Chapter 138: Transaction With Shi Ji

“Hmph! As for the fruit, I will not let you pluck it. You can leave,” Shi Ji withdrew her tail as she ordered him.

“Shi Ji, don’t be like that. Let’s discuss it again. There’s so many Spiritual Origin Fruits here. Even if you eat all of them, it would not have any effects for you as well.”

“I have nothing to talk to you about. These Spiritual Origin Fruits are mine. Even if I can’t finish them, they will still be mine,” Shi Ji did not care about Cheng Yu’s persuasion as in her eyes, everything in this valley was hers.

“Shi Ji, how about a transaction then?” When Cheng Yu looked at how Shi Ji used her enormous body to block him, he was also quite helpless. Thus, he could only change his way of dealing with her.

“Transaction? What are you going to use to make a deal with me?” Shi Ji asked not trusting him. Even though Cheng Yu’s cultivation was higher than hers, in Shi Ji’s eyes, Cheng Yu was just a poor fellow. At most, he would have a few pills. Basically, Cheng Yu had nothing that Shi Ji needed.

“You should also know that I am a Pill Master. I can use pills to trade with you,” In fact, the current Cheng Yu was exactly what Shi Ji had thought of him as, a poor little fellow. Cheng Yu only had a flying sword.

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Furthermore, all the pills Cheng Yu possessed right now were not useful for Foundation Establishment Realm demon beasts.

“Pills…sure. But it depends on what kind of pills you can offer. For those ordinary pills, it’s not even worth for me to look at. What’s more, these Spiritual Origin Fruits are incomparable precious. It’s not something an ordinary pill can be compared to,” Shi Ji was not foolish. Even though she had lived for thousands of years and had not left this valley before, she still possessed spiritual wisdom. Naturally, she knew how to fight for her own benefits.

She also knew that with so many Spiritual Origin Fruits, even if she consumed all of them, there would not be any effects after the first fruit.

“Your current cultivation is already in Foundation Establishment Realm middle stage. Not long after, you will need to form your demon core. You should also know that for a demon beast to form their core is a lot harder than us humans forming one. I can help you refine a Core Transformation Pill. With the Core Transformation Pill, you will be able to form your beast core a lot easier,” Cheng Yu replied after consideration.

“Alright. Give me a Core Transformation Pill now and I will give you a Spiritual Origin Fruit,” When she heard Cheng Yu had such a pill in his possession, Shi Ji was extremely delighted.

As demon beast had an enormous body, they needed a large amount of spiritual Qi to form their core. However, the demon beast would still need to refine this spiritual Qi before they can use it to assist them in forming their core.

As a result, if this spiritual Qi could not be accumulated in time, then there would not be enough spiritual Qi for them to form their core. Once the core was unable to be formed, the result would be very severe. With it being incomplete, the Qi would disperse. Now that this Qi from the outside world had been trapped in their body, their body could easily explode if they were to not be able to contain it properly.

Therefore, no matter if it was humans or demon beasts, forming their cores was very dangerous. Furthermore, since the demon beast needed a larger amount of Qi to form it, their risk was even higher. If they were not able to accumulate a lot of Qi in their bodies, a lot demon beasts would not dare to try forming their core even if they had reached the pinnacle of Foundation Establishment Realm.

But if they were to have the Core Transformation Pill, not only could it provide them a large amount of Qi for them to use, it could also transform the spiritual Qi from the surroundings for them to use. This way, the chances of forming a core would increase by a lot.

“I do not have the Core Transformation Pill right now. I can only refine it and give it to you in the future,” Cheng Yu said tranquilly.

“Are you trying to fool me? Since you do know have this pill, why should I deal with you?” Shi Ji was immediately angered. She fluttered her body as she was preparing to chase Cheng Yu away.

“Hey! Wait! Currently, I don’t have the medical herbs needed to refine it. In a few days, I will head over to the Cultivation World to look for them. When the time comes, I will be able to give you the pill.”

“Then let’s wait until you have refined the Core Transformation Pill before exchanging.”

“No way! The reason why I need this Spiritual Origin Fruit is to help my friend upgrade their cultivation. Only by doing so will I be able to head over to the Cultivation World peacefully. Otherwise, I will not be able to head there.”

Shi Ji stared at Cheng Yu with her big eyes, as if she was trying to confirm if his words were true. “Can you really refine the Core Transformation Pill? Furthermore, you will even give one to me at a later time?”

“Of course. You should be able to tell that I have reached Foundation Establishment Realm late stage. Not long later, I will need to start forming my core. Even if it was not for you, I would still need the Core Transformation Pill to break through my current realm, right?” Cheng Yu replied sincerely.

“Fine. I believe you. I can let you pluck a Spiritual Origin Fruit first. If you really are able to give me a genuine Core Transformation Pill, I will give you another Spiritual Origin Fruit then,” Shi Ji compromised. Originally, she wanted to wait until the Spiritual Origin Fruit had ripened before she used it to form her core in order to break through to the next realm.

But this Spiritual Origin Fruit would need at least 200 years before it would ripen fully. Besides, only the first fruit would be able to allow her to promote her realm. If she could use the Core Formation Pill to form her demon core, then waiting for this Spiritual Origin Fruit had ripen, she could use it to upgrade her cultivation by a stage after forming her core.

Furthermore, the Core Transformation Pill was used only for forming of core. Once she had used the Spiritual Origin Fruit to form her core, then the Core Transformation Pill would no longer have any use. Therefore, after weighing the pros and cons, to give Cheng Yu two Spiritual Origin Fruits in exchange for a Core Transformation Pill was very worth it.

