Chapter 129: Healing Wounds

When Wei Cheng saw how terrifying the scene was, he immediately called his superiors to report to them.

It was already almost midnight and Zhao Minglong had long fallen into deep sleep. However, his phone suddenly rang. He picked up the phone in a daze. The phone call was from the municipal police Bureau Chief, Yuan Hai. He immediately told Zhao Minglong about the “Terrorizing Incident.” When Zhao Minglong heard the location of the incident, he was stunned. He immediately stood up and started changing his clothes.

Even though Cheng Yu had moved out and was staying alone outside, Zhao Minglong and the others knew his new address. Otherwise, Cheng Meiyan would not have agreed to allow Cheng Yu to move out.

Now that Zhao Minglong heard that Cheng Yu’s house had suffered a terrorist attack, this was extremely bad. Cheng Yu was the Cheng Family treasure and the only son of the Cheng Family’s third generation. If he faced any mishaps in Yunhai, Zhao Minglong as a son-in-law would definitely suffer.

“What happened? Why are you in such a rush?” When Cheng Meiyan saw her husband was rushing out to handle some matters, she asked in a daze.

“Something has happened to Xiao Yu,” Originally, Zhao Minglong did not wish to tell his wife. But he knew that Cheng Meiyan was always very concerned about her nephew. He considered for a moment before telling the news to her.

“What! Something happened to Xiao Yu? What happened to him?!” Cheng Meiyan immediately sobered up. She looked at her husband and asked anxiously.

“As for the details, I am not sure yet. I only know that a terrifying incident happened at Cheng Yu’s house. However, they did not manage to find anyone at the scene. They were not able to find any signs of Xiao Yu either.”

Cheng Meiyan quickly took out her phone near her pillow and gave Cheng Yu a call. However, even though the call went through, no one picked up. This caused Cheng Meiyan to be even more anxious as she quickly changed her clothes and followed Zhao Minglong to the scene.


At first, after killing Sect Master Xuan, Cheng Yu’s life wasn’t in any danger. However, the last attack from the Great Elder that pierced through his body caused his injuries to take a turn for the worse.

Fortunately, Cheng Yu had a lot of pills on hand. He laid down on the flying sword as he took out a Reversal Pill and consumed it. Even though the Reversal Pill was quite miraculous, it was still not an immortal pill. It did not have the ability to heal his wounds immediately. With the current crisis Cheng Yu was facing, he could only choose to protect his life to not die immediately.

Cheng Yu’s vitality had turned extremely weak as he laid down on the flying sword. It was already extremely hard for him to use his spiritual Qi to control the flying sword. However, in order to protect his life, Cheng Yu would only rely on his perseverance to persist. The flying sword kept on shaking while it was flying through the sky, as if it would have the risk of dropping anytime.

For Cheng Yu to be able to make such a narrow escape this time was really a blessing. Although he had already anticipated that Kunlun would definitely send experts to deal with him, he never expected Kunlun to actually send their most powerful lineup that even the Sect Master was a part of.

Even though Cheng Yu’s strength was very formidable, and he had no problem killing cultivators who had the same cultivation as him, Cheng Yu had only managed to enter Foundation Establishment Realm late stage recently and his foundation was not stable yet. Having to face two Foundation Establishment Realm late stage experts and another five who were in the middle stage, Cheng Yu was actually able to almost complete wipeout his enemies. This was evident to show how strong Cheng Yu was.

Currently, the only thing that was in Cheng Yu’s mind was to quickly recover from his injury. After that, he needed to increase his cultivation. Just a small secular Kunlun had already caused him to almost die. Considering the unknowns in the Cultivation World, Cheng Yu did not dare to imagine what would actually happen to him. If he did not have a formidable cultivation, he was afraid that once he entered the Cultivation World, he would have to be in difficult situations very frequently.

In his previous life, Cheng Yu had a lot of formidable cultivation methods and mystic arts. He even had immortal arts. However, the current Cheng Yu’s cultivation was too low. He only had the cultivation of a Foundation Establishment Realm cultivator and had not even touched the threshold of Golden Core Realm. This caused him to not be able to cultivate those formidable arts.

Up to this point, Cheng Yu had only cultivated “Arts of Derivation from all Living Things.” In his previous life, Cheng Yu had never practiced this cultivation technique. This cultivation technique was meant to promote the internal breathing, which also meant to increase the ability to absorb spiritual Qi into his body. This would help him accumulate a large amount of Qi in his body. The Arts of Derivation from all Living Things used Qi to provide the requirement of derivation.

