Chapter 136: Here Comes Another

“As for how I did it, you do not need to know. But you need to know that you have already touched my bottom line,” Cheng Yu exerted some strength and flattened the bullet using his fingers.

Zhang Feng immediately became frightened. He said fearfully, ”You… What do you want?! I am a policeman. You have not only beaten up policemen, you still are trying to threaten a policeman?! This is a violation of the law! You will not have a good ending.”

“Is that so? Then we can only see who will suffer the bad ending first,” Cheng Yu dashed towards Zhang Feng. Everyone was only able to see a shadow and Cheng Yu had already arrived in front of Zhang Feng. Cheng Yu seized the gun from Zhang Feng hand and sent a punch at his stomach. Zhang Feng groaned while he used his hand to cover his stomach as he collapsed onto the floor.

“I said before that I hate it when people threaten me,” Cheng Yu coldly looked at Zhang Feng who was lying on the floor. Cheng Yu pushed his hands together as he slowly exerted his strength and squeezed the gun flat. After that, he rolled it into a ball and threw it at Zhang Feng’s face. Zhang Feng widened his eyes and stared at his pistol turning into scrap iron. He was shocked to the point of speechlessness.

“WAHHH!!! This man is too charming! He was even able to crush the pistol flat!”

“F***! This is too awesome. How much strength does he have to be able to crush the gun?!”

“Did you not see that he only exerted a little bit of his strength and the bullet had already turned flat? For him to be able to make the pistol turn into scrap iron, it’s nothing crazy.”

“He must definitely be a legendary martial arts expert. Not only was he able to use leaves to assassinate people, he could even stop bullets. Now, he can even turn a gun to scrap iron. This is too awesome! I must definitely get him to become my master…”

“I also want him to be my master….”

Momentarily, Cheng Yu’s action had made everyone present at the scene to become even more excited. One after another, they all wanted him to become their master. However, Cheng Yu did not seem to be concerned about it. Rather, he turned his head and glimpsed at Wang Bao. Wang Bao had long been intimidated by Cheng Yu’s actions that he even forgot about the pain of his cut fingers. Now that Cheng Yu was staring at him, he collapsed onto the group.

“Big…big…big brother… It’s all my fault. It’s because of my lust that I have offended big brother. Big brother is a person of great moral stature and does not remember the offenses committed by one of low moral stature, so please let me off. I can guarantee that I will not ask the police to deal with you,” Wang Bao pleaded.

Cheng Yu withdrew his look and went to Zhang Feng as he waited for Zhang Feng’s reply.

“Gulp!” When Zhang Feng saw Cheng Yu’s cold look, his heart shuddered. He swallowed his saliva and said forcefully, ”I…I…I believe this incident is unrelated to you, so I will not…will not…will not arrest you.”

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As the saying goes, “A wise man knows better when to fight when the odds are against him.” To have met such a ruthless person, they could only blame themselves for being out of luck. If he was to still continue not being tactful, Zhang Feng was afraid that he would become like his pistol, getting turned into scrap.

“Since both of you said that this is unrelated to me, then we leave first,” When Cheng Yu saw that both of them had surrendered, Cheng Yu did not continue to make things difficult for them as he intended to bring Yao Na, Lin Yuhan and his classmates behind him to leave.

However, it was at this moment that another group of people came in from KTV’s entrance. Every one of them was tall and powerful. Furthermore, they were all wearing sunglasses. It made them seem extremely domineering.

“Who is causing trouble in our Zhonghun Hall’s territory?! Does he not want to live anymore?!” The person leading looked at Cheng Yu’s area, then he looked at the people collapsed on the ground.

Wang Bao, who was kneeling on the floor, immediately displayed a surprised expression. He quickly crawled up as he ran towards the leading man’s side, ”Brother Qiang, it’s that kid. Just because he possesses a little ability, not only does he not put us in his eyes, he humiliated our gang and also incited disharmony in our relationship with the police.”

