Chapter 446: Three teeth marks

In the middle of the sixth month of the year 87**, the beast-men race launched an attack on the western border of the Nalan Empire. Although the border army of the Nalan Empire was prepared to some extent, they were still defeated. This was because Nalan Wen and Nalan Wu used the military seal to call back a large half of the army. The remaining forces were defeated after a tragic battle and they suffered heavy casualties.

The beast-men army drove straight into the Nalan Empire. They burned, looted, and plundered. There was no evil which they did not commit. At the same time, several kingdoms and principalities also dispatched their troops. They started to annex the territory of the Nalan Empire. Now, the entire empire sank into deep waters and scorching fire. The empire which stood strong for thousands of years started to crumble.

In Blue Moon City, people were in a state of anxiety. Many ministers urged the two princes to temporarily dispatch troops to resolve the disaster the empire was facing. However, those two trash princes only lusted for power. They disregarded the ministers and hoarded all of their troops in the cities around Blue Moon City. They didn’t trust each other at all. They were afraid that the other party would launch a sudden attack when they were dispatching their troops. It would be terrible if that actually happened.


In the Emerald Mist Pavilion, Long Yi was sitting inside a luxurious compartment. He had been feeling ill at ease since he received the news of the beast-men invasion. It was such a huge matter and Long Yi was afraid that the blockade by the Violent Dragon Legion would become useless. The moment the Nalan Empire’s legions learned the truth, they would definitely lose all will to fight. The advantage they had over the Proud Moon Empire would disappear in a day.

All of a sudden, there was a sound of ringing. Mu Hanyan pushed the door open before entering the compartment. Sitting beside Long Yi, she had a smile on her face as she asked him, “Why on earth do you have such a sour look on your face? Did I offend you somewhere?”

“You already know the problem, yet you are still asking about it. The situation has already reached this stage.  If you’re not going to act, I’ll start to make my move.” Long Yi was in a bad mood and he snapped at her. Nalan Wen and Nalan Wu, those two pieces of trash must disappear right now. If they were to cause any more trouble, the Nalan Empire would be in danger.

“What’s the hurry? The best time to strike isn’t here yet. Making a move now will only provide others with a chance to gossip about us. If Nalan Ruyue is ascended to the throne now, let’s not talk about whether the common people will accept her rule. Some people will even direct their spearhead at you. You don’t want that to happen right?” Mu Hanyan breathe out a breath full of orchid fragrance and placed her chin on his shoulders. She took the chance to press her towering mounds onto Long Yi’s arm.

“I know that. However, even if we don’t talk about the matter of putting Nalan Ruyue on the throne, those people hiding in the shadows will not wait for me to put everything in place. This is a critical situation. The moment the two legions of the Nalan Empire withdraw from the Yatesianna defense line, all of our efforts will go down the drain. Think about it, how can I not be anxious?” Long Yi hugged Mu Hanyan’s slender waist and sighed.

With a grin on her face, Mu Hanyan slowly replied Long Yi, “Okay, don’t worry. Since I said that I will help you, I will not go back on my words. I haven’t made my move as the opportune moment has yet to come. However, looking at the conflict between those two right now, don’t you think that it will be interesting if we make things more intense?”

Long Yi’s eyes shone and he immediately understood what Mu Hanyan meant. He smirked and said, “When those two trash clash against each other, there will definitely be fights. If the two of them die in the midst of the chaos, that will be perfect. However, I have some things to prepare before that can happen.” Long Yi pinched Mu Hanyan’s waist and his eyes shone with a profound light.

Leaving Emerald Mist Pavilion, Long Yi directly went to the Light Church in Blue Moon City. He wanted to speak with Holy Priest Karen. As long as she personally declared that Nalan Ruyue ascending the throne was the Light God’s decree, everything would be much easier. Even if the common people felt that they couldn’t accept the fact that there was going to be a first Empress governing the Nalan Empire, the backlash wouldn’t be too extreme.

