Chapter 80 – Battling to the death

Wei Qiqi waved her hands and ordered the soldiers, “Prepare the bows and arrows. When you discover that the nettings have some movement, immediately let loose of the arrows. The Xiongnu above the sand won’t be able to guess that there is a trap under the sand!”

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“Yes!” The soldiers seemed to have understood. General Qi was really smart. Looks like the army camp had hope.

When the soldiers who buried the nettings came back, the Xiongnu were already close. From far away the, sand dust were billowing. They were running over very quickly. The sand dust disappeared suddenly, probably because they discovered the blankets in the camp and mistook it for Great Han soldiers. Hence they did not dare to enter recklessly.

“The nettings are moving!” A soldier exclaimed.

“Heed my command, don’t waste arrows. Everyone is in charge of the nettings in front of them. When you see movement, shoot! Don’t panic!” Wei Qiqi changed her hand signal. A soldier released the arrow from the bow and shot it onto the netting. In an instant there was a muffled sound and there was no longer any movement.

The Xiongnu underneath the sand were great in numbers. However they all fell in the nettings. Those above didn’t understand what was happening and their numbers dwindled. Hence they did not dare act recklessly. Both sides thus fell into a stalemate, they were checking each other’s situation.

“They are temporarily not going through the sand and will probably attack at night. At that time, the desert will be dark and we won’t be able to see the movement in the nettings.”

“General Qi, we see that they still have about 50-60 people. What should we do if they attack us at night?”

“We killed about 100 over people. With so little people left, they would not be much of a threat anymore. We have about 150 people, even if we get into a brawl we may not lose!” Wei Qiqi looked at the sky. The Xiongnu didn’t move for such a long time, she probably guessed right. The Xiongnu were going to take action at night, and herself was put into a passive stance.

Wei Qiqi stood up and returned to the big tent vexed. She sat for a while, then left again. A few soldiers followed her wherever she went. Their motive was no longer to look after her, but to hope that General Qi would have a great idea to deal with the Xiongnu. They were staring at Wei Qiqi, causing her to feel even worse.

“The sky is darkening. Light up all the torches, then get the soldiers to bring everything that can produce sounds. The louder the better!”

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The soldiers no longer asked Wei Qiqi why. General Qi’s planning always had it’s logic. They lit up all the torches and brought out all the drums and metal, sitting in the camp and began making loud sounds.

In an instant the Great Han army camp was in a rumble. The Xiongnu from far originally intended to do a sneak attack at night. However when they heard the loud noises and see the flaming torches, they were somewhat uncertain. Why is the Great Han camp so boisterous, how many people would they actually meet? They couldn’t estimate at this moment.

Wei Qiqi brought out the only fish oil barrel. It was really not easy to obtain this thing in the desert. She sat outside of the big tent and began making the last fish oil bomb. Qiqi was making it at one side and was upset at the same time. She may not be able to live through this episode. The Xiongnu were vicious by nature. These 100 plus soldiers from Great Han were not a match for them.

Within one to two hours, the Xiongnu would definitely find that something was amiss. They would surely attack. If they razed the campground and rations, Liu Zhongtian would come back to nothing. The big army would then die in the desert.

This barrel of fish oil must explode in the middle of the Xiongnu in order to drive them away. Wei Qiqi couldn’t send her soldiers to death, hence the only person who could go was herself. This Great Han world didn’t belong to her in the first place. Maybe with this explosion, the high energy could possibly send her back. Even if she couldn’t be sent back, this explosion would end everything in an instant.

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