Chapter 77: The Emperor’s Heavy Taste

“These local officials took advantage of their distance from the capital. Whenever they sent in reports, it was all about how good everything is. Only when zhen is here does zhen realized how the commoners have been living,” Jun Qian Che coldly says.

“Please do not be angry, Your Majesty.”

“Go and spy on him. Who are those people who came with him, and what is it are they after?” Jun Qian Che coldly says.

“Yes!” Han Yi Xiao immediately leaves to do the bidding.

Jun Qian Che looks at the performance downstairs with a frown. Although the performance is very elegant, it still feels noisy to him.

Mo Qi Qi, on the other hand, is waiting inside her room patiently.

The old pimp is very fast and efficient. Within such a short amount of time, she has returned with a bunch of dishes and two lovely ladies.

“Young Master, everything that you asked for is here,” the old lady gives Mo Qi Qi an inviting look.

Mo Qi Qi wants to throw up. She picks up another piece of gold and gives it to her, “This master is very satisfied. This is your reward.”

The old lady accepts the money happily, “Young Master is very generous!”

“Alright, hurry and leave!” Mo Qi Qi waves her off. She will lose her appetite the longer the lady is here.

The old lady hides her smile before saying, “I understand, I understand! Both of you must treat Young Master properly!” Then, she leaves.

When the two beauties see how generous Mo Qi Qi, they are happy beyond words. They rush towards Mo Qi Qi before saying, “Let us serve you food, Young Master!”

Mo Qi Qi jumps up in shock and tries to avoid them, “Men and women must keep some distance between them! I want to eat food, not you guys. Please stay away from me.”

Both women stand on their original spots in grievance.

Mo Qi Qi sits back down before looking at them again, “Both of you can sit down!”

The two of them smile happily and quickly sit next to Mo Qi Qi, “What do you want to eat, Young Master? I will pick it up for you!”

“No need, no need. I will pick it up myself,” Mo Qi Qi picks up her chopsticks before picking her own food.

One of the girls carries a jar of wine over, “Come and drink some wine, Young Master!”

Mo Qi Qi quickly rejects her offer, “No, thank you. I cannot drink. Let’s just eat. Come, let’s eat together!” In the middle of it all, Mo Qi Qi suddenly feels like she needs to go to the toilet. She must have drank too much tea, she needs to pee!

She puts down her chopsticks and looks at the two beauties, “Excuse me, where is the toilet?”

The two of them eagerly reply her, “Why don’t we take you there?”

“No need, no need. Just tell me, I will go by myself.”

The two ladies give her the direction of the toilet in disappointment.

Mo Qi Qi rushes towards the direction of the toilet. However, the moment she gets there, she realizes that there is only the men’s toilet. Mo Qi Qi wants to cry, “Wuwu, what should I do?” She really wants to pee. Just as she made her mind to just use the men’s toilet, a familiar figure appears in front of her.

She quickly turns around in shock, preparing to flee.

A scary voice can be heard from behind her, “Stop.”

Mo Qi Qi obediently stays put and purposely makes her voice coarse, “What’s wrong, Young Master? Why are you stopping me?”

“Mo Qi Qi—–“ that scary voice is full of anger. Even from their distance, Mo Qi Qi can feel a chill running through her back from his iciness. She shudders. Why is she so unlucky? She actually bumped into Jun Qian Che! Wuwu, she is going to die! No, she must not get caught! She only needs to run! As long as she manage to run away, he will not be able to do anything to her. She does not believe that he will have the guts to tell the world that she went to the brothel without any proofs to back him up.

After making up her mind, Mo Qi Qi prepares her legs to run.

And so, she lifts her legs and runs off.

A second later: “Aiya, who is blocking my way?” She lifts her head and sees a familiar face. “Y-Your Majesty, you…you—-“ Seems like she can only butter him up to get out of this situation. She gives him a silly grin, “What a coincidence, Your Majesty!”

How is this bastard so quick? Does he know Ling Bo Wei Bu?

(TN: Ling Bo Wei Bu is a type of martial arts.)

Jun Qian Che’s face is very dark, “Mo Qi Qi, you better has a good explanation about this!”

Mo Qi Qi suddenly clutches her stomach with a pained look on her face, “Your Majesty, I indeed plans on explaining everything. Just, I need to pee so bad. I need to use the toilet. There is no toilet for women here. Can you please help me check if the toilet is empty? Please!” she begs Jun Qian Che.

Jun Qian Che does not want to care for her, but his legs do not listen to him and enters the toilet to check it for her.

Very quickly, he walks back out before icily saying, “Get in.”

Mo Qi Qi runs inside. She suddenly stops mid-way and turns to him threateningly, “Do not peek, oh! Help me keep guard outside!”

Jun Qian Che glares at her, too lazy to deal with her.

After using the toilet, Mo Qi Qi quickly tries to find the way to escape the toilet. But, after looking for a long time, she cannot find any other way other than the exit, and so, she can only obediently walks out.

Jun Qian Che glances at her before walking off.

She obediently follows him from behind.

Who would have thought that he is walking towards the room that Mo Qi Qi has been using.

At that moment, the two beauties cannot endure the wait and have walked out of the room, trying to find her. When they see her, they run towards her happily, “You are finally back, Young Master! What took you so long?”

