Chapter 98: Slowly Settling the Debt

In the dormitory, Ye Jian had no way of knowing that Teacher Ke was doing her best to stain her name. Seeing An Jiaxin, she exclaimed, “I bought a few test papers back. Let’s do them tomorrow. Next week, we have exams on Thursday and Friday. Then on Saturday and Sunday, we have to do Provincial High’s papers. Four consecutive days, it’s going to be quite overwhelming.”

That sigh after her words made An Jiaxin roll her eyes. “Alright, alright. In the entire class, only you lack any pressure! To think you’d even be absent today! Do you know how dark Teacher Ke’s face was today! The entire class was so cautious today so as to not aggravate her.”

In the same dormitory, Zhang Na said emotionally, “None of us dared to confront her. Student Ye Jian ah, the entire class was looking forward to your return to wipe out Teacher Ke’s dark face.”

“You think I can?” Ye Jian raised a brow. With a smile, she looked at all the nods by the girls in the dormitory. “I didn’t return to the classroom because I was afraid that you might all have to suffer an incoming storm, so I waited in this dormitory.”

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The students more or less understood the poor relation between Teacher Ke and Ye Jian. Hearing her words, they could not help but giggle.

Sometimes, one really had to give credit to Ye Jian. Only she could stare straight into Teacher Ke’s eyes. Other student would have either been so scared that their legs would have turned to jelly, or switched classes already!

Outside, Ye Ying’s voice, filled entirely with confidence, traveled in. Several female students in the dormitory expressed their scorn unanimously and said to Ye Jian, “Recently, Gao Yiyang’s been coming to class occasionally as a tutor for her, and the two would sit so close together. In the end, Teacher Ke even told us to learn from them!”

“We have no choice. Those two are always at the top five.” Zhang Na snorted with dissatisfaction and rolled her eyes in the direction outside. “One look and you can tell that it’s just puppy love!”

A little girl’s narrow-mindedness. After one glance, Ye Jian pursed her lips as she giggled to herself.

It was dinner time for the entire school. Upon reaching the canteen, An Jiaxin gently poked Ye Jian’s arm with her finger. “See that, see that? That smile’s just like a blooming flower! I suspect the two of them are dating.”

At the canteen entrance, Ye Ying, who had a shallow smile on her face, walked in with Gao Yiyang whose expression was cold. The moment those two entered the canteen, they attracted countless gazes towards themselves.

However, those two did not mind the gazes, and they chatted with each other as they walked towards the direction where Ye Jian and her group were queueing in.

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Bumping into one another was unavoidable.

When Gao Yiyang saw Ye Jian, he recalled the moment she kicked him while he was on his bicycle, causing him to topple on the ground. With a cold face, he spoke unnaturally to Ye Ying, “Let’s go over there to queue. It’s shorter.”

Cleverly, Ye Ying swept her gaze across Gao Yiyang, and with a grin, she spoke gracefully, “It’s alright. Queueing anywhere is the same. Didn’t the Director of Teaching tell us not too long ago to head to his office after our meal? Let’s grasp the time we have tightly, so let’s just queue here.”

With that, she naturally pulled Gao Yiyang’s sleeves and queued right behind Ye Jian.

At this instant, An Jiaxin understood what Ye Jian meant when she said Ye Ying was not someone so simple to deal with. If it were her, she would definitely feel uncomfortable standing near the person she disliked.

But on the contrary… Alright, Ye Jian was not a simple person, too. Her expression was indifferent, and so An Jiaxin just shrugged her shoulder to express her indifference as well.

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