Chapter 135: Fire Dragon Cthulhu?

Not long after, a group of policemen raided the karaoke bar.

“What happened?” The person leading the police glanced around and saw a group of people on the ground. After that, he looked at Wang Bao, who was covering his hand while howling.

“Captain Zhang, you came at the right time. That’s the kid who injured us. He even cut off my fingers!” When Wang Bao saw the person who came was from the local police station, Captain Zhang Feng, Wang Bao got delighted. He quickly went up the pointed at Cheng Yu as he said.

“Who are you to actually dare to create a public disorder openly and even hurt someone. Follow us back!” Even though Wang Bao had always given him a lot of benefits, they only did that behind closed doors. In front of the public, they cannot show that they were too intimate. Hence, he did not say anything to Wang Bao and only spoke to Cheng Yu.

“Who are you as well? What does it got to do with you when I have a fight here?” Cheng Yu was not afraid of the other party just because he was wearing the police uniform.

“I am the local police station captain, Zhang Feng. This area is under my jurisdiction. Since you gathered a crowd to brawl, naturally I must interfere,” After Zhang Feng spoke, he turned around and spoke to the other policemen behind him. ”Go! Bring him back with us!”

When Cheng Yu saw the five policemen walking over, he spoke, ”Wait. Just now, he said that this place is the territory of the Dark Justice Gang and they will have the final say here. You are not from the Dark Justice Gang, so for what reason are you arresting me?”

Cheng Yu had purposely pushed the Dark Justice Gang’s arrogance to the front as he wanted to try to incite disharmony between them. It goes without saying that in every district, there would be a local police station and public security bureau. However, the Dark Justice Gang had actually said that this was their territory, and they were the ones in control. Now that Cheng Yu had said it in front of the policemen, this would make the police lose face. At the same time, it would also let them know that the Dark Justice Gang was too unbridled.

The Dark Justice Gang was an organized underground syndicate, but its influence was very complex and not something that could be eliminated within a day or two. In addition to them having bribed some police, most of the time, they would be able to do whatever they pleased and the police would usually close their eyes to it. Since they were unable to eliminate them, they might as well gain some benefits in the process.

Even if the gang had a powerful influence, it was still unable to act openly. After all, China was under the jurisdiction of the government. And if the gang had taken over all the districts, wouldn’t it show that they had the intention to rebel? Or it could also be said that these policemen are incompetent, allowing their own district to be managed by others.

Sure enough, when they heard Cheng Yu’s words, the policemen’s complexions turned ugly, especially Zhang Feng’s. He glared at Wang Bao ferociously. Wang Bao shivered and did not know what to say. Zhang Feng knew what Cheng Yu was hinting at, but a lot of people also knew of this sort of relationship but they would not state it out. Wang Bao was also too unbridled, and he had actually allowed his opponent to obtain information that can be used against him.

Now that Cheng Yu had opened up this topic, wasn’t this giving the police a slap in the face? Over here, there were so many people surrounding to watch the show and now they started to discuss it spiritedly while pointing at the police. This showed that they were also dissatisfied with how the police were acting. Now, the underground society had gotten too arrogant, yet they still did not care and question it. The police even acted as accomplices!

Zhang Feng was not able to do anything to the masses, but since Cheng Yu was the initiator, he was at least still able to arrest him and teach him a lesson.

“This area is under our local police station administrative region and is not questionable. If there are any questions regarding this, wait until we return to the local police station before asking. Now, you have to follow us back. Otherwise, we will cuff you!” Zhang Feng did not dare to stay here any longer as he was afraid to stir up the citizen’s anger. If that were to happen, it would be bad.

Even though Cheng Yu was not afraid of these policemen, he knew that he must not be overboard when it comes to handling this kind of thing. Otherwise, it would only bring more trouble. Even if they were to arrest him, they would not be able to do anything to him.

“Everyone here was also involved. Why are you only arresting me and not them as well? Could it be that you see that I am an easy target to bully? Or could it be that you are the accomplice of the Dark Justice Gang?” Since Cheng Yu had to follow them, he did not wish to just follow them back quietly.

“Bring them back as well!” Zhang Feng did not wish to allow anyone to sense that he was biased, so he brought Wang Bao and his men back as well.

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“Captain Zhang, these two women were also involved in this as well. You should also bring them along,” Wang Bao was naturally not afraid of entering Zhang Feng’s police station. At their side, Wang Bao had given them a lot of benefits and Zhang Feng was not excluded. To be sent to the police station was also just an act to show to the public.

Besides, Yao Na and Lin Yuhan were so pretty. In addition, if it was not because of them, they would not have gotten involved with Cheng Yu, this madman. Wang Bao naturally did not want to let these two women off so easily.

“No way. I don’t mind letting you bring me back, but if you wish to bring them back as well, don’t blame me for being impolite,” Originally, Cheng Yu still wished to follow them back to see what their scheme was after this, but when he saw how frightened Yao Na and Lin Yuhan were, he did not wish for them to get involved in this as well.

Previously, after Lin Yuhan had been kidnapped, it caused Mother Lin to be extremely worried. If Lin Yuhan was to stay at the local police station for a day or two, it would definitely cause Mother Lin to be worried to death. Furthermore, the two women were just mortals and had never caused troubles. Now that they heard that they would need to make a trip down to the local police station, how could they not be afraid?

“Kid, are you threatening us? Since they are also involved in this, naturally they will have to follow us back to take a statement. If you are to not going to cooperate with us, it’s not beneficial for all of you!” When he saw Cheng Yu’s attitude, Zhang Feng got a little angry.

