Chapter 137: You Are Actually A Female?

After exiting Moxie KTV, the students went home. Today’s incident caused them to be astonished. They had never once expected that Cheng Yu, who had always been their classmate, was actually so awesome. They were excited and emotionally moved. There were even some students that had an urge to become his apprentice.

However, Cheng Yu did not bother with them. With only Yao Na and Lin Yuhan remaining, Cheng Yu thought of sending Yao Na back to school first as he was afraid that on the way back someone would try to seize her by using force. Besides, he also needed to go back to school to get his car. After that, he drove Lin Yuhan back home.

“Cheng Yu, where did you learn martial arts from?” This question had bothered Lin Yuhan for very, very long.

At that time, regardless of it was when Jiang Ming led the Blood Wolf Gang to find trouble or when Cheng Yu had slaughtered his way into the Blood Wolf Gang to save her, he had displayed extraordinary abilities. Especially when he slaughtered his way in the Blood Wolf Gang headquarters, his killing ability was simply too overpowering! He seemed like a deity who had descended from heaven.

Right after she had been saved by him, Lin Yuhan had the urge to ask, but was intimidated by Cheng Yu’s imposing manner. After having experienced Cheng Yu’s might several times, Lin Yuhan had accepted how Cheng Yu did things. However, she was still very curious about Cheng Yu’s identity. She knew that Cheng Yu was not like what others said, a playboy. Even though he was a little flirtatious.

“Do you wish to learn my abilities?” Cheng Yu did not reply to Lin Yuhan’s question, but shot back a question at her.

“Can I learn it? But I heard that to learn martial arts is a very tedious process. Furthermore, I feel that no matter how much effort I put in, I will still not be as powerful as you,” Lin Yuhan was an independent lady who would strive for self-improvement. She also wished that she possessed a set of abilities to not allow others to bully her and her mom.

From young, she and her mom had been mutually dependent on each other, and they knew of each other troubles. While her mom was raising her, even though her mom had been bullied several times, they could only choose to endure. If she could become as powerful as Cheng Yu, then in the future, no one would dare to bully her or her mom.

But Lin Yuhan knew that to learn martial arts was not something so simple. On tv, in order to learn martial arts, those people had painstakingly trained themselves for several years, but they did not have any tangible results.

“You do not need to worry about this. As long as you are willing, I can let you become very powerful in a short span of time. Even more powerful than me today!” When Cheng Yu saw that Lin Yuhan showed an interest in this field, he decided to let Lin Yuhan cultivate as well. Take today’s incident for example. If it was not because Lin Yuhan and Yao Na were so pretty yet looked so weak, how could they possibly get bullied?

“Really? I can really become as powerful as you in a short span of time?” Lin Yuhan had gotten somewhat excited.

In fact, like a lot of men, a lot of ladies also wished to be able to leap onto roofs and vault over walls while possessing a set of graceful martial arts. So that they would be able to be chivalrous and punish the vicious and eliminate evil in order to become highly revered, brave and chivalrous women.

However, now it was no longer the same as the era had changed. Those who truly possessed martial arts were simply an existence equal to national treasures. Martial arts masters were too few, which caused this heroic dream to only be a fantasy. But now that there was such an opportunity presented in front of her, how could Lin Yuhan not be moved?

“Of course. I must tell you my identity first. Actually, I am a cultivator…” Following that, Cheng Yu imparted Lin Yuhan some relevant knowledge about being a cultivator.

When she heard how omnipotent a cultivator could become, like how they would be able to ascend to heaven and descend to hell whenever they wished and how they could destroy a city with a wave of hand, this broadened Lin Yuhan’s knowledge. She did not dare to imagine that in this world, there were actually people that were so powerful!

“Is everything you said all real? Can we really ascend to heaven and descend to hell as we wish? And we can live up to thousands of years? Wouldn’t we become deities if this were to happen?” Lin Yuhan asked after hearing this astonishing information.