Even though the abilities Cheng Yu had displayed were very intimidating, the leading man’s side was not any worse off. The original name of Brother Qiang was Zhang Qiang. He was a well-known hired thug of Zhonghun Hall and his strength was very formidable. Although his strength was not comparable to the four war souls of Zhonghun Hall, his strength still did not fall far from it.

Besides, his side had more people. Even if this kid was very ferocious, he was still not able to defeat Brother Qiang and his men, right? Thus, his prior cowardice was immediately changed back to the strong-willed Wang Bao.

Those present at the scene one after another started to despise Wang Bao. A moment ago, he was still begging for forgiveness desperately. Now that a backer had come, he swiftly returned to his arrogant self. What an opportunist! However, no one dared to speak what they thought as the leading man was obviously not someone they, a mortal, was capable of offending.

“Kid! You are pretty ferocious huh? You were actually able to defeat so many people. Even the police have been subdued by you. Aren’t you afraid of stirring up a disaster? In China, it’s not wise to openly oppose the police. Don’t you know that? Since you have some little abilities, how about joining our gang? We can guarantee your safety.”

When Zhang Qiang saw the policemen lying on the floor, he was a little surprised. Even though Zhang Feng was just a small captain in the local police station, as long as he was a civil servant, the country would always try their best to protect him.

This kid had actually dared to beat up policemen. It could also be said that he was somewhat courageous. If Zhang Qiang was able to pull him into joining their gang, it could also be considered a form of contribution made to the gang. Perhaps, he might even be able to obtain some reward from the Hall’s master.

“Haha! Since you already know that I offended the police, you still dare to say such words. Could it be that your gang isn’t afraid of the police? Or perhaps, you are actually opposing the police already?” Cheng Yu did not replie to Zhang Qiang as he simply rebutted him. This time, he caused the gang to stand on the opposite side of the government.

When the policemen all heard this, their complexion’s became very ugly. They had already been taken advantage of today. So many of their policemen were beaten on the ground, and they still had to give in to the other party. This could be considered as their local police station’s face had reached rock bottom.

Now that they heard the words Zhang Qiang spoke did not even put the police in his eyes at all, naturally they became extremely furious. Originally, the police were supposed to be opposing these underground gangs. But they were not able to eradicate them completely. Now, Zhang Qiang did not even bother to place the police in his eyes in front of them, how could the policemen not be angry?!

“Zhang Qiang, don’t go too far. No matter what, this is the jurisdication of the local police station. It’s still not your gang’s turn to be in charge yet,” At this moment, Zhang Feng no longer bothered about the benefits he had gotten from the gang. There were so many citizens around them. If he was not a little firmer, if this was to spread out, his police station’s dignity would be gone. Wouldn’t he become a laughingstock to others?

“Haha! Captain Zhang, when you received benefits from us, I did not see you being so angry. Or perhaps, now you have started to despise our gang?” Confronting Zhang Feng, Zhang Qiang was not even afraid of Zhang Feng’s identity as a police officer.

Zhang Qiang’s words caused Zhang Feng to be at a loss of words. Zhang Feng saw that everyone had started to discuss one after another, and he knew that he could no longer linger here. He shouted to the all the policemen, ”Hmph! Withdraw!”

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When Zhang Qiang saw Zhang Feng and his men had left with their tails in-between their legs, he spoke to Cheng Yu, ”How about it? Have you considered what I said?”

Yao Na and Lin Yuhan were standing at the left and right side of Cheng Yu respectively. One after another, they pulled his hand and shook their heads gently, indicating that they did not wish for him to join their gang.

Zhang Qiang was naturally able to see the two ladies’ subtle movements. Zhang Qiang narrowed his eyes and said, ”Little brother is really fortunate to actually have two beautiful ladies by his side. If little brother is able to become a member in our gang, I believe that no one would dare to bully either of them. But if you were to become an enemy with us, it might not be that wise to do so…”

Zhang Qiang’s meaning was very obvious. Become their member and the girls would be fine. If not, the girls would face danger.

