saw the corpse of the Sect Master and the elders, the four elders who stayed in the sect were shocked. Originally, while they were discussing how to deal with Cheng Yu, all the elders were around. They thought that with such a powerful lineup, they should be able to kill Cheng Yu easily. However, to their surprise, the only one who managed to make it back was the Great Elder and the rest were just corpses! How could they possibly accept this fact?!

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All of them had been in Kunlun since they were young. Now that their Secular World Sect Master was dead, didn’t this mean that their Secular World sect would also disappear from existence?

The sect that came over to the Secular World was not only Kunlun Sect. There were also Shushan Sect and Tianshan Sect. The three sects would often spy on each other movements and their strife was endless. Now, if the other two sects were to know that Kunlun’s forces had already been eliminated by others, then wouldn’t the years of effort they took to establish themselves be snatched away by the other two sects?

Secular Kunlun’s natural resources for cultivation were all from the Secular World. Furthermore, the majority of it had to be given to the Cultivation World Kunlun. If this were to be swallowed up by the other two sects, how were they going to explain it to the Cultivation World Kunlun?

When they thought of the huge losses and the fury they had to face from the Cultivation World Kunlun, they couldn’t help shivering. They had no idea what to do.

“Great Elder, why was it like this? Wasn’t the opponent just a Foundation Establishment Realm late stage expert? Could it be that he had a lot of helpers to assist him?” When they saw the corpses on the floor, one of the elders broke the silence.

“Hmph! The opponent was only Cheng Yu,” Even though this was very shameful, there was nothing for the Great Elder to conceal. Since such a big incident had happened, even if he wished to conceal it, he wouldn’t be able to.

“What?! Isn’t he just at the late stage of Foundation Establishment Realm? Why would the situation become like that?!” They were shocked. Previously, when they sent two elders to probe him, Cheng Yu was just a Foundation Establishment Realm late stage expert. But for him to be able to kill so many of them, this was simply too inconceivable!

“The opponent was a Foundation Establishment Realm late stage cultivator. However, his strength was immeasurable. If it was not because we managed to injure him first, I am afraid that I would not be able to make it back either.” They had such a strong lineup of cultivators, but all of them were still injured by a Foundation Establishment Realm late stage expert. This was the most shameful thing they had ever experienced in their lives.

“A Foundation Establishment Realm late stage was actually so strong? Even Sect Master was…” After getting the confirmation from the Great Elder, the other elders were once again astonished.

They all knew of how formidable the Sect Master and Great Elder were, and they had already reached the pinnacle of Foundation Establishment Realm late stage. Anytime, they would be able to form their core to breakthrough to the Golden Core Realm. However, a 20-year old Foundation Establishment Realm late stage expert was actually able to kill off so many of their experts. This was truly too overwhelming.

“Great Elder, then that kid should have died very badly right?” From the way they saw it, since they had already paid such a high price, their opponent should have also died while doing so.

“Aish! He managed to escape,” Great Elder recalled to when Cheng Yu had managed to escape, and traces of ruthlessness flashed through his eyes. If the police hadn’t arrived, Cheng Yu would have definitely died in his hands. However, the Great Elder could not possibly leave the Sect Master and the elders’ bodies for the police to inspect, so he had no other choice.

Even though the Great Elder had used his flying sword to pierce Cheng Yu’s body, the Great Elder had a hunch that Cheng Yu did not die.

With just a Foundation Establishment Realm late stage cultivation, he was able to face two Foundation Establishment Realm late stage and five in the middle stage, he was unexpectedly able to kill six of them. This kind of strength caused them to be worried. If he did not die this time, Kunlun might have to face a true calamity in the future.

“What?! The kid actually didn’t die?!” The four elders were surprised. Facing such a strong lineup and still able to escape, this man was too intimidating! If he were to continue maturing, how could our Kunlun possibly have any peaceful days in the future?

“Great Elder. Now that such a thing happened to Kunlun and even our Sect Master also died. How are we supposed to report this to the Cultivation World Kunlun?” Although they were surprised by Cheng Yu’s strength, there was a more immediate problem they were facing right now. This was a problem that they were extremely worried about.

There was no eternal friendship with the Cultivation World sect. The Cultivation World sect only cared for the benefits. No matter if it was in the Cultivation World or the Secular World, every sect would only cooperate with each other because of interests. Once the news of the Sect Master’s death circulated, the consequences would be unimaginable. The secular Kunlun might face all manners of attacks in every direction.

Furthermore, since such a big incident had happened, they must definitely report it to their higher-ups. Without a Sect Master in the secular Kunlun, and the loss of its property, the losses Kunlun would need to bear would only grow bigger.

“Even though this incident was very grave, we must still report it to the higher-ups. Furthermore, we will need their support. I will personally make a trip down to the Cultivation World. However, I must recover from my injuries first. For the upcoming period of time, all matters in Kunlun will be handled by you. Everything will have to wait until I am back from the Cultivation World before we continue to discuss it.”

This time, the losses Kunlun had caused a grave conclusion. The Great Elder knew that the moment he reported this to the higher-ups, they would definitely punish him. However, this was not something he could just cover up. The hate he had for Cheng Yu grew even more.

Remembering that Cheng Yu still had the Limitless Palace as his backing, the Great Elder believed that they could only request the Cultivation World Kunlun for help in order to resolve this incident.

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