Chapter 133: Completely Unable to Stop!

In all of Jiang Ming’s life, the least favorite person he wished to see was Cheng Yu. After Cheng Yu appeared in this world, his days had never been smooth.

Before Cheng Yu even appeared, the Blood Wolf Gang had been his backing. Because he knew Dao Jiu and his father had some relationship with Qin Canghai, in Dongcheng District, no one dared to provoke him.

However, after he had a conflict with Cheng Yu, the Blood Wolf Gang no longer gave him any face, and they even taught him a lesson ruthlessly. Afterwards, because Jiang Ming wanted revenge, he spent a large amount of money to hire the Azure Bamboo Gang, Qinglong Hall Master. But in the end, they were still beaten by Cheng Yu, and Jiang Ming also got taught a lesson by Qinglong Hall Master.

Cheng Yu had enrolled into Yunhai High School for about two years. However, in the first year, even though he was a playboy, he never showed that he was actually this powerful. Furthermore, at that time, he was even almost beaten to death by Xu Dongyuan. But now that Cheng Yu had suddenly become so powerful, Jiang Ming felt that this was simply too outrageous.

Even though he could not figure it out, he knew that he should not offend Cheng Yu to prevent suffering from his own actions. As for the previous humiliations he had experienced, although he felt irritated about it, Jiang Ming could only choose to endure.

Jiang Ming knew that there was other stronger gangs in Yunhai, but he had no ways to hire them. Furthermore, an ordinary expert would not be able to deal with Cheng Yu. Therefore, Jiang Ming had given up on this idea and could only choose to avoid Cheng Yu as much as possible.

Even though he was in front of Cheng Yu, he did not hold any advantage. But in front of others, he was still very formidable. Thus, after the national exam ended today, in order to showcase his capabilities, he decided to treat his classmates to a meal.

At first, he thought that by treating his classmates to a meal in the Haitian Hotel, he could show off a little. What he never expected was that he would actually bump into Cheng Yu. Jiang Ming wished that he could really just walk away. However, now that all his classmates were already here and even arranged into tables already, Jiang Ming’s heart started to shiver when he saw that Cheng Yu was waving at him while smiling.

“Haha! It turns out that Young Master Yu also came to have a meal with your classmates! Since it’s like that, I won’t disturb you guys. Instead, I’ll entertain my classmates,” Jiang Ming smiled forcefully. He truly did not wish to interact with Cheng Yu as he quickly escaped.

“Hey! Don’t be in such a hurry, Young Master Jiang. Now that everyone has already graduated, in the future, it will be hard for us to meet again. How about sitting down with us to have a chat?” Cheng Yu did not wish to let Jiang Ming escape so easily.

Previously, what had happened to Lin Yuhan’s stall was definitely a plot by Jiang Ming and Xu Dongyuan. There was also the fighter from the Azure Bamboo Gang that was definitely hired by him. If he did not spot Jiang Ming, he would have forgotten about it. Even if Cheng Yu were to bump into Jiang Ming again, he would still not allow him to escape so easily.

“Haha! Young Master Yu, there’s still a lot of students waiting for me to entertain them. How about another day? I will personally invite Young Master Yu out to chat in the future. How’s that?” Jiang Ming’s complexion turned ugly. He knew that he was no match for Cheng Yu when it came to using force.

“As for the invitation, you can forget it. However, my classmates have always admired you. They have always heard that are very rich and powerful in Yunhai. What’s more rare to come by is that Student Jiang Ming is also extremely magnanimous. We all can tell by seeing how Student Jiang Ming actually brought so many of his classmates out to enjoy a meal in a five star hotel today. Well, we don’t really have that much money. Originally, all of us were still thinking of ideas of how to fork out the cash to pay for the meal here. How about Student Jiang Ming helping us out of this embarrassment?” Cheng Yu looked at Jiang Ming and hinted.

