Chapter 97: Not Worthy of Being a Teacher

“I ran into your school’s student just now. A good one she is.” Once the two principals entered the office, Principal Cao mentioned about how he had met Ye Jian while out on the road in the minivan. One could immediately tell he was quite amused. “She had a good amount of endurance. Is she a sports talent in the school?”

Seeing his admiration for Ye Jian, Principal Chen was quite delighted, and he smiled. “Ye Jian, she’s Ye Jian. Old Cao ah, Old Cao, your eyes are really as frightening as ever.” Turning around, he handed Principal Cao a cup of tea that was freshly brewed. “Have a taste. They’re brewed from the new tea leaves in the mountain.”

The two principals had known each other for many years and were just like old colleagues, and thus, there were little to no formalities between them.

“This is good tea, not as bad as those out there.” Principal Cao took a sip and continued smiling at his old colleague who was trying to divert the subject. “Come, come, tell me more about that Student Ye Jian. In the past two years, our country’s sports records in competitions were quite decent, but in the category of track and field, our country is quite lacking.”

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“I would think that Ye Jian is quite a suitable seedling and can be developed in this aspect.”

Born as an athletic, Principal Cao had always liked to search through different schools for students with athletic capabilities and develop them further to let those students not only compete for the glory of the school, but also for the nation.

Provincial High was the top high school for sports, and the students whom they had trained were able to attain good records in small and large scale competitions. A number of them were even able to qualify for college competitions and obtain outstanding records.

However, Principal Chen was not quite interested in it, and he took another sip of tea before smiling. “That child is definitely not bad. She is even considered excellent in every aspect that she does. However, I do not intend to let her pursue an athletic path.”

“Why so?” Principal Cao was taken aback. “That doesn’t seem like your style, Old Chen.”

In the faculty room below, the arrival of the two high school teachers caused excitement among the faculty.

From this, the importance of this competition to Provincial High could be seen.

The piles of papers were handed to the homeroom teachers of the eighth and the ninth grade classes respectively. In that moment, the entire faculty room was filled with papers, making it look like there was a vast sea of knowledge within.

When Teacher Ke entered, she saw Class 1’s homeroom teacher, Teacher Liu, recommending a few students from her own class, and her face turned somewhat mean. With a cold snort, she quickly changed her expression to another before walking towards them with a smile.

Seeing her, Teacher Liu smiled and introduced, “Teacher Song, this is Teacher Ke from our Class 2. Ye Ying and Ye Jian whom I spoke of just now are her students.”

Mentioning Ye Ying, Teacher Ke’s face had a broad smile on it. But when Ye Jian’s name was mentioned… the smile on her face stiffened.

“Teacher Liu must be done by now. Do you mind letting me speak with Teacher Song for a moment?” Thinking that she had given a difficult question to Teacher Liu, she forced out a laugh before smiling coldly. “Let me do the talking for my own students instead. I’m afraid Teacher Liu doesn’t know them quite as well as I do.”

The teachers in the office were accustomed to her stinging tone, and Teacher Liu gave a disapproving smile before handing Provincial High’s papers to the individual subject teachers.

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Provincial High’s Teacher Song scowled lightly as the impression she had of Teacher Ke became poor in that instant. As a teacher with self-control, she remained quiet, but her attitude towards her was cold.

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