“How about giving me a few more? Spiritual Origin Fruits can be used to restore injuries rapidly. This time, when I head over to the Cultivation World, I might face lots of danger. If I were unlucky, I might lose my life there. Wouldn’t you suffer a huge loss as well?” When Cheng Yu saw Shi Ji had agreed, he considered greedily and asked.

Last time when Cheng Yu had such a severe injury, if it was not because of the Spiritual Origin Fruit, Cheng Yu would definitely not be able to recover so quickly. Even though he had the Reversal Pill, it could only be used to safeguard his life. If it were to be recovering from injuries, the Spiritual Origin Fruit would be better.

“Kid. Don’t get an inch and start asking for a foot. When I promised to give you two, it can already be counted as my good will. You must know that there are only 99 fruits and you have taken 11 of them. It could already be said as a blessing,” When Shi Ji saw Cheng Yu still wanted to rip her off, she immediately became discontented.

“How about this then. Give me the other fruit as well. This can be one way to preserve my life. If by any chance, I were not able to make it back, your loss would be a lot heavier than just losing two Spiritual Origin Fruits,” Cheng Yu wanted to fight for the biggest benefits he could get right now.

Shi Ji paused. She felt that Cheng Yu’s words did sound reasonable. If he died, not only would she not be able to get the Core Transformation Pill, even her Spiritual Origin Fruits would be wasted.

“Alright. I promise you.”

Cheng Yu plucked two Spiritual Origin Fruit and boarded his flying sword as he flew off happily. However, not long after, Cheng Yu came back again.

“What are you here for again?!” When Shi Ji saw that Cheng Yu had returned, she called out unhappily.

Even though she had a deal with Cheng Yu, Shi Ji still did not welcome Cheng Yu. She felt that humans were too sly. It would be best for her to not come into contact with humans. If it was not because Cheng Yu had what she needed, Shi Ji would not even agree to deal with him.

“Hehe. There’s a matter that I need to discuss with you,” With regards to Shi Ji’s attitude, Cheng Yu did not care as he smiled.

“What matter?” Shi Ji asked impatiently.

“I have a few good friends in Yunhai. After I leave to the Cultivation World, I am worrying about their safety. Therefore, I hope you would be able to leave this place and protect them for a few months. Of course, I will pay you for that. I can give you a large quantity of Qi Gathering Pills to allow you to absorb spiritual Qi quicker. With your enormous body, it would be very hard to increase your cultivation. But if you were to have the Qi Gathering Pills, you will be able to cultivate faster than how you normally do.”

Even though Cheng Yu had helped the ladies increase their cultivation, and they had basically reached Qi Training Realm after his help, they were still far from getting used to their strength. It was the same as having an ATM card with a large sum of money inside, but being unable to withdraw the funds.

Therefore, before they were able to protect themselves, Cheng Yu wished to find a bodyguard for them. And among all the people Cheng Yu knew of, only Shi Ji possessed such ability. Naturally, the current Shi Ji could not be counted as a person yet.

When Shi Ji heard Cheng Yu, she was somewhat convinced. What Cheng Yu said was right. If it was not because it was extremely hard for demon beasts to cultivate, she would not have only been able to achieve Foundation Establishment Realm even after a thousand years of cultivating. Besides, Cheng Yu seemed quite young and he was already in Foundation Establishment Realm late stage.

If Cheng Yu was able to supply her with a large quantity of Qi Gathering Pills to cultivate, her progression would definitely become extremely fast. Even if she had to be a bodyguard for him for a few months, she would also be extremely willing to.

“How many Qi Gathering Pills can you provide me with?” If it was too little, even if it was still able to help her improve her progression, it would not last long. Therefore, she still needed to see how much Cheng Yu was able to supply her with.

“While I am away in the Cultivation World, as long as you are able to help me safeguard them, I can provide you a few months of Qi Gathering Pills,” Cheng Yu replied carefully. There were very few pills on him right now. It seemed like this time before he made a trip to the Cultivation World, he would need to refine a large amount of pills.
“But I am unable to change my shape currently. It’s impossible for me to go to the Secular World,” Shi Ji suddenly thought of a serious problem.

For a demon beast to change their shape, they would need to cultivate to the Primordial Nascent Soul Realm. If Shi Ji were to travel to the Secular World with her original shape, then would she not cause chaos? With such a big flood dragon flying around, she could only imagine how many humans would be frightened to death by her.

“This is not a problem. I can help you refine a Shape Shifting Pill. When the time comes, you will be able to travel to the Secular World,” Cheng Yu recalled the herbs needed for the Shape Shifting Pill and realized that all of them could be bought in the Secular World.

“Since it’s like that, I can promise you their safety,” Since Cheng Yu was able to refine the Shape Shifting Pill for her, there would be nothing more to worry about.

Originally, Cheng Yu was preparing to return. But after much consideration, since the spiritual Qi here was so dense, there would definitely be a lot of precious things lying around. He might as well find some herbs here. It would be best that he would be able to find those herbs that would be able to help him increase his cultivation level. Shi Ji saw that Cheng Yu was looking for herbs, so she did not bother him as she laid down under the Spiritual Origin Tree to rest.

Relying on his night vision, it was as if nighttime was daytime for Cheng Yu. After looking for a few hours, the sun had started to rise and Cheng Yu had managed to find quite a number of precious herbs. Among them, he was able to find the herbs needed for the Shape Shifting Pill. Therefore, Cheng Yu kept the herbs as he flew back to Yunhai with his flying sword.

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Now that the national exam had ended, Cheng Yu no longer wished to go to school. Thus, he slowly enjoyed his breakfast with his family.

“Yu’er, now that the national exam has ended, follow mom back to the capital. At that time, just stay at the capital and our family would also be able to reunite finally,” While having their breakfast, Cheng Yu’s mom told Cheng Yu.

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