Chapter 96: A Fateful Encounter

However, the excitement only lasted for a few moments. Soon, the gleam in her eyes faded, and her brows gently rose a little.

Giving this to her, was that really okay?

No, she should probably ask him. Otherwise, she would feel uneasy even if she did accept it.

Battalion Commander Yang was absent, so Ye Jian might as well carry her school bag and head to school to find Principal Chen… Principal Chen should know.

Jogging from the camp to the highway, Ye Jian did not slow down and kept on jogging.

In front of her was a white minivan. A figure who was wearing a decent attire for middle-aged men had the disposition of a teacher, and he saw a figure jogging from the rearview mirror.

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After some time, he realized that they had already driven several kilometers, yet the little missy, who seemed to be a student, was still following the minivan from behind with about the same distance as before.

He asked the driver, “Old Huang, what speed are we going at? There’s a little missy behind who can catch up to you, you know?”

“60 yard. Fu Jun Town may look slightly rural, but its population is quite big, so it’s not right to accelerate here,” Driver Huang smiled and explained. From where he was seated, there was no way he could have seen the figure jogging right behind them, and so he naturally could not understand why the middle-aged man would question the speed the minivan was going at.

Hearing him so, the middle-aged man was surprised and spoke to the other two teachers who were sitting behind, “Quickly, have a look behind. That little missy’s been jogging for several kilometers already, and the distance between her and us is around the same as before. Such an amazing amount of endurance.”

The two teachers with serious faces pushed the glass window open and looked behind. Their faces were then filled with surprise.

“By the looks, she seems like a student. But shouldn’t there still be classes in Fu Jun Middle School? This student… skipped class?” A female teacher in her forties questioned before asking, “Principal Cao, why don’t we stop the minivan? If she’s a student, she can come along with us to the school. What do you think?”

Ye Jian did not expect that on her way to school, she would be able to hitch a ride.

After she got in the minivan, Principal Cao looked at the little missy who was only panting slightly and asked jokingly, “Student, you jumped into the minivan so bravely. Aren’t you scared that we might kidnap you?”

After he had finished his question, the two teachers who sat with Ye Jian chuckled and looked at her. They were interested to know her answer.

“Your body does not have the scent of chalk, but you have black and red ink bottles in your hand. Your thumb is also stained red, so according to my guesses, you… must be a principal.”

Ye Jian said with a grin which startled Principal Cao for a moment. “Just with this, you can even identify my position?”

“Of course. When I got into the van, this teacher here also smiled politely at you, showing that she very much respects you.” As for why she knew that the middle-aged woman was a teacher, she had already stated the answer before: because she had the scent of chalk around her.

By this stage, Principal Cao was already laughing out loud. “But I could also be the Director of Teaching…” But before he could finish, he thought for a moment then laughed more loudly than before. “The Directors of Teaching are usually those who lack humor. I must say, Student, your observation is very keen.”

Since she was able to guess that he was the principal, there was no need for her to guess the identity of Teacher Song and Teacher Zhu.

Still, Ye Jian did not only guess his position. Faintly… Ye Jian had also guessed which school’s principal he was.

Since he was going to Fu Jun Middle School at this time, he must be the principal of Provincial High that would be conducting the competition.

Principal Chen was already at the entrance of the school to welcome them. When Ye Jian got off the minivan, he was surprised. Why was Ye Jian in the minivan with Old Cao?

The two principals then began to have some small talk with each other. As for Ye Jian, she bowed to the two teachers. It seemed she would have to wait until Principal Chen was done before she could bother him.

She did not head straight to the classroom. Instead, she went over to An Jiaxin’s dormitory to wait until the last class was over.

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