Chapter 95: A Surprise Indeed

Her thick black hair draped over her shoulders. And from the side, her refined face was so serious that Xia Jinyuan could not bear to converse with her as his gaze unwillingly slid away from her slender neck which was as beautiful as a swan after pausing for a while to get a good look.

Already engrossed with the questions on the paper, Ye Jian was unaware of his gaze on her. Her white and slender finger would occasionally move on the surface of the paper as she did some calculations for the last question on the paper.

At around a quarter past ten, Xia Jinyuan became a little busy.

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The communication device in the jeep beeped twice. It was someone on the other end reporting to him about work. Ye Jian, who was already done with a paper, decided to climb to the back seat before the jeep entered the expressway, so she could take a nap and not disturb Xia Jinyuan at work.

Xia Jinyuan’s entire presence was cold and calm when he worked. His disposition could be gleaned from his every word and action. Clearly, he was a natural born leader.

Confident, calm, and serious… She had lots to learn from him on being a soldier.

Having slept only two or three hours the night before, his steady and low-pitched voice sounded like a lullaby, and Ye Jian eyes gradually closed…to the point where she was not sure when she had actually fallen asleep.

When she woke up, the jeep had already passed the expressway and was now on the highway heading towards the direction of the town.

They arrived at Fu Jun Town at exactly three o’clock in the afternoon. Ye Jian did not return straight to school and instead went back to the recruits’ camp. Teacher Ke probably would not want to see her either for the two periods of Mandarin class.

“Everything has been carried in, and there’s also this…” Xia Jinyuan did not drive the jeep into the camp but parked it beneath the camp instead.

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After opening the trunk, he picked up several military books that he had bought the day before. “There are four books here. You can take a look at them. They’re basic military knowledge.”

Only then did Ye Jian realize that the books that she thought were his were actually for her.

Ye Jian did not decline pretentiously. After hesitating for a moment, she accepted them.

With a broad smile, she thanked him naturally. Once the jeep was no longer in sight, Ye Jian looked at the gift from Xia Jinyuan and took in a deep breath before entering the camp.

Back in her living quarters, she placed her papers one by one on the bookshelf. But just as she was prepared to sort out the four books given by Xia Jinyuan, she opened the bag and saw the four-sided portfolio, which she had seen in his hand when they were in the bureau, sandwiched between two books.

Ye Jian…

On the portfolio, her name was written boldly on the surface. The handwriting reflected oneself, and looking at it seemed to send a chill down her spine.

Her fingers gently pinched the portfolio a little, and her eyes suddenly glistened brightly like the stars. Her entire face was blooming at the moment—bright and warm!

It was the silver wire… it was the silver wire which she had been thinking about last night!!

Eager and excited, she tore open the portfolio and place the coiled up silver wire on her palm before gently unwinding it. Holding onto each end with her hands, the cool sensation seemed to have penetrated all the way into her heart.

Just like last night, she allowed the flexible wire to dangle from her hand as if it were a living being with its own consciousness.

“Sou.” A fine sound was made when the silver wire broke through the air and tightly wrapped around the bed frame. As Ye Jian retracted the wire to release the frame from it, her eyes overflowed with joy as she looked around eagerly. Now young, she was filled with a burning youthfulness within her, but deep down, she had experienced countless sufferings.

To think that he’d actually, he’d actually give this to her! From the bureau and into her hands!

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