Chapter 139: Date with Lin Yuhan

Cheng Yu’s disappearance this time had caused her to be extremely worried. In addition to the previous incident, and this disappearance with Cheng Yu villa’s suffering from a terrorist attack, no matter what was said to Yang Sifeng, she would no longer want her son to continue living in Yunhai.

“Mom, I will not return yet. I feel that the life here in Yunhai is pretty satisfying. Besides, the incident this time was purely an accident. In the future, I will be extra careful,” There were still so many ladies here that he hadn’t married. How could Cheng Yu possibly leave?

“No! This time, no matter what you say, you must still come home with me. Even if it was an accident, I am still not relieved to let you stay here,” Yang Sifeng ignored everything Cheng Yu said. In her eyes, the most important thing right now was her son’s safety.

“Mom! You should also know that I like to cause trouble. Now that all Yunhai citizens know of me, naturally they won’t provoke me anymore. If I go back to the capital, I will definitely cause a lot more trouble. Furthermore, the capital has so many children of officials. If by mistake, I were to cause our family to have an additional political opponent, it wouldn’t be good,” Cheng Yu knew that Yang Sifeng always treasured him. But with regards to the family in the capital, frankly speaking, Cheng Yu did not feel any sentiment towards them.

It was because the current him had never been there before. With regards to that family, he did not even have any idea of how they looked. Even though those people there were his relatives, they were still strangers to Cheng Yu. Besides, he had long decided to stay in Yunhai forever. Even his future plans would be carried out in Yunhai.

“You…do you wish to anger your mom to death?!” Yang Sifeng was very helpless and angry. The current her was somewhat regretting bringing him to Yunhai previously. But this was her grandfather’s orders. No one in the family dared to not follow his orders.

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Originally, no matter what, Cheng Yu did not wish to come to Yunhai. But now, he does not want to leave Yunhai anymore.

“Mom, stop worrying. I will take care of myself. If those people were fugitives and wanted to take my life, even if I returned to the capital, they would still carry out their plans. The only difference would be the location. Besides, for such a thing to happen in Yunhai, it would still be easy to conceal. But if it were to happen in the capital, the nature of the incident would no longer be the same. Wouldn’t it cause the citizens there to panic?”

“Sister-in-law, why not just let Xiao Yu continue staying here? Xiao Yu has been living peacefully here in Yunhai. Perhaps, this time really was an accident?” Cheng Meiyan also spoke. The transformation Cheng Yu had gone through in recent months was huge, and they were all able to tell.

They also wished that Cheng Yu would pay more attention to his conduct in the future. If it was like what he said, once he returned to the capital, he would cause trouble everywhere, so wouldn’t it anger his grandfather to death again?

“Alright then. I will shift all key projects of my company to Yunhai. In the future, I will also be in Yunhai to look after him,” When she heard her younger sister also voice out her opinion, Yang Sifeng had no other way and could only compromise.

“Up to you. As long as I do not need to return to the capital, you can do whatever you like,” As long as Cheng Yu did not need to return to the capital, he did not mind if they were to all move to Yunhai.

“Brother, I also do not wish to go to the capital,” At this moment, Keke who had been together with Zhao Yunfang also spoke.

When Yang Sifeng saw Keke was a girl that Cheng Yu had adopted, this caused Yang Sifeng to be surprised. Among the brothers in the Cheng Family, only her family had no daughters. Even though she had managed to give birth to a son, Yang Sifeng still wished to have a daughter, but the circumstances did not allow her to.

Even though Keke was not her biological child, when Yang Sifeng saw how cute and delicate Keke was, she couldn’t help being extremely attracted to her. On the same day Yang Sifeng saw her, she had announced that she wanted to bring Keke back to raise her properly.

Although Keke had acknowledged herself as part of this family, she was still closest to Cheng Yu. She naturally would want to be by Cheng Yu’s side.

“Not going! Keke wants to be together with Big Brother!”