Cheng Yu’s complexion immediately turned cold once again, ”Do you know why the police had been beaten up by me ruthlessly just now? Because they threatened me. I have once said that I hate it the most when someone is threatening me.”

“Kid, don’t fail to appreciate our kindness. For our Brother Qiang to invite you to become a member in our great gang is because he thinks highly of you. Don’t think that just because you possess some abilities that you are unrivalled in the world,” When they saw Cheng Yu was still so arrogant, the men behind Zhang Qiang became very discontented.

“PAH!” Just as the man had finished speaking, Cheng Yu’s figure flashed and appeared in front of him. Cheng Yu slapped him before withdrawing to his original spot. That man covered his face surprised. Cheng Yu’s action was too quick. Only Zhang Qiang had managed to see a shadow. Zhang Qiang was astonished in his heart. This person’s speed was too fast! Only the four war souls possessed such speed!

“Kid! Sure enough, you are very strong, but there are lots of figures that are more powerful than you in our gang. If you really wish to continue opposing our gang, your future days might not be so smooth anymore,” Even though Zhang Qiang felt that Cheng Yu was very strong, he still wasn’t really bothered. The four war souls were all heaven rank existences. Even though he was only at the earth rank pinnacle stage, Zhang Qiang was still able to hold a fight against the heaven rank experts for a moment.

“I would also like to advise you not to provoke me anymore. My fury is not something you people would be able to bear. Not to mention your small and puny gang, even if you had asked all the gangs in Yunhai to help you, I am still able to let you come and not return!” When Cheng Yu saw how arrogant Brother Qiang was acting, Cheng Yu was thinking whether he should eradicate the Dark Justice Gang first before going to the Cultivation World.

However, Cheng Yu knew that even though he possessed such strength, he would still not be able to completely eradicate them. After giving it much thought, Cheng Yu felt that he should let Yao Na and Lin Yuhan cultivate as well. Otherwise, once he went to the Cultivation World, he was truly afraid that these people would find them for trouble.

“Since you are so confident, then don’t blame us. I truly wish to experience how skilled you are,” Zhang Qiang had always been enthusiastic about fighting. Especially after he had experience the four war souls’ strength, as he also wished that he would be able to achieve heaven rank as well. But it was impossible for the four war souls to be his sparring partners. Now that he was able to find someone who possessed the same strength as the four war souls, he naturally desired to battle against him!

Zhang Qiang did not ask the others to make a move, but he dashed up alone. Now that there were so many people around here, it was impossible for Cheng Yu to display too many extraordinary techniques. Therefore, he decided to fight Zhang Qiang in hand-to-hand combat.

Cheng Yu did not bother to use the powerful strength of a cultivator, but since his cultivation had already achieved a high stage, even if he did not use his Foundation Establishment Realm strength, his techniques were still not something an ordinary person would be able to compete against.

The more Zhang Qiang fought, the more fearful he became. When he noticed how stable his opponent’s breathing was and his relaxed appearance, he knew that his opponent was a lot more stronger than he expected. But Zhang Qiang was not willing to give up as he gave his best.

But no matter how much Zhang Qiang attacked, Cheng Yu was obviously handling his attacks with ease, and he did not seem to face any pressure at all. When Cheng Yu felt that it was time to stop fooling around, he used a little of his Qi as he sent a palm strike at Zhang Qiang’s chest. Immediately, Zhang Qiang was sent flying at Wang Bao and his men’s side.

“You people are not my opponent and I do not wish to find trouble with you guys. I hope that your gang will not look for me anymore. Otherwise, I will remove your gang from Yunhai. Don’t think that I am joking with you,” Cheng Yu ignored their reactions as he pulled Yao Na and Lin Yuhan and left.

Zhang Qiang’s men actually wished to stop Cheng Yu, but they were stopped by Zhang Qiang. Just now, when he was fighting with Cheng Yu, he was extremely shocked. Judging from how relaxed Cheng Yu was, Zhang Qiang dared to confirm that Cheng Yu’s strength was at least comparable to the four war souls in the gang or even higher!

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