Chapter 82 – Helplessly crying

Wei Qiqi felt the remnants of the fish-oil flames all around her, which was burning her clothes. These was her only T-shirt and jeans. Qiqi speedily tumbled in the desert and then quickly raised her head, discovering that the desert in front of her had turned into a sea of flames. The Xiongnu suffered heavy casualties. Some were jumping about in the sea of flames, others were rolling about in the sand. Haha, looked like the fish-oil bomb grew a pair of eyes and exploded in the middle of them.

Neither did she travel through time, nor did she die. Qiqi pranced on the sand without moving. She was feeling angry in her heart. Was it destined that she would become the Third Duke’s concubine? To let him bully her?

Qiqi felt that there was someone walking towards her front. A cool saber blade rested on Qiqi’s neck. Following that was warm blood flowing down the blade which dripped on Qiqi’s face. It was sticky and had a nose-piercing smell.

That man was speaking something foreign. Qiqi frantically looked up. That person’s face was pale and his lips were repeatedly trembling probably because Qiqi’s looks were too fearsome. A face with yellow lines and blood stains sticking onto it, disheveled hair. She looked exactly like a devil. That Xiongnu already had an arm blown off, fresh blood was continuously pouring out of him and dripping on Qiqi till it was all over her body.

“Ah! Scram!” Wei Qiqi covered her face, wiped off the blood stains and started screaming.

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Alas that Xiongnu’s response was even more violent than hers. He threw away the saber in his hands and screamed while running away. What the hell? Qiqi stood up with her messy hair flying everywhere. The few surviving Xiongnu thought that they had seen a ghost and scrambled to escape.

Maybe these Xiongnu treated Wei Qiqi as a vengeful spirit in the desert. Why didn’t they kill her in one strike! On the contrary, they were scared off. Qiqi looked at the sky and furiously shouted, “Why is Wei Qiqi still alive, is there any difference between a ghost and me now!”

“Come kill me! Bastard, what are you running for!”

Qiqi’s tears were all over her face. She was shouting in a loud voice, releasing her pent up emotions. She stopped after she finished releasing her pent up emotions. She turned around and looked longingly. The Great Han camp was already quiet. The fish-oil flames were also smaller by a lot. Now should she go back to camp or let people believe she was dead? Qiqi was somewhat lost.

Must she go back and continue to face Liu Zhongtian? Wei Qiqi was only someone assigned to him by the Emperor, an ugly woman whom no one wanted. There was no love nor bliss to speak of. Going back would only bring more troubles. She should just leave. If there was a chance to go back home, it’d be best. If she couldn’t go back, then the desert would be her last solace. Really, it was sad and pitiful.

Wei Qiqi made a decision in her heart. She looked at the Great Han camp for the last time and then waded towards the recesses of the desert. This time she didn’t bring her bag. Qiqi didn’t need anything, even water. Wherever she walked to was her destination. That final resting spot would be Wei Qiqi’s grave.

Qiqi walked till the morning before she finally saw a cactus. A pity it was that kind that couldn’t give water to her. Qiqi forcefully endured the thirst and continued walking forth. She didn’t know how long she could continue going without water.

Wei Qiqi already decided to continue walking like this. When the sun rose above her head, she already didn’t have energy left. She fell and sat on the sand.

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“I’m so thirsty!” Qiqi didn’t even have the strength to shout.

The fierce thirst and hunger caused Wei Qiqi to somewhat regret it. Even if she were to die, she shouldn’t die so horribly. By dying from starvation(thirst), could she also be starving in hell? Weren’t that be even more pitiful?

However it was too late to regret. To return to the Great Han camp, even if she had strength, she couldn’t decipher the direction. Wei Qiqi felt that her head was extremely dizzy. Her vision was also slowly blurring. These was the symptoms and signs before death.

Wei Qiqi fell into the desert. Her ears heard a sound that was made up of wind and sand. She thought of that song, sand that blew over, crying sand. This was just like her state now, helplessly crying.

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