Chapter 447: Bloody night

Long Yi followed the gaze of Dongfang Kexin and looked at his arm. He explained with a smile on his face, “These three teeth marks were left behind by two little wildcats. One of them bit me once and the other one bit me twice. They were truly ruthless when biting me, the marks haven’t even disappeared yet.”

Dongfang Kexin was startled and her beautiful face slightly reddened. However, her face became pale the next moment. She recalled that she had left two of the teeth marks herself. At that time in Soaring Dragon City, after the imperial banquet held in the imperial palace, she was filled with rage. She was angry due to Long Yi’s infidelity and she was also angry at the fact she wasn’t his only woman.

Cold sweat appeared on Dongfang Kexin’s forehead. With her hands cupping her temples, her face was distorted due to the pain she felt. She desperately tried to shake off the feeling which appeared in her mind.

The moment she saw those teeth marks, she instantly recalled what happened in the past. Moreover, she started to become jealous when she realized that one of the teeth marks didn’t belong to her.

“Kexin, what’s wrong?” When he saw Dongfang Kexin’s pitiful appearance, Long Yi couldn’t help but step forward in order to support her.

“Don’t touch me! You are a demon!” Dongfang Kexin roared as if she had gone insane. Rushing in front of the Light God’s statue, she knelt down. Muttering a heart cleansing incantation, she became calmer all of a sudden. Her heart demon was also suppressed. Yes, she believed that it was a heart demon. That was what Pope Charles said.

Long Yi shook his head and retracted his domain. Giving a profound look to Dongfang Kexin who was kneeling on the ground, many thoughts flashed through his head. She appeared to be confessing her sins to the Light God and Long Yi didn’t want to cause her to go berserk again. Turning his gaze away from her, he looked towards the entrance of the inner room. He saw that the Holy Priest, Karen, was staring at him.

On the third floor of the Light Church, Karen stood in front of a magic glass as she watched people streaming in and out of the square in front of the church. Long Yi stood beside her with no expression on his face.

“Priest Karen, Charles did something to my cousin, didn’t he?” Long Yi indifferently said.

Karen sighed softly and confessed, “You are right. However, the Pope did that for her own good. Her obsession went too deep and it’s a big taboo when cultivating light magic.”

“Is that so? Isn’t he just covering up the matter of how he controlled Dongfang Kexin to snatch the light spirit tablet?” Long Yi raised his eyebrows and sneered.

“I don’t know anything about the light spirit tablet. However, I know that the pope did nothing wrong. Although she is not his biological daughter, the Pope regards her as his own daughter.” Karen said.

“Her obsession is too deep… However, what about you? Priest Karen, is the obsession in your heart gone?” Long Yi broke into a smile as he stared at Karen.

The expression on Karen beautiful face changed slightly. She thought about it for a moment before replying softly, “It has already been so long. I have already forgotten about everything in the past. There is nothing for me to obsess over now.”

“I would have never expected that that old man, Murong Bo, would have such luck with women. Two great Holy Priests from the Light Church actually remembered him in their mind. Thinking about it, I remember the time I used the sword skill he taught me. Judith, that woman, stood still at the side just like a fool when she saw my sword skill.” Long Yi carelessly muttered to himself.

“You are talking nonsense! Stop imagining things.” Karen reprimanded.

“If it’s not like what I imagined, then what actually happened?” Long Yi quickly asked a question in reply.

“It’s……” Karen opened her mouth and was about to answer. However, she hesitated and thought about what she was doing. Why on earth was she telling him her private affairs? It seemed like her heart was still not strong enough. He was actually able to lead her around by the nose.

“It’s something you don’t need to know. Why did you come here today?” Karen indifferently asked.

Although Long Yi thought that it was a pity that he wasn’t able to swindle the truth out of her, he didn’t think too much about it. When all was said and done, he didn’t need to probe into the private affairs of Murong Bo.

“I thought over Charles’ proposal. I agree with whatever he wrote in the letter. However, my first request is for the Light Church to fully support Nalan Ruyue’s ascension to the throne.” Long Yi directly said.


These two days, several people in Blue Moon City started to discuss some matters.

“In my view, if Princess Ruyue became the empress, it would definitely be much better than those two good-for-nothing princes. Not to mention the fact that she is a Saintess from the Light Church. She has the protection of the Light God on her.” In a teahouse, several people were sitting together in a circle as they discussed in a low voice.

“Yes yes, our Nalan Empire fell into chaos due to those good-for-nothing princes. If we don’t get a proper emperor soon, the Nalan Empire would be destroyed. With a proper emperor, we would be able to fight back and there would be a chance to win the war.” Another one of them thought deeply and said.

Currently, discussions about the new emperor were everywhere. It all started from inside the army. Of course, it was the handiwork of Wei Yasi and the others who had sought refuge under Long Yi. After the news spread throughout the military, observant people added their own opinions. As a result, the majority of people felt that Nalan Ruyue ascending to the throne was much better than Nalan Wen and Nalan Wu.

The situation in the Nalan Empire had already deteriorated to the extreme. A dozen or more kingdoms and principalities had started their rebellion. They seized two-thirds of the territory the Nalan Empire possessed. Other than the heavily guarded Blue Moon City the few neighboring cities around it, everywhere else was practically hell. As the flames of war started to spread, the beast-men clans were not the only ones who wreaked havoc. The armies which belonged to the other kingdoms and principalities added to the chaos. The peace and serenity which the Nalan Empire used to have in the past were immediately broken.