“Mom. Since you already prepared to come over to Yunhai, then there is no need for you to bring Keke back anymore. Staying here is also quite good for her. Besides, Fangfang is there to accompany her,” Ever since Cheng Yu had moved to his own villa, he had hardly seen Keke. It was usually the nanny who would bring her to school. Now that there was such a good living environment for her to live in, Keke’s complexion had turned glossier and extremely delicate. This caused others to be fond of her.

It was particularly so for Zhao Yunfang. Now that there was one less person for her to hang out with, every day after school, she would follow Keke around to play. What Zhao Yunfang liked the most was to be able to pinch the soft and delicate cheeks of Keke.

“Fine! Everything will be according to your decisions,” Yang Sifeng felt that she was such a failure. Unexpectedly, none of her children wished to be with her.

“Mom, don’t be like that. It’s not like we can no longer be together. Wait until you transfer all your work to Yunhai, won’t we be together every day?” When Cheng Yu saw how depressed Yang Sifeng was, he could no longer bear it as he tried to comfort her.

“But your dad can’t possibly follow us to Yunhai,” Yang Sifeng always wished for her family to be together happily. But if she were to move to Yunhai, she would no longer be with her husband. She couldn’t help feeling depressed.

Cheng Yu also had no choice. In any case, the current him would never choose to leave Yunhai. He could only move them all over in the future.


After playing around with Keke and Zhao Yunfang, Lin Yuhan called. Cheng Yu bid goodbye to his family before driving out.

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At first, Zhao Yunfang also wished to tag along, but she was rejected by Cheng Yu. With Keke accompanying her, Zhao Yunfang pouted before returning.

When Cheng Yu came over to fetch Lin Yuhan, Lin Yuhan was standing at a bus stop some distance away from her house. She had told her mother that she was going to her female classmate’s house to stay. If she were to let her neighbors see that she had left with Cheng Yu, they would definitely let her mother know. That was why Lin Yuhan chose this spot.

Lin Yuhan had never once gone out for a date. Even though she was seated in Cheng Yu’s car, she couldn’t help looking forward to it. There was happiness and sweetness in her heart.

“Hanhan, I will teach you how to cultivate during the night. Let’s go out and have a stroll first,” After much difficulty did Cheng Yu manage to call this good little girl out. Naturally, Cheng Yu did not wish to teach her cultivation so quickly.

“En!” Which young lady didn’t yearn for love when facing their own crush? Lin Yuhan would naturally look forward to this date and not reject such a good opportunity. Besides, Cheng Yu had also said that in a few days, he would leave Yunhai. She did not know when he would be back. Of course, she must grab hold of this opportunity.

After growing up, Lin Yuhan had never been to the amusement park. When she was small, her dad was seriously ill. Everything worth anything was all pawned away to pay for her dad’s medical bills. After her dad passed away, their days had become extremely difficult.

In addition, both mother and daughter had asthma. Even though young Lin Yuhan had always wished to go to the theme park once in her life, she was obedient and smart and didn’t ask for it.

Ever since she became acquainted with Cheng Yu, their family had experienced a thorough change. Not only had their asthma been cured, even their standard of living had gotten better. There was no longer a need for them to spend large amount of money to buy medicine to suppress their asthma. Furthermore, now that Lin Yuhan had recovered, no matter how excited she was, she was not afraid of her condition causing issues.

When Cheng Yu heard that Lin Yuhan wished to go to the amusement park, he did not say anything. As long as she was willing, anywhere was fine for Cheng Yu. Furthermore, the previous time Cheng Yu had brought Keke, Zhao Yunfang and Yang Ruoxue to the amusement park. He was somewhat familiar with the place already.

As it was currently the holiday, the whole amusement park was crowded with people. But when Cheng Yu saw how high spirited Lin Yuhan was, he did not wish to sweep away her spirits as they played.

Just as they had finished a ride on the roller coaster, Lin Yuhan was already sweating, but still appeared to be extremely excited. She had never been so frantic before. This might be somewhat related to the national exams as after the pressure of having to do well in the national exam, she can finally feel free.