“Since it’s recording our statement, then isn’t it the same if you are to do it here? Besides, there are so many witnesses at the scene. At least they would be able to see what was going on. If we were to head over to the police station, it would be all your men. Whether it’s black or white, you will have the final say. I am not at ease,” At that time, Cheng Yu had also been arrested by Han Xue in the police station and he understood a little about the approach on how they handled stuff. Naturally, he did not wish to bring Yao Na and Lin Yuhan in with him.

When Zhang Feng saw how Cheng Yu kept on arguing with him, his complexion turned ugly, ”Stop spouting nonsense. Arrest everyone back!”

Cheng Yu was always able to stir up public sentiment with a false statement. Everything he said was supported with righteousness and would even drag others into it. If Zhang Feng was not cautious, he would have to endure the public’s criticism. Zhang Feng did not wish to interact with Cheng Yu any longer as he decided to bring all of them back before continuing on this.

“You guys made a move first. Since it’s like this, don’t blame me for being impolite,” When Cheng Yu saw people advancing towards Yao Na to arrest her, Cheng Yu went up and kicked them down.

Everyone was stupefied. This handsome guy was too ruthless. He actually hit a policeman! A lot of youngsters had excitement on their faces and could feel their blood racing. They had always hated these gangsters and also those policemen who were very unreasonable. However, they did not dare to offend this people. Now that there was someone who dared to provoke the police, they found it too stimulating.

Yet, Wang Bao and the others became happy. Formerly, he had actually been taken advantage of and was not able to get his revenge. But now that Cheng Yu had gotten into a brawl with the police, even if Wang Bao were to forget this incident, these policemen would also not let Cheng Yu off.

Yao Na and the others were dumbstruck. They were extremely worried for Cheng Yu. These people were from the police. To hit a policeman was definitely a violation of law. Yao Na quickly put a stop to him, ”Cheng Yu, stop fighting. We will just follow them back to the police station.”

Zhang Feng also did not expect the other party would actually do what he said. When he saw the surrounding people were showing their excited mood, Zhang Feng felt that they were cheering for Cheng Yu. This caused him to be even more angry.

“You actually dare to attack the police? Now, it is no longer something as simple as making a trip down to the police station only. Go together and cuff him!”

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The other policemen received their orders and dashed forward. However, how could they be Cheng Yu’s opponent? With a few punches, they were all beaten down to the ground.

“Stay your hands! If not, I will shoot!” When Zhang Feng saw that his subordinates were not Cheng Yu match, he quickly took out the pistol on his waist and pointed it at Cheng Yu, instructing him to stop.

Originally, Cheng Yu still wish to continue teaching the others a lesson as well, but Zhang Feng had already taken out his pistol and was pointing at him.

“I hate it the most when others point a gun at me and even more so when they are threatening me,” Cheng Yu said coldly. Previously, when he slaughtered his way into the Blood Wolf Gang alone, those people took out their guns one after another and shot at him. Cheng Yu had also experienced the might of the gun. Even though they were not able to injure him, he still hated it when people used it to threaten him.

Therefore, Cheng Yu did not stop as he pulled a person over and crippled his arm. That person shrieked while he broke out in cold sweat.

“BANG!” Even though Zhang Feng had a gun, a gun was not something you wish to shoot and you can just shoot. But when the other party hurt the police, they were actually allowed to shoot. Therefore, Zhang Feng shot.

“AAAHHH!! AAAAHHHH!” When everyone heard the gunshot, they immediately screeched. They were all intimidated. Today’s incident was really too shocking. At first, it was just a small incident, but the seriousness kept on escalating.

Even though everyone was watching excitedly, when it came to a gunshot, they were still frightened to death. When they think of how a living being was actually killed in such a manner, they were not able to accept it.

A lot of them did not dare to see the aftermath of the gunshot, especially the women. One after another, they used their hands to cover their eyes. Even Yao Na and Lin Yuhan were scared. They were afraid that something would actually happen to Cheng Yu.

However, a few seconds later, they did not hear any scream. In succession, everyone turned over to take a look at the scene.

Zhang Feng was still holding onto his gun and his hand was somewhat shivering. Even the muzzle was discharging smoke. However, his target was still standing in front of him steadily.

They only saw Cheng Yu’s right hand was in front of his chest and his middle and index finger were holding onto a bullet. Under the KTV lights, the bullet was reflecting golden rays.

“Oh my God! This person was actually able to catch the bullet!”

“Is he superman?”

“Could he be the Fire Dragon Cthulhu?!”

“Too handsome. This handsome guy is too handsome! He’s totally my style!”

“That’s right! If only he was my boyfriend. That lady was too blessed to be able to get such a domineering boyfriend!”

When everyone saw Cheng Yu was alright, they were extremely curious. But when they saw the bullet was held in between Cheng Yu’s fingers, they immediately burst into discussion as they kept on praising him.

At first, when Wang Bao saw that the incident had escalated to another level, he was very excited. When the gun was fired, he become even happier. This kid was too arrogant. If he was killed, it would have been the best. Furthermore, he doesn’t even need to make a move himself.

However, what happened after caused him to piss his pants! Who exactly is this guy?! He can even stop bullets?! Furthermore, he even did it with just two fingers! When he saw Cheng Yu was so powerful, Wang Bao broke out in cold sweat.

As for Zhang Feng who had just shot, he was even more astonished. Supposedly, they as police had hardly ever opened fire. Thus, when they had to really fire to kill someone, they were still very afraid. That was why when Zhang Feng shot, his hand was somewhat shivering.

But when he saw that Cheng Yu was actually perfectly fine, he sighed in relief. After all, for him to kill a commoner, it would definitely leave a trauma behind. And when he saw his target had actually stopped the bullet in between his fingers, he was stupefied.

“You…you… How did you do that?!” Zhang Feng’s voice was stuttering.

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