Chapter 78: Appetite

Zhen is here for a business, this is not what you think it is,” Jun Qian Che impatiently explains.

Mo Qi Qi laughs roguishly, “No need to explain anything to chenqie, Your Majesty. Chenqie understand!”

“What do you understand?” Why does he feel like they are not talking about the same thing right now?

Mo Qi Qi pats his shoulder, “Aiya, this kind of thing does not need to be said so clearly. Chenqie will not blame you!”

“Mo Qi Qi, zhen really wants to open your head and see what is inside,” Jun Qian Che does not know what else to say.

Hearing that, Mo Qi Qi smiles uneasily before scooting away, putting some distance between them, “Your Majesty, chenqie is already so accommodating towards you, why do you still want to cut off chenqie’s head? What a bully.”

Jun Qian Che wants to explain himself, but feels like talking to her wastes too much time. In the end, he simply waves his arm off, “Never mind, never mind.”  Let her think what she wants to think.

Mo Qi Qi smiles happily, “Thank you for not killing chenqie!”

“Your Majesty—–“ Han Yi Xiao walks in. He is very surprised when he sees Mo Qi Qi sitting next to Jun Qian Che, “Your Ladyship, you— what are you doing here?”

Mo Qi Qi sighs while shaking her head when she sees Han Yi Xiao, “It is true what people say, it is always the quiet ones. Both of you always act so aloof, so upright, who would have thought that this is your taste.”

When Han Yi Xiao hears that, he quickly tries to explain himself, “You misunderstood us, Your Ladyship. This General and His Majesty are here for a business. It is not what you think it is.”

“Business? Hahaha, yes this is also considered a business. You will only harm yourself if you hold back for too long,” Mo Qi Qi laughs while ridiculing them.

“You misunderstood us, Your Ladyship. The thing is….”

Jun Qian Che cuts him off, “No need to explain to her, Yi Xiao.”

Mo Qi Qi raises her eyebrows, “See, even the emperor admitted it. No need to cover up things for me, I am a very reasonable person. I can understand you guys. Long live the common sense! Go and do your business, I will leave first,” she tries to slip away again.

Jun Qian Che speaks up, “Stop.”

Mo Qi Qi unhappily turns around to look at him, “What? Don’t tell me Your Majesty wants chenqie to be here while you two get busy? Chenqie is not that perverted. Gross!”

“Mo Qi Qi—–“ Jun Qian Che angrily scowls.

She obediently shuts up.

Jun Qian Che turns to Han Yi Xiao, “Have you investigated everything?”

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“Yes, Your Majesty,” General Han respectfully reports to him.

Jun Qian Che nods in satisfaction before getting up, “Let’s go.”

“Go where?” Mo Qi Qi asks him in wonder.

“Go back,” Jun Qian Che simply says before walking away.

Mo Qi Qi follows him from behind while asking, “We are leaving just like this? Aren’t you going to call for some beauties?”

Jun Qian Che simply glares at her, too lazy to talk to her.

Han Yi Xiao goes downstairs before them to prepare the carriage.

Mo Qi Qi follows Jun Qian Che from behind as they leave the room. On the staircase, they bump into a drunk middle-aged man. He is fat and greasy, and when he sees Mo Qi Qi, his eyes light up. He swallows heavily, “Who would have thought that Guo Se Tower would have such an unparalleled beauty….”

Mo Qi Qi snaps at him, “What the hell are you talking about? I am a man! You drank too much.”

The man laughs, “Others might not see that you are a woman dressed as a man, but I who have seen so many beauties in my lifetime, can! Little beauty—“ he made grabby hands towards Mo Qi Qi.

Just as Jun Qian Che is about to kick the man off the stairs, Mo Qi Qi hides behind him, scared, “My hubby is right here, don’t you dare come towards me!”

Jun Qian Che looks at her, confused.

“Hubby means husband,” Mo Qi Qi explains.

Hearing that, the man laughs, “So you are not a worker here! Are you here to catch your husband in the act, then?”

Jun Qian Che stares at Mo Qi Qi.

Mo Qi Qi quickly says, “No, absolutely no. It is normal for men to seek for other flowers. I am here to tell my husband to pick a few beauties. If he really likes any of them, we will buy her and bring her home with us!”

The man gives Jun Qian Che a thumbs up, “You are so blessed, Young Master. I am so jealous of you, you get to marry such a virtuous wife! So different from my tigress back home. If she knows I am here, I am dead!”

“You are still here though. Seems like your wife are not fierce enough,” Mo Qi Qi pokes fun of him.

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The man laughs, “Women….. They are so fierce, but when it is time to hit you, they will not have the heart to.”

Mo Qi Qi looks at him in disdain, “Hmph! If it were me, I would have cut it off!”

That man immediately covers his private part, “Women…. They say one thing, but means another… You are on your own, Young Master!” The man then runs off.

Mo Qi Qi turns to Jun Qian Che while smiling arrogantly, “See how awesome I am!”

“You still think you are safe just because you are wearing men’s clothing?” Jun Qian Che coldly asks.