Since the time the Nalan Empire fell into chaos, endless streams of people would enter the Light Church in order to pray. All of them knelt in front of the Light God’s sculpture in the hall as they prayed. They begged for the Light God to bless and protect the Nalan Empire and to the chaos end.

Long Yi quickly passed the lobby and proceeded towards the rear hall. The rear hall also had a statue of the Light God, and it was where the people from the Light God would cultivate.

Originally, Long Yi wanted to look for someone to notify Holy Priest Karen. However, he dropped the idea after thinking about it for a bit. It was better if lesser people know about his visit. This was to avoid rumors from spreading and to ensure that people couldn’t accuse Long Yi in the future.

The moment he passed the lobby, he reached the interior of the church. There were many light warriors guarding the place. Although they were extremely strong, they were nothing compared to Long Yi. Long Yi didn’t have a hard time avoiding them as he walked deeper into the church.

After he avoided several groups of light warriors, Long Yi arrived at the rear hall of the Light Church. Although the door wasn’t closed, the inside of the hall was very quiet. He looked inside and saw a beautiful figure who wore a red robe kneeling in front of the Light God’s statue. She had her palms placed together and she seemed to have entered some kind of ethereal state.

“It’s Kexin… Why is she the only one here?” Long Yi thought as he stood at the entrance. He hesitated and didn’t want to walk into the hall as Dongfang Kexin’s attitude towards him was extremely strange. A few days ago, when the Holy Law Enforcement Team were investigating the rumor involving Nalan Wu, they came into contact many times. However, she looked at him with disgust and disdain in her eyes. She also appeared as though Long Yi was not qualified enough to talk to her. She didn’t say a single word to him.

When Long Yi was thinking whether to walk into the hall, a group of light warriors appeared from around the corner. If Long Yi continued to stand there, he was bound to be discovered. Without hesitating any longer, Long Yi raised his leg and entered the hall. He walked step by step towards Dongfang Kexin.

Dongfang Kexin’s closed eyes snapped open and saw that there was a long shadow covering her. She turned her face to look at the person causing the shadow, but she was unable to see the face clearly. The lighting in the hall was really too poor. However, just by looking at the tall figure walking towards her, she could feel an indescribable pressure coming from him.

Getting up and walking two steps to the side, Dongfang Kexin finally saw the person walking over. He was actually Long Yi. He was looking at the statue of the Light God with his hands folded in front of his chest and his eyes had a trace of disdain in them. That was something she was unable to bear.

“Why did you come here?” Dongfang Kexin glared at Long Yi and snapped at him.

“You don’t seem to want to see me.” Long Yi gave an irrelevant answer.

Dongfang Kexin’s behavior was really abnormal.

“Looking at you for even a second more will make my eyes dirty. The Light Church will not welcome a person like you. You have a mind full of evil. Leave immediately!”  Dongfang Kexin coldly snorted. That disgusted look wasn’t an act.

Long Yi raised his eyebrows and casually said, “I am evil, but someone will naturally welcome me even if you don’t. Moreover, I don’t quite understand your words. As a saintess of the Light Church, cousin, you are naturally holy and pure beyond doubt. However, I am really confused… Who was the one who snatched my Holy Light Jade in the Lightning God Forbidden Area?”

Dongfang Kexin looked towards the statue of the Light God and indifferently said, “The light spirit tablet belongs to the Light Church. You don’t have the qualifications to possess it.”

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Long Yi smirked and replied, “So, I’m an evil person who has no qualifications to possess the light spirit tablet. However, I wonder who was the one who chased after this evil person in the past. I remember that she even wanted to marry this evil person.”

Dongfang Kexin bit her lower lip and flew into a rage. Of course, she was angry because of the embarrassment she felt. “That is already a thing of the past. In the past, my obsessiveness nearly bedeviled me. Fortunately, His Majesty the Pope saved me.”