“More or less. The highest cultivation here is Crossing Tribulation Realm. The lifespan of a Crossing Tribulation Realm expert is around 2000 years. If they were able to soar towards the land of immortals, their lifespans would increase to 10,000 years. But if they wished to achieve true immortality, they would need to become one of the top level immortals,” Cheng Yu’s words caused Lin Yuhan to be startled.

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“Then if I lived for so long, what about my mom? Can you let my mom be like me?” After she understood Cheng Yu’s words, the first thing Lin Yuhan thought of was her mom. In this world, the thing that Lin Yuhan would be most concerned of would be her mom.

“Of course. But my strength has yet to reach that stage. Even though I am still able to allow her to live up to hundreds of years currently, there is still no need for that currently. As long as my cultivation increases, I would be able to refine even better pills. When the time comes, I can naturally allow your mom to be like you,” With Cheng Yu’s current strength, naturally he was able to help Mother Lin cultivate. But there was no need for that. Besides, if Cheng Yu were to teach Mother Lin like how he taught Lan Ya and Yang Ruoxue, it would not be appropriate as Cheng Yu would need to ‘understand’ the person’s body he is guiding. But Yang Ruoxue and Lan Ya did not know about this. Therefore, this kind of guidance could only be used on women he liked.

Of course, Cheng Yu was still able to use the method he used on Qin Canghai and the others, transmitting the cultivation method to her mind. But this was a waste of resources because currently, Cheng Yu did not have that many resources to allow everyone close to him to be able to increase their lifespan and cultivate.

The most important thing to Cheng Yu right now was to increase his own cultivation level. Waiting until his cultivation had reached a certain level and he would have more resources, so he would naturally lead all his close ones to attaining immortality, allowing them to accompany him in a long-lasting life.

This was also the reason why Cheng Yu must make a trip to the Cultivation World. He needed spirit stones. In order to allow the people around him to live longer, he needed to breakthrough to higher realms and needed even more resources.

“Then when will you be able to teach me how to cultivate?” When Lin Yuhan heard that her mother would also be able to accompany her, she immediately became excited again.

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“You need to tell your mom about it first. I will need you to come over to my place and I would need a day time to teach you how to cultivate,” Cheng Yu thought before replying.

“Go over to your place? You wouldn’t want to…” When Lin Yuhan heard that she would need to stay over at Cheng Yu place, she immediately got nervous.

“You can be at ease. Before you have reached the Foundation Establishment Realm, I will not ‘eat’ you as it will be something not good for your cultivation. However, once you have reached the Foundation Establishment Realm…hehe! You will know about it. Of course, if you were not willing, I will also not force you,” Cheng Yu laughed.

Lin Yuhan immediately blushed. When she thought of how she had to do those things with Cheng Yu, she felt embarrassed. However, she was also very touched as Cheng Yu was actually so protective of her.

“Find a time and discuss it with your mom. Because I will need to leave this place for a short period of time,” Now that the national exam was over, Cheng Yu had a holiday for around three months. Once he had settled everything in Yunhai, he would head straight to the Cultivation World.

“Leave? Where are you going?” Previously, Cheng Yu had mentioned it to her once. Now that she heard Cheng Yu had once again mentioned it, Lin Yuhan became very anxious.

“In order to allow you to achieve higher realms, and also for me and my family, I will need to head out for a period of time to look for some natural resources,” Cheng Yu did not wish to let them know that he was heading to the Cultivation World. That was a completely different world. It was a place with only the law of the jungle. Anytime, he might face death. If Cheng Yu were to let them know that he was heading to such a dangerous place, they would definitely oppose him going there.

“Then will you face any danger?” Ever since Lin Yuhan learned about cultivation, she knew the place Cheng Yu was heading to was definitely not simple. Otherwise, Cheng Yu would definitely care about it.

“Nope. With my current cultivation, how could there be any dangers?” Cheng Yu laughed.

“But you also said that your current cultivation isn’t that high and there were people that were stronger than you,” Lin Yuhan was still unconvinced.