She clicks her tongue, unable to find any reply. She didn’t think it would be so easy for people to see through her disguise.

Both of them leave Guo Se Tower.

Han Yi Xiao is already waiting for them by the carriage.

Jun Qian Che walks towards the carriage. Mo Qi Qi, on the other hand, remains in her original spot.

Jun Qian Che turns around to look at her, “Why aren’t you coming?”

Mo Qi Qi pats her own tummy before saying, “I have not eaten since lunch. I almost ate dinner in Guo Se Tower just now, but you caught me before I get to eat. I am so hungry. I will go and find something to eat, you can leave first, Your Majesty.” Ever since she arrived in this era, she has not managed to taste any of the kingdom’s common snacks. She must seize this chance to try them out!

Jun Qian Che says something towards Han Yi Xiao. Not long later, Han Yi Xiao leaves with the carriage.

Mo Qi Qi is very surprised when she sees that, “Why didn’t you leave with General Han, Your Majesty?”

“Didn’t you say you want to eat? Let’s go?” he is not brave enough to let her wander around on her own. People would target her and then sell her and she would still help them count the money.

“You want to eat with chenqie?” Mo Qi Qi is surprised by this sudden kindness.

“We are not in the palace, no need to address yourself as such.”

Mo Qi Qi nods in agreement, “You are right. Since you are here disguised as a commoner, we should play the part. I will call you Che Che, then!”

Jun Qian Che almost died from choking from his own saliva. He glares at her.

Upon being the receiving end of that glare Mo Qi Qi smiles like an idiot, “You don’t like that name? Why don’t I call you Little Qian Qian, then?”

“You just enjoy angering zhen, aren’t you, Mo Qi Qi?” Jun Qian Che tries his best to rein in his anger.

Mo Qi Qi smiles, “It was just a joke, don’t be angry. How about ‘Husband’? Do you like that one?” She sweetly says while approaching him. The smile on her face is beautiful, but also fake.

Jun Qian Che does not reply her, meaning that he agrees. “Let’s go.” He walks forward. The truth is, he is very pleased with that term of addressment. They have been married for two years, he finally feels some sort of intimacy with her.

Mo Qi Qi follows him while talking non-stop, “Honestly, you don’t have to come with me. Your status is very special. What if someone suddenly attacks you?”

“You are worried about me?” Jun Qian Che stops in his steps as he looks at her.

Mo Qi Qi rubs her neck before honestly saying, “I just thought that if someone tries to assassinate you, I will get dragged into the danger.”

Jun Qian Che suddenly wants to choke her to death. She lies when she is supposed to tell the truth, and tells the truth when she is supposed to lie.

He is too lazy to argue with her.

Both of them walk along the street. Jun Qian Che stops in front of a restaurant.

“What’s wrong?” Mo Qi Qi curiously asks.

Jun Qian Che motions towards the restaurant.

When Mo Qi Qi sees the restaurant, she quickly says, “Husband, I don’t want to eat in a restaurant.”

“Where do you want to eat then?” Jun Qian Che calmly asks.

Mo Qi Qi smiles happily, “I saw a couple of street stalls when I was passing by earlier. I want to eat there.”

Jun Qian Che disagrees with her, “Those things are not clean.”

Mo Qi Qi sticks to her desire, “It will be fine! They are clean even though they are street-side stalls. It is alright to occasionally eat them.” The food in the ancient times are all natural, no need to worry about eating dangerous things. Worst to come, you will only get diarrhoea. She believes in her own stomach, she will be just fine.

Jun Qian Che hesitates a little.

Mo Qi Qi pamperedly grabs his arm and coquettishly says, “Let’s go! Just once, Husband!”

When it comes to her, Jun Qian Che is scared of this method the most. He can only helplessly nods, “Just once, alright.”

Mo Qi Qi is very happy when she hears that, “That’s great! Let’s go!” She then drags Jun Qian Che towards a small street lined with stalls.

Although the day is already turning dark, there are still a lot of people about. The street is lined with stalls on both sides. The stalls all hang lanterns to light things up. To put it simple, it is a beautiful sight.

Mo Qi Qi drags Jun Qian Che into the crowd. They stood out amongst the crowd, very inconspicuous. They look like a couple of sweethearts in the modern world, trying on ancient clothings for their upcoming wedding ceremony. It is a pity that cameras aren’t invented yet, no one could record this scene and make it last forever.

Enticing aromas drift to their noses. The long lines across the street are mostly occupied by snacks stalls and hawkers. They even place tables and stools in front of their little shop, so that their customers can sit. It is a very lively street.

This scene reminds Mo Qi Qi of modern street stalls. Although the timeline and setting is very different, the feeling it gives her is the same.

Jun Qian Che is shocked senseless by what he sees. He never knew such a place exists amongst the common people. Although he was born in this era, he is an imperial family member, so he never frequents this kind of place.

Had it not been for Mo Qi Qi, he probably would never know this kind of place exists.

When she sees the stunned Jun Qian Che, she playfully pokes him in the arm, “Dumbfounded, aren’t you? Their aroma makes me feel really hungry.”


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