This moment, Long Yi already had some idea of what was going on. Pope Charles should have done something to her. She was definitely brainwashed. When he brainwashed her, that old man must have thought that he would never need Long Yi for anything. However, none of this mattered anymore. Perhaps, this wasn’t such a bad thing after all. At least Long Yi didn’t need to worry about her doing anything extreme anymore.

“If you don’t leave now, I will call the light warriors over.” Dongfang Kexin coldly said.

“Even if you hate me, I am still your cousin. Is this how you treat your cousin?” Long Yi frowned and said.

“Cousin? I’m ashamed to have a cousin like you. You are simply a beast in human skin. I treat beasts…… What do you want to do?” Dongfang Kexin’s words ceased abruptly. She saw that Long Yi had half-squinted his eyes and had a brilliant smile on his face. However, she felt an indescribable chill when she saw the smile on his face.

“What do I want to do? Didn’t you just say I am a beast? Naturally, I want to do something only a beast will do.” Long Yi smiled and waved his hand. With a single wave of his hand, a powerful barrier was set up in the hall.

Dongfang Kexin’s beautiful face instantly became pale. She pulled out her magic staff and her body became surrounded by a layer of dazzling white radiance. She knew that Long Yi was powerful and she was far from being his opponent.

“Think about it, doing the deed right before the eyes of the Light God. Wouldn’t that be really stimulating?” Long Yi looked at the solemn statue of the Light God and chuckled.

Dongfang Kexin’s heart trembled as she thought of her doing it with Long Yi in front of the Light God’s statue. She didn’t dare to think any further.

“If you dare to act recklessly, His Highness the Pope will not let you off.” Dongfang Kexin pretended to be brave as she shouted at Long Yi. Although she appeared to be fearless, she was trembling inside.

“Pope Charles? If I were to say a single word to him, he will definitely deliver you to my doorstep.” Long Yi laughed. That Charles was not just any lunatic. He was a lunatic who dreamed of becoming a god. However, when Long Yi thought about it, the Dark Pope was the same. Did they truly believe that they could become a God with just spirit tablets? They were really underestimating the difficulty of becoming a god.

“You are talking nonsense, you……” Dongfang Kexin was so angry that her entire body trembled. She pointed at Long Yi but nothing else came out of her mouth.

Long Yi took two steps forward and reached his hand out towards Dongfang Kexin. His hand was as fast as lightning as it shot towards her. He only wanted to frighten her as she had truly angered him.

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Dongfang Kexin was startled. She used her sealed Flame Slash Magic along with the Earth Defense Ring. They were released simultaneously and the Flame Slash Magic shot towards Long Yi.

Long Yi didn’t move. When the Flame Slash Magic was about to come into contact with his body, it dissipated. It left behind some white smoke which curled upwards and dissipated into the atmosphere. Before she could react, the Earth Defense Ring around her body shook and disappeared without a trace.

“Domain! You actually reached the Master Archmage realm!” Dongfang Kexin didn’t dare to believe what she was seeing.

“Since you know that you can’t beat me, obediently give up.” Long Yi took another two steps with an evil smile hanging on his face. He slowly extended his devil’s talon.

Dongfang Kexin screamed and waved her hands at Long Yi. It was as though she gone mad. Magicians who lost their magic power were like vipers without poison. Their attack power was negligible.

Long Yi had never thought that Dongfang Kexin’s reaction would be so big. He just wanted to frighten her and he wouldn’t really have touched her. However, Dongfang Kexin was behaving like a wildcat right now. She was grabbing and scratching him but Long Yi didn’t dare to use his strength to counter her. He was afraid that he might hurt her.

All of a sudden, Dongfang Kexin tore off a piece of cloth from his left arm.

Letting the matter drop, Long Yi retreated two steps. He no longer wanted to tease her. It was a pity that this set of clothes were ruined. Several hundred sets of clothing purchased by Dongfang Wan in Soaring Dragon City were almost all used up by now.

Instead of continuing her assault, Dongfang Kexin stared blankly at Long Yi’s exposed arm. She stared at the three deep marks on his arm. It was three deep teeth marks.

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