Chapter 453: Purple Gold Soul Stone

Swish, the death scythe made a blood red arc as it sliced towards the Dragon Clan’s youth. It moved as fast as lightning and it was in the youth’s face in a second.

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The youth from the Dragon Clan was already seriously injured by Long Yi and he had yet to recover completely. When he was attacked by Long Two with an attack full of dense death aura, he realized that it was too late to dodge. Raising his left arm, it formed a golden light wall. He desperately placed the golden light wall in front of himself in order to block Long Two’s attack.

The moment Long Two’s scythe hit the golden light wall, a muffled sound left the youth’s lips. He was sent flying into the distance. The golden light wall formed with his left vanished into thin air.

“It’s over… The dragon scale arm guard I stole from grandpa is destroyed.” The youth from the Dragon Clan crawled up and scowled miserably.

Although he flew quite a distance away, Long Two didn’t allow him to get away. Holding his death scythe in his hand, Long Two slowly walked towards the youth from the Dragon Clan. When he saw Long Two walking towards him, the youth was so afraid that he turned around to flee. He instantly changed back into a huge golden dragon as he flew into the horizon. However, he didn’t forget to turn his head towards Long Yi and Long Two to roar, “This father will return for revenge!”

Long Two only had one mission and it was to protect Long Yi. Since the danger was already gone, he returned back Long Yi’s side before sitting down. He stared at Long Yi who was unconscious with its eyes glimmering with red light.


Night started to fall and in the darkness of the night sky, there were countless twinkling stars. It was indeed a beautiful scene to look at.

Under the night sky, three heads popped out from the sea surface at the seashore of this deserted island. One of them had a head full of gold hair and the other two had blue hair.

“Aunt Bifei, I can sense that Young Master is here on this island.” Liuli turned around and said to a very mature and beautiful woman beside her.

“Then let us go up. This is a deserted island and there shouldn’t be any humans here.” Bifei said as she jumped out of the water. She stood on the ground with her fishtail on the ground. Just by looking at her curvy upper body, anyone could tell that she was a great beauty.

Liuli and her maid Xiaomi followed her to the shore. After all of them left the water, all three of them swayed their fishtails to move forward. Although they were walking on their fishtails, their speed wasn’t slow at all.

“The Young Master is over there! However, why is there such a dense dark aura coming from that place?” Liuli was halfway there, but she couldn’t understand why there was such a dense dark arua around Long Yi.

The three mermaids cautiously walked towards Long Yi and scouted the surroundings behind a huge stone. When they saw Long Yi, a strange scene accompanied it. Long Yi was lying on the ground and seven colored magic radiance was glimmering around his body. As for Long Two, this terrifying dark creature was sitting on the ground beside Long Yi. He was staring at Long Yi with its eye sockets and it seemed to be very interested in Long Yi.

“Do you think the Young Master is injured by that dark creature?” Maid Xiaomi nervously asked.

“No. I can feel that Young Master and that dark creature has a close relationship with each other. They should have some kind of contract with each other. However, that doesn’t seem to be all. They seem to have come kind of closer relationship than a contractual one.” Liuli said. Since she had a blood contract with Long Yi, she could easily sense that there was something different between Long Yi and the skeleton.

“Since that is the case, let’s go over.” Bifei said.

The moment the mermaids approached Long Yi, Long Two turned its neck to stare at them. However, it didn’t take action and returned to whatever it was doing. Just like how Liuli could sense the relationship between Long Yi and Long Two, Long Two could similarly sense the relationship between Liuli and Long Yi.

When a grey dawn arrived from the east, the seven magic elements around Long Yi began to fade away. He slowly began to regain his consciousness.

All of a sudden, Long Yi’s eyes snapped open and it glimmered with a violent light. He got up as fast as lightning. The last thing he remembered was him violently thrashing the golden dragon. That was before he suddenly lost consciousness due to AoTianJue. The golden dragon would definitely try to take its revenge after being beaten up so badly.

“Eh, why are the three of you here?” Long Yi smelled a faint fragrance in the air and saw three beautiful mermaids looking at him with concern the moment he woke up. Long Two went over to stand beside Long Yi when it saw that Long Yi had regained consciousness.

“Seeing that you left for such a long time, we became worried and came to look for you!” Liuli smiled happily and said. Under the illumination of the morning sun, her golden hair appeared very dazzling. Long Yi went into a daze as he stared at her.

Bifei was unable to stand it anymore. She already had a bad impression of Long Yi and when she saw that he was still staring at Liuli she became annoyed. She quickly interrupted him, “What about that dragon?”

Long Yi shrugged his shoulders. From what Bifei said, Long Yi came to the conclusion that they were not the ones who saved him. It could only be Long Two who saved him.

“Thank you, Long Two. You are truly my good brother.” Long Yi ignored Bifei and turned to Long Two as he patted Long Two’s shoulders.

“Big brother is…… Long Two’s good brother.” Long Two mechanically replied. When Long Two said those words, a red light flashed in its eye sockets. However, Long Yi could tell that there was deep admiration in Long Two’s eyes.

“Ah! He… Did he just speak?” Maid Xiaomi cried out in alarm. Both Liuli and Bifei were shocked.

“Nonsense, aren’t you also speaking?” Long Yi said with a smile.

“But…… But… Young Master is bullying me!” Xiaomi pouted.