“Of course there are people who are stronger than me. But we are in the Secular World. In this world, there is no one stronger than me. So, you can relax!” Cheng Yu would naturally not tell Lin Yuhan that he was leaving the Secular World.

“Alright then. No matter where you go, you must definitely be more vigilant. I will talk to my mom. Can I come over tomorrow then?” Since Lin Yuhan knew that Cheng Yu had some matters he needed to attend to, Lin Yuhan also wished to learn the cultivation Cheng Yu had imparted to her.

After sending Lin Yuhan home, Cheng Yu drove back.

When Cheng Yu returned home, everyone was already asleep. Cheng Yu returned to his room to finalize his plans. He thought back to when he got injured, and how he had used a Spiritual Origin Fruit. Now in his hand, he was only left with one Spiritual Origin Fruit. He walked over to his balcony and took out his flying sword as he flew straight to the steep cliff.

With Cheng Yu’s current strength, he was able to see clearly even if it was night. Now that it was already in the late hours, there was no one on the road. Even if someone managed to see him, they would just think of it as a shooting star.


With the flying sword in his hand, things became a lot more convenient. A 100+ kilometers was covered within minutes.

When Cheng Yu arrived at the bottom of the cliff, the flood dragon was sleeping under the Spiritual Origin Tree. As the Spiritual Origin Tree was able to release spiritual Qi, this was extremely beneficial for the flood dragon.

It was evident that it was able to sense Cheng Yu’s arrival. It howled to show its discontentment. This fellow would always be here with or without any problems. Every two or three days, he would come over to its territory to hang around.

“Hehe! Xiao Jiao, how are you? If you are sleepy, you can continue sleeping. I am just here to pluck a fruit before going,” Cheng Yu did not seem to mind the flood dragon’s discontentment as he greeted him before preparing to pluck a Spiritual Origin Fruit.

The flood dragon leaped and flew in front of Cheng Yu. It blocked Cheng Yu and bellowed in rage. The meaning behind it was very obvious. It did not wish to let Cheng Yu pluck anymore fruits.

“Xiao Jiao, can you not be so petty? I am just here for one fruit. Just one and I will make my leave.”

“Kid, don’t even try to lie to me. Previously, you already plucked nine of them. This Spiritual Origin Tree only grows 99 fruits. I have already let you pluck nine of them. I will not let you pluck anymore fruits!” At this moment, the Flood Dragon actually opened its mouth and spoke human language!

“What the f*ck?! It turns out that you are actually able to talk! I still thought that you were mute!” Until now, every time Cheng Yu talked to the flood dragon, it would usually not reply. It did not even use its spiritual sense to interact with Cheng Yu before causing Cheng Yu to think of it as mute.

“You are the one that is mute. It’s just that I did not wish to talk to you, that’s all. People have always said that humans are the most crafty creatures. Sure enough, it’s seem so.”

“So you are actually a woman, Xiao Jiao. Ah no! I should use female instead!” At this moment, Cheng Yu suddenly realized that the flood dragon’s voice sounded like a young adult woman’s.

Cheng Yu looked at the flood dragon’s tail as he harbored malicious intentions. “How does one differentiate a female dragon?”

“You are not allowed to call me Xiao Jiao. I have a name! You can call me Shi Ji,” With regards to how Cheng Yu had always addressed her as Xiao Jiao, Shi Ji was extremely dissatisfied.

“Oh! So it’s Xiao Ji! Alright then. Xiao Ji, this time I will only take a single fruit!” Cheng Yu actually did not take Shi Ji’s words seriously.

“You…” Shi Ji was angered. She swept her tail over as it shattered the big rock behind Cheng Yu into pieces.

“Alright. Shi Ji, I am wrong. Don’t be angry ok?” Cheng Yu was truly afraid of her being angry. Because her physical defense and offense was very strong. Even though Cheng Yu had already broken through to Foundation Establishment Realm late stage and was able to subdue her easily, he still did not wish to fight with Shi Ji.

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