“Hehe, there were too many people in the toilet. Sorry for keeping you two waiting,” Mo Qi Qi still has the time to idly chat with other people.

When Jun Qian Che throws a cold glance her way, she quickly stands straight. She takes out two gold ingots, one for each beauty, and says, “This Young Master has other matters to attend to. This is for each of you to buy rouge and powder!”

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The two beauties are so happy when they see the gold. They quickly accept it and bow in front of her, “Then, we will not bother Young Master anymore!” Then, they walk away.

Mo Qi Qi follows Jun Qian Che to the private room next to hers. His is more elegant than hers.

She looks around in wonder, “Why aren’t there any people?”

“Why? Who do you want to be here?” Jun Qian Che coldly asks.

Mo Qi Qi laughs roguishly, “Women, of course! Why else are you here? Who would have thought that you would have such a heavy taste, Your Majesty! There are so many beauties inside the palace, yet you wouldn’t look at any of them. Who would have thought that it is women from the brothels that you like! Why? Are they more coquettish?”

“Mo Qi Qi—-“ Jun Qian Che tries his best to rein in his anger.

Mo Qi Qi takes that as the cue to shut up, “Fine, since you want some face, chenqie will not say anything.”

“Why are you here?” Jun Qian Che solemnly asks before he sits down.

Mo Qi Qi’s head turns like a gear, “Chenqie is here to look for Your Majesty.”

“Look for zhen? How did you know zhen is here?” Jun Qian Che narrows his eyes dangerously.

Mo Qi Qi looks around, “From rumors!”

“Nonsense!” Jun Qian Che scolds her.

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Seeing that she has no way of lying to him, she can only be honest, “Chenqie has always been curious as to how brothels look like. Chenqie wanted to know why men like coming to this place so much. Chenqie wanted to see the dance, to eat the food, to see the beauties. Who would have thought that chenqie would bump into you?”

“Do you know what kind of place brothels are? You are a woman, it is dangerous for you to come here!” Jun Qian Che is worried for her safety.

Mo Qi Qi disagrees, “What is there to be afraid of? Chenqie is here dressed as a man, it is very safe. You are the one who shouldn’t be here. You are the emperor, what if there are assasins?”

Jun Qian Che pats his own forehead, why is it so hard to communicate with her? She is so beautiful. Even when dressed a man, people will get attracted to her.

When Jun Qian Che does not speak, she arrogantly says, “What? You have nothing to say right?”

Jun Qian Che glares at her, completely speechless.

Mo Qi Qi quickly sits next to him and starts buttering up, “Alright, don’t be angry, Your Majesty. Chenqie only came here out of curiousity, chenqie will not come to this kind of place again. Honestly, this place is not as fun as chenqie thought it would be. There is nothing really interesting here, it is completely inferior to our imperial palace. But if you like this place, feel free to call a few beauties to serve you. Do you want chenqie to ask the old pimp to pick out a few beauties for you? Honestly, the old pimp isn’t that bad herself!” Mo Qi Qi struggles to contain her laughter. A scene surfaces in her mind: one of the old pimp taking Jun Qian Che into her bosom before pouncing on him.

“Hahahahahaha—-“ Mo Qi Qi laughs happily.

Jun Qian Che takes the fan in her hand and uses it to knock her in the head with.

Mo Qi Qi’s daydream is cut short and she quickly looks at Jun Qian Che in grievance, “Why did you hit me, Your Majesty!”

“You are the empress, mind your bearing,” Jun Qian Che unhappily reprimands her.

Mo Qi Qi purses her lips, “We are not even in the palace, why are you so troublesome?”

“Troublesome? Why? Do you find the imperial palace tiring?” Jun Qian Che asks.

Mo Qi Qi helpless says, “Of course! There are too many rules. Everything you do is wrong!”

“That means that you are too unscrupulous. When we get back, go and read the palace’s rules.”

Jun Qian Che says it so casually, but the effect on Mo Qi Qi is mind-numbing.

“What? Hehe, Your Majesty, chenqie really does not like reading books. Can I not read them?” she grabs his arm pamperedly. She cannot even read most of the characters on those books!

Jun Qian Che looks at her before simply saying, “Then, it will depend on your performance for the next couple of days.”

Mo Qi Qi quickly holds out her palm, as though swearing an oath, “Chenqie will definitely be obedient for the next couple of days. When we go out, chenqie will listen to you. If Your Majesty wants chenqie to go east, chenqie will not go west. If Your Majesty wants chenqie to drive out a dog, chenqie will not hit a chicken! If Your Majesty wants chenqie to belch, chenqie will not fart! If Your Majesty—–“

“Enough, you are being absurd again!” Jun Qian Che unhappily stops her. Who knows where she learns all these crude words from!

“Hehe, the point is chenqie will listen to only you!” she quickly pours him a cup of tea.

Jun Qian Che’s anger slowly dissipates. He slowly says, “Zhen is not asking you to listen to zhenregardless of what. Just, there are places you must not go, no matter how curious you are.”

Mo Qi Qi nods repeatedly, “Understand! Understand! Places like this brothel!”

“It is good that you understand.”

“Hehe, chenqie should go then, Your Majesty. Chenqie must not disturb your happy hour!” If she had known that she would bump into him here, she wouldn’t have come here even if her life depends on it!

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