Chapter 81 – Let’s die together

Wei Qiqi looked at the fish-oil bomb and pinched her nose suddenly. She started crying while mumbling her grievances in a soft voice.

“Stinky Duke Liu Zhongtian, to have let you bully me. You’re not going to see me anymore, you are never going to hit Qiqi’s buttocks again, you can no longer tie me up once more. Wei Qiqi had done whatever she could for you. I hope that when you return to the capital victorious, you can peacefully marry your pretty concubine! You no longer need to worry about this ugly concubine.”

Why was she so sad? In the past, didn’t she look forward to returning? If she couldn’t go back, wasn’t it good enough to just die like this? That Liu Zhongtian was so fierce, to rely on the fact that he was a duke to hit her buttocks, tie her up, deny her food and drink, rebuking her, restricting her. What was there to reminisce about?

Furthermore, what made Wei Qiqi most uncomfortable was that this Royal Concubine was just in-name. When he returns victorious to the capital, there would be countless pretty ladies. Third Duke is so awesome and handsome, there would be innumerable ladies taking the initiative. At that time, he would forget about this ugly concubine.

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Qiqi stood up and wiped her tears. She picked up the fish-oil bomb and walked to the middle of the soldiers, “I’m going out to take a look. If you see a fish-oil bomb explode in the middle of the desert, you can stop creating noise!”

“General Qi, where are you going?”

“To take care of those guys, I’ll come back quickly!” Qiqi said it in a plain manner.

A soldier stood up, “We’ll bring a few men to go with you!”

“That won’t do. Now that I’m the general in the camp, you should all listen to me. If there are so many people going it’s easy to be discovered.”

“But the Duke has ordered…”

“I’m only scouting, not escaping. Furthermore, whoever dares to disobey my orders at this moment, I’ll chop off his head!” Qiqi widened her eyes, her ugly face becoming more ferocious. The soldiers didn’t dare to speak anymore and continued to make noise with the instruments and metal.

Wei Qiqi looked at her clothes. How did she forget? She should wear her own clothes. In case she flies through time and returned to her own world, she couldn’t scare her grandfather. Wei Qiqi ran back to the big tent and changed into her own clothes, leaving the camp full of hope.

Within the pervasive yellow sand, Wei Qiqi glanced back at the campground that was filled with lights. Goodbye, Great Han, goodbye, Third Duke. This time around she no longer intended to return. No matter what received her, she would not look back in regret.

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Qiqi was inching closer and closer to the Xiongnu. Those Xiongnu were sitting around in a circle, each of them carrying a sharp saber. They were mumbling about something and constantly looked towards the military camp.

Qiqi laid down on the desert, pushing the fish-oil bomb forward bit by bit. One Xiongnu seemed to have heard something. He looked around on all fours, a pair of ratty eyes scanning the area. Discovering nothing out of the norm, he shook his head and returned to sit with the rest.

Wei Qiqi looked at the short bomb fuse. As long as it was lit, it would explode within one minute. She would put the lit fish-oil bomb, carry it into the middle of the Xiongnu and perish together with them.

The distance was suitable. Qiqi heaved a sigh. She urged herself to be braver and not be scared. This was no different from being struck by lightning. Didn’t she await to be struck by lightning fearlessly back then?

Qiqi took out the flint, decisively created a spark, lighted up the bomb fuse and sprinted towards the Xiongnu.

“Come, die together with Wei Qiqi!”

The Xiongnu discovered the flashing bright light in the darkness and they instantly descended into chaos. A few Xiongnu pounced towards Qiqi. They didn’t know what Qiqi was carrying, they only knew that the desert had appeared a person that had sparks and light all over her.

Qiqi could only care about rushing. She was kicked onto the ground by a Xiongnu. Due to the fact that she fell down too hard, the fish-oil bomb in her hands flew out. Qiqi was instantly stupefied. Originally she wanted to perish with them, now the fish-oil bomb had actually flew out of her hands, flying into the midst of the Xiongnu. Qiqi immediately buried her head in the desert. An ear-deafening sound erupted.

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