The beginning of the seventh month of the year 87**. The temperature of Blue Moon City was supposed to be mild at this point of the year. However, it all changed. It became extremely hot and the weather became extremely abnormal.

Late at night, when everyone was deep in slumber, the clanging of weapons and yells destroyed the tranquil atmosphere. Because of Mist Fairy and Lafaer, Nalan Wen and Nalan Wu ordered their armies to attack each other. They launched surprise attacks at the same time, trying to catch each other off guard. The entire Blue Moon City and the neighboring cities were thrown into disarray instantly. These cities were dyed bright red by the blood of all the soldiers.

“All officers and soldiers, heed my order. Kill for the future of the Nalan Empire! Glory, wealth, splendor, and ranks are waiting for all of you at the end of this!” At one end of the city wall, Nalan Wu donned a suit of armor as he addressed his army. His voice was amplified with magic which made it travel a great distance.

Now that the target was so obvious, magic spells and arrows shot towards Nalan Wu in an instant.

Nalan Wu’s complexion changed and his legs started to tremble. When the magic spells and arrows were about to hit him, they started to fall. A strong barrier stopped them from hitting Nalan Wu. When Nalan Wu saw that he wasn’t in any danger, his arrogance reappeared. Rushing towards the edge of the city wall, he rained curses on Nalan Wen. This immediately increased the morale of the soldiers.

This time, they were fighting for the control of Blue Moon City’s wall. Everyone understood that the victor would be the one who captured the city wall. However, everyone else in the city was in chaos.

“First Prince, go up and shout at Nalan Wu. I’ll guarantee your safety.” Mist Fairy lightly said to Nalan Wen.

When he saw that many people were dying around him, Nalan Wen’s body went soft. Everyone said that a lion would never give birth to a dog. However, if they looked at Nalan Wuji who had been heroic throughout his life, they would know that the saying was wrong. Just look at Nalan Wen and Nalan Wu. It could be said that Nalan Wuji gave birth to two good-for-nothing sons.

However, Nalan Wen saw that the morale of the soldiers on the other side increased by a lot when Nalan Wu shouted at him. Greed took over and coupled with Mist Fairy’s assurance, Nalan Wen slowly walked towards the top of the wall. Although he was trembling, he managed to shout, “All officers and soldiers…… Ah!”

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Nalan Wen’s blood-curdling scream spread throughout the entire Blue Moon City as it was amplified by magic. Every single soldier was stupefied. They only saw an arrow stuck between Nalan Wen’s eyebrows. The arrow was still shaking which meant that it was shot not too long ago. Blood started to flow out of the wound and it dyed his face red.

A gust of wind appeared and Nalan Wen fell to the ground.

“Hahaha! Nalan Wen is dead! Whoever shot that arrow will be heavily rewarded.” Nalan Wu was stunned for quite some time before he started to roar with laughter. Now, the Nalan Empire was finally his.

On Nalan Wen’s side, the army leaders were howling for their life. The morale of their soldiers was completely destroyed and they had no choice but to retreat.

“Why are all of you still not surrendering? Lay down your weapons and this prince might let you all keep your life!” Nalan Wu shouted in excitement.

All of a sudden, fireballs and ice arrows flew towards Nalan Wu who was laughing on the city walls.

Nalan Wu disdainfully ignored those low-level magic spells. Even those ** level magic spells were unable to touch him. Why would he care about these low-level magic spells? As he watched the spells travel towards him, Nalan Wu neither dodged nor hid. He simply watched the collision of the fireballs against the magic barrier. He laughed complacently as he knew that he was going to be the emperor next.

Just as he thought that nothing would be able to kill him, the barrier broke. An ice arrow accelerated and stabbed into his throat before he could react.

“How could this happen?” Nalan Wu didn’t dare to believe what was happening. This was the last question that flashed in his mind before everything went dark. Even in death, these two brothers didn’t understand that they were just chess pieces on the board. The funniest matter was that they thought that they were the players instead of the pieces.

Silence. Everything became deathly still and everyone fell into a daze. Everything that happened was so strange and everyone was frightened.

They looked at each other at blank dismay. Now that both of the princes died, what were they going to do?

“It’s good they died! Let Princess Ruyue become the Empress!” a loud voice filled the sky at the crucial moment.

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Everyone was startled awake. It was as though they woke up from a frightening dream. There were already some people who were listening to the voice. As the discussion in the city had been going on for quite some time, they already had an inkling of what to do. The moment the two princes died, it was as though everything became clear for them.

“We are all brothers! We are one big family! Everyone, put down your weapons. There is no need to fight anymore.” Wei Yasi who was among the high ranking magician legion shouted loudly.


The sun slowly rose as it illuminated the city. Although the city was dyed red with blood, it appeared dazzling.

Soldiers began to quietly transport the corpses of their dead brothers. These soldiers didn’t die an honorable death in the battlefield. They died in the hands of their own brothers. It was truly pitiful and regrettable.

“My god, the people we killed were our brothers. This is really messed up.” A soldier couldn’t help but curse in his heart. There was a stuffy feeling in his heart when he stared at the corpses.

Long Yi was floating high in the air as he watched everything. Looking at this city dyed with blood, he sighed softly. The problem was finally solved, but the price he paid was too big. A large number of soldiers were killed in a single night. Now, he could only hope that after this blood baptism, Blue Moon City would rise to greater heights.

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