Cheng Yu’s smile was very friendly, but to Jiang Ming, he was very afraid. He felt that Cheng Yu was an authentic tiger with a big smile hiding evil intentions. Every time Cheng Yu saw him, he would wear a smile on his face. But every time he spoke, he caused Jiang Ming to feel chilly. Jiang Ming knew that Cheng Yu wanted him to foot the bill for the gathering. He also knew that if he did not agree, he would suffer in the future. Just the attitude the Blood Wolf Gang had shown Cheng Yu was proof. As long as Cheng Yu spoke, Jiang Ming would definitely have to experience setbacks.

“Haha! Young Master Yu is overpraising me. With just the status of Young Master Yu, what does a meal count as? In the whole of Yunhai, there are lots of other big shots who would wish to treat Young Master Yu to a meal. However, since Young Master Yu thought so highly of me and is giving me such an opportunity, how about I pay for this meal then?” Jiang Ming was not foolish. In this kind of situation, he could only suffer in silence.

“Student Jiang Ming is very generous. Since Student Jiang Ming is so sincere, if we were to not give Student Jiang Ming face, wouldn’t we be a bit too impolite? I shall thank Student Jiang Ming on behalf my of classmates!” When Cheng Yu saw that Jiang Ming took the bait, Cheng Yu also gave him some face as he spoke to his classmates. ”Friends, all of you should have already heard. This meal is on Young Master Jiang. Hence, there’s no need to stand on ceremony and instead, order what you like. With Young Master Jiang’s capabilities, this kind of stuff is nothing to him. Let’s give Young Master Jiang a round of applause to thank him for his generosity!”

When they saw Jiang Ming, a young thug, was so polite to Cheng Yu, everyone was shocked. Even though everyone was somewhat afraid of Jiang Ming, with Cheng Yu keeping him in check, everyone felt confident as they applauded as a form of gratitude for Jiang Ming. When Jiang Ming saw the scene, his heart ached, but he still maintained his smile. After that, he turned and left.

“Young Master Jiang, Cheng Yu was too arrogant. Could it be that we are going to let him off like that? Then wouldn’t Young Master Jiang lose a lot of face in Yunhai?” Returning to his seat, Jiang Ming and a few of his other followers gathered together. They had also participated in the previous schemes. Naturally they knew that an ordinary person would not be able to deal with Cheng Yu.

“I’ll let him continue being arrogant temporarily. In the future, there will be a chance for us to strike back,” Jiang Ming’s complexion was extremely gloomy. Cheng Yu was very arrogant. But Jiang Ming did not have any way to deal with him. He could only find another opportunity in the future.

With Jiang Ming, a walking gold mine, Cheng Yu was no longer polite as he ordered all kinds of abalones and lobsters. He looked extremely generous. Those who may did not know probably assumed that Cheng Yu was the one treating them to a meal. This meal, regardless of whether it was Cheng Yu or Jiang Ming, they all ate happily. The only one who was not happy was Jiang Ming. After adding up the bill, it costed $60,000 and Cheng Yu’s side had made him spend nearly $40,000. Even though he was resentful of Cheng Yu, Jiang Ming still maintained his cool.

“Student Jiang Ming, today, we are really thankful towards you. It’s been a long time since I had eaten such good food. I really benefited from Student Jiang Ming’s generosity. I wonder what kinds of after-meal activities Student Jiang Ming is going to organize? Why not do it together?” Cheng Yu found Jiang Ming’s sullen expression very ridiculous.

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“Haha! Young Master Yu is too polite. However, we did not have any more activities planned after this. I intend to return home. I shall make a move first then,” Jiang Ming was not so foolish. If he were to continue staying with Cheng Yu, wouldn’t all his savings be used up by him? Looking at Jiang Ming leading his classmates out, Lin Yuhan pinched Cheng Yu’s waist ruthlessly, ”Jiang Ming did not offend you. Why must you mess with him? Wouldn’t it just cause him to bring you more troubles?”

“Who said that he did not offend me? Previously, the incident that happened to your stall was done by him. This time, I only made him bleed a little. I had already given him enough face for doing that.”

“What?! You are saying that the incident was plotted by Jiang Ming?!” Lin Yuhan was shocked. Until now, she had always thought that the incident was just an accident.