Cheng Yu gently wiped off Lin Yuhan’s sweat causing the young lady beside them to be extremely envious. Not only was Cheng Yu handsome, he was also caring. Such good boyfriend material!

When Lin Yuhan felt the envious look from the surrounding people, she felt happy in her heart. She looked at the gentle Cheng Yu who was helping her wipe off sweat on her forehead. She felt that she was currently the most blessed lady in the world.

They held hands as they went to purchase drinks. They felt extremely contented. Suddenly, they saw that there was a long queue in front of them. They walked up curiously to check it out. It turned out that it was a haunted house!

Cheng Yu might not be interested in the other items, but a haunted house was something that he was a little interested in. However, Lin Yuhan did not dare to enter. Cheng Yu tried his very best to persuade her and it was only after a while did Lin Yuhan reluctantly agreed.

They bought their tickets as they walked into the entrance. It was extremely eerie inside. Furthermore, it was playing some terrifying music. It caused others to feel afraid.

At both sides of the pathway, there were all kinds of ghost props and it seemed quite scary. After entering for a short period of time, they heard a scream in front of them. Lin Yuhan was shocked as she quickly leaned towards Cheng Yu.

Cheng Yu did not expect such a good thing to happen. He quickly embraced Lin Yuhan as they advanced forward. A while later, a small ghost popped out. Lin Yuhan shrieked and shivered. However, Cheng Yu kept on wishing these small ghosts to keep popping out as every time these ghost popped out, Lin Yuhan would hug him tightly. Feeling Lin Yuhan’s soft body, Cheng Yu was aroused immediately.

Suddenly, a female ghost dropped down from the ceiling. Her long head dangled down and her expression was very frightening. There were bloodstains in both her eyes and she stuck out her long tongue. It caused Lin Yuhan to be frightened to the point that she turned around and dug into Cheng Yu’s bosom.

This was exactly what Cheng Yu had been waiting for! He also hugged Lin Yuhan tightly. He even stretched out his hand to smack the female ghost. It turned out that it was a prop! Cheng Yu smacked it once and the female ghost shot back up. It seemed like it was a mechanism meant to frighten anyone that passed through here.

10 minutes inside the haunted house had caused Lin Yuhan’s state of mind to fall into distress. When they exited, her complexion was a little pale causing Cheng Yu to feel hurt. If he knew, Cheng Yu would definitely not bring her into this sort of place. Cheng Yu held onto Lin Yuhan’s hand as he sent a thread of Qi over helping her complexion to turn a bit better.

“It’s all your fault! In the future, I will never want to go to this sort of place again! I was almost frightened to death by it!” After recovering from her distress, Lin Yuhan grumbled.

“Haha! It’s my fault. In the future we will not go to this sort of place again. It’s quite late, so let’s go and buy you some clothes.”

“No need. I have clothes to wear.”

“Ok. Since we have nothing better to do, let’s continue walking then. When you see anything you like, tell me. I can get it for you.”

Cheng Yu drove to a shopping mall and the parking lot was already packed with cars. Cheng Yu circled around and finally found a parking space. However, at the same time, in front of Cheng Yu appeared a car that seemed like it was rushing towards the same spot Cheng Yu found. Cheng Yu accelerated and drifted. Straight away, he parked his car in the parking space.

The car in front of Cheng Yu obviously did not expect this to happen. When Cheng Yu drifted and parked into the space, the other drive was angered to the point that he stepped on his acceleration peddle and almost knocked into Cheng Yu’s car.

The man’s face turned gloomy as he got off his car angrily, ”Are you looking for death?! Is there someone who parks like you?! Move your car away this instant! I obviously spotted this parking spot first!”

The man was around 20 years old and seemed like a university student. At the same time, a woman got off from his car as well. She had blazing red hair and wore thick make-up. No one had any idea how she would look without her make-up on.

Lin Yuhan and Cheng Yu got off from his car simultaneously. When the man saw Lin Yuhan, he stared at her blankly. After that, he looked at Cheng Yu ferociously and said, ”Kid! Your girl looks decent. Let me play with her for a while and I will let you off!”

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