Just by relying on Cheng Yu’s Foundation Establishment Realm strength, it was impossible for him to be able to execute the move “Nine Heavens Imperial Dragon.”

In his previous life, by the time Cheng Yu obtained this cultivation technique, he was already at the Crossing Tribulation Realm and his body contained a great amount of Qi. Naturally, he did not worry about having to execute Arts of Derivation from all Living Things. Afterwards, when he went up to the immortal world, after he became a pill master there, the worry became non-existent. He held a lot of pills that could increase his Qi. Thus, Cheng Yu had never once studied the cultivation method.

Perhaps, it might be because Cheng Yu did not cultivate the art previously, but he was unable to create a living entity, which was the pinnacle of the Arts of Derivation from all Living Things. Therefore, in this life, Cheng Yu wanted to reach the pinnacle of this mystic arts, so he started cultivating it the moment he could. Otherwise, without a large amount of Qi supporting him, Cheng Yu might not be able to escape from this calamity.

Even though Cheng Yu was still extremely weak, at the very least his life was not in any danger. Otherwise, wouldn’t the pill master title he had be irrelevant? After he swallowed the Reversal Pill, Cheng Yu became much better. However, if he wished to recover fully, he would still need to rely on a Spiritual Origin Fruit.

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After recovering some of his strength, Cheng Yu took out a Spiritual Origin Fruit and consumed it. Although the Spiritual Origin Fruit could no longer promote Cheng Yu’s cultivation, it was still able to treat his injuries. Even though it might not be able to revive a dead person, it was still able to heal the internal or external injuries on a body.

If this Spiritual Origin Fruit did not contain a bit of a miracle, it would not be categorized as a Spiritual Fruit and would not need a thousand years to mature. For Cheng Yu to be able to find the Spiritual Origin Fruit was actually heaven’s blessing given to Cheng Yu.

Feeling that his injury was getting better, Cheng Yu sat cross-legged on his flying sword. While regulating his breathing, he headed towards the steep cliff. From Yunhai City to Yao Family Village would at least take a few hours by road. But since Cheng Yu was using the flying sword as a mode of transport, it only took about 10 minutes before arrival. Arriving at the steep cliff, Cheng Yu did not hesitate as he instructed the flying sword to descend the cliff.

Once again, Cheng Yu came back to the dense spiritual Qi location. Cheng Yu was extremely excited. If it was not because of his kind heartedness when he helped Qiang Zi’s father, Cheng Yu would not be able to find the Tianyuan Grass. Subsequently, he would also not be able to find the heavenly paradise here.

In this extremely deep abyss, no one would expect that the bottom was a completely different world.

“Roar!” When the flood dragon felt that someone had invaded into his territory, it bellowed in rage before splashing up. The flood dragon flew up from the pool as it want to demonstrate its prestige.

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When Cheng Yu saw the flood dragon flying out, he did not feel afraid but instead, he felt quite close to it. Cheng Yu shouted, ”Xiao Jiao! Long time no see! How are you doing?”

The flood dragon noticed that the person who invaded his territory was unexpectedly Cheng Yu who caused him to feel wronged a few days ago. However, when it heard Cheng Yu calling him “Xiao Jiao,” it immediately felt unhappy as it bellowed loudly, expressing how discontented it was.

Noticing that the flood dragon had actually come ashore, Cheng Yu couldn’t help but felt a little nervous. Even though Cheng Yu did not wish to hurt the flood dragon, he was currently injured. It was inevitable that Cheng Yu was afraid the flood dragon would take this opportunity to attack him.

However, what was surprising was that after the flood dragon had come ashore and saw that Cheng Yu was injured, it chose not to attack, but circled around Cheng Yu twice before lying down in front of Cheng Yu. It mocked Cheng Yu, ”Kid, you did not expect that such a day would happen, right?”

Looking at the reaction from the flood dragon, Cheng Yu could finally loosen up. He ignored the flood dragon’s mockery as he closed his eyes and regulated his breathing, treating his injury.

Even though the Reversal Pill and Spiritual Origin Fruit had allowed Cheng Yu’s injury to make a turn for the better, Cheng Yu still needed a long time of recuperation if he wished to fully recover. The most important aspect was the restoration of his strength. There were only three days left before the national exam, so Cheng Yu thought for a moment and felt that three days should be enough for him to fully recover.

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