“Of course. Did you really think it was just coincidental?”

After knowing the whole story, even though Lin Yuhan was surprised, she was more happy as she knew that the reason Cheng Yu did this was because he wanted to help her vent her anger. When Yao Na saw Cheng Yu and Lin Yuhan’s relationship was actually so intimate, she felt a little unpleasant in her heart. However, with so many people around, she was a teacher, so she could not possibly say anything.

After the meal, everyone suggested to head to KTV[1]. However, Cheng Yu did not know how to sing any songs. But he was unable to bear the persuasion from everyone and did not wish to wipe away everyone’s mood.

With so many people, they were split into four private rooms. In every private room there were about 10 people. This was Cheng Yu’s first time coming to this kind of place. Although the nightclub also had karaoke and it just was as noisy as this, he preferred staying in the nightclub and bar. At least in those places there were beautiful women for him to look at.

Basically, everyone had sang once and only Cheng Yu sat to the side quietly. Some of them suggested letting Cheng Yu sing a round. In the end, everyone cheered Cheng Yu on to sing a song for them, but Cheng Yu was not willing to do it.

At Xinguang, the music was also playing non-stop and he had also heard a lot of different music. But when it came to singing, Cheng Yu had never sang before. Therefore, he did not wish to make a fool out of himself.

“Cheng Yu, sing a song….”

“Cheng Yu, sing a song….”

Everyone encouraged him together as they all wished to listen to Cheng Yu’s singing voice. Even Lin Yuhan and Yao Na were staring at him, as if they were looking forward to it as well. This was the first time Cheng Yu felt terrified. In the past, no matter what he did, Cheng Yu would still have at least some confidence. However, to sing a song, Cheng Yu did not even do it once in his previous life.

Even though he had heard a lot of songs in Xinguang, Cheng Yu did not know what any of the song titles were. Fortunately, Cheng Yu’s memorizing skills were extremely shocking and he managed to remember a few of the songs his classmates had just sang.

It was the first time Cheng Yu held a microphone. He was even more nervous than when he was fighting with Kunlun’s seven Foundation Establishment Realm experts. A person who is tone deaf would never be able to tell that they had sang out of tune because they always felt that the way they sang was exactly the same as the original tune. But as the audience, they would be able to tell the difference.

Everyone present was dumbstruck. A few months before the national exams, Cheng Yu had changed a lot. The way he treated his classmate was extremely harmonious and he was no longer like before where he bullied other people and sexually harrassed female students. Everyone slowly stop hating him.

Furthermore, Cheng Yu had also shown that he was a master of all trades. For example, in studies. During the second mock test, he was able to get first place in the whole school. This was simply too miraculous. Everyone truly admired him.

However, they did not expect that the previously well-known playboy was actually so good at so many things. But when it came to singing, he was actually a tone deaf expert. When they saw how engrossed Cheng Yu was into singing the song, the admiration they had for Cheng Yu rose to another level.

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After he finished a song, Cheng Yu felt that he did not manage to express himself fully in the previous song and intended to sing another one. However, when he realized that everyone was glaring at him, he was puzzled.

“How was it? I sing quite well, right?” Cheng Yu felt that he had done a good job.

“Clap! Clap! Clap!”

”…Boss! You are so awesome! Your voice is simply made for singing!” Fatty applauded before everyone else followed suit.

“Really? I also felt that it wasn’t that bad. I should sing another one then,” Cheng Yu went to pick another song.

“Boss, to be able to hear your awesome singing once is enough. The more we listen, the less splendid it will get,” When Fatty saw Cheng Yu was so direct, he could no longer tolerate it and quickly went to block Cheng Yu. ”These students seldom come to the KTV. You should give them more chances to sing today.”

Cheng Yu saw that everyone wished to go forward to sing a song, so he regretfully passed the opportunity to someone else. When they saw Cheng Yu had gave up the impulse of continuing another song, everyone quickly went forward to pick their song.

[1] – Editor Note – KTV is a popular karaoke bar in China.
[2] – Editor Note – LOL! Cheng Yu sucks at singing!

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