Long Yi smiled and pinched Xiaomi’s cheeks. He explained, “I will say again, he is my brother. From now on, don’t make the same mistake, Liuli, do you understand?”

“Yes, Young Master.” Liuli and Xiaomi answered. As for Bifei, she just snorted without speaking.

Long Yi naturally didn’t argue with Bifei. When all was said and done, she was Liuli’s aunt. She was also a person related to him even if he didn’t like her.

Long Yi put away Long Two into the dark space dimension before returning to the bottom of the sea. They went back into the body of the sea monster, Mengqi.

After more than a year, Long Yi was finally back at this place. He sighed with emotion. If it was not for that seabed tour, how could he have known that there was such a wonderful world at the bottom of the sea? The bottom of the sea had always been a mysterious and unfathomable place. Not to mention the fact that Long Yi would never have made the banished mermaid princess his maid. It was truly too marvelous.

When he entered the Mengqi again, Long Yi realized that everything inside the body of the sea monster had already been restored. The golden wall was still splendid and it looked just like an imperial palace in fairy tales.

Long Yi half relined on a chair made up of the highest grade coral. With the cool feeling permeating his skin, Long Yi could feel like his spirit was refreshed. It seemed like the chair wasn’t only good looking. It had a special effect which would allow one to recover faster.

Xiaomi was massaging Long Yi’s legs and Liui was massaging his head as she stood behind him. This truly resembled the life of a celestial being.

“Liuli, how did you provoke that dragon?” Long Yi closed his eyes and asked. He sipped on some fruit juice which was reluctantly handed over by Bifei. This fruit juice was made from a kind of peculiar cyan fruit found only at the bottom of the sea. It was said that this fruit could nourish one’s skin. It was as effective as a rare Rainbow Fruit found in Hengduan Mountain.

Liuli opened her red lips and began to recount what happened. As it turned out, that golden dragon wasn’t here due to coincidence. It had appeared at the bottom of the sea to find a piece of very rare ore, the Purple Gold Soul Stone. The ore was usually found at the bottom of the sea. This Purple Gold Soul Stone was a very rare ore which would rarely appear when volcanoes under the sea erupted. It was a solid ore that was refined and tempered by molten lava in the depths of earth’s crust for hundreds of millions of years. It contained an amazing amount of magic power. Even a thumb-sized piece could maintain a large scale space magic array for more than a decade. Just this point alone showed the worth of the Purple Gold Soul Stone.

“That Purple Gold Soul Stone, do you have it? Don’t tell me it was seized by that dragon.” Long Yi asked.

“I have it here. I was the first one to discover it, but that dragon came to rob me.” Liuli said she waved her little hand. A fist-sized purple crystal which was emitting pure energy appeared in her palm.

Long Yi reached out his hand and took this Purple Gold Soul Stone. It was heavy. According to what Liuli said, this piece of Purple Gold Soul Stone should be worth several cities.

“By the way, you mentioned about space magic arrays. Does your ocean city have magic arrays?” Long Yi asked.

“Of course it does! As a matter of fact, ocean city is very large. Different races all have their own territories and they are divided into different city areas. The large city areas are connected by magic arrays.” Bifei interrupted.

Long Yi nodded his head. This meant that the sea races were more advanced in magic arrays compared to mankind who lived on the Blue Waves Continent. This was certainly a surprise. It was pitiable at the same time. After all, magic arrays were invented by mankind.

“Where did the sea race learn magic arrays from?” Long Yi asked.

“Naturally from you mankind. However that was a long time ago. Now, the sea race doesn’t interact with mankind at all.” Bifei replied.

Long Yi frowned and pondered for a bit. Sitting up all of a sudden, Long Yi took out a book which was written in a strange script. It was the book he had found in the Holy City’s shrine. He handed it over to Bifei and said, “Take a look at this book. Can you read it?”

Bifei opened the book and took a look at it. She exclaimed in surprise and there was a shock in her voice, “I have seen it. However, I have no idea how to read it. Even though I might not know how to read it, some people in ocean city might. The books which recorded magic arrays were also written in this script.”

“Is that so?” The eyes of Long Yi shone. Could it be that the people of Blue Waves Continent used this kind of script several tens of thousands of years ago? Or could it be that only Holy City used this script?

Long Yi knew that the books he found in the shrine of Holy City were great treasures. Now that he knew that there were people who could read it, he became extremely excited. However, ocean city was really too far. It wouldn’t be realistic for him to head over there now as the Blue Waves Continent was already in chaos. There was no way for him to leave.

“Liuli, let’s go to your room. I want to listen to you play the harp.” Long Yi didn’t think too much about this matter and turned to Liuli. He smiled ambiguously and his eyes twinkled.

Liuli’s beautiful face instantly flushed red. She shifted her gaze away from Long Yi’s face to avoid his gaze. Her face became as red as a tomato up to her neck. Even her ears became scarlet red.

“Princess, I haven’t heard you play the harp for a long time as well. Let’s go together.” Bifei glared at Long Yi she stood in front of Liuli. She was just like a mother hen protecting her chick.

Long Yi rolled his eyes. He couldn’t do anything to Liuli. At most, he would touch her and take small advantages of her. Why must this woman get in his way?

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“Liuli, then don’t play the harp. I feel somewhat sleepy. How about you accompany me to sleep.” Long Yi said with a smile and he shot a glance at Bifei. His meaning was very clear. If Bifei wanted to sleep with him as well, she could follow.

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