Chapter 157: They are Married?!!!!


A pair of husband and wife?

Zuo Yiyi stares at the two of them in disbelief.

She swallows heavily as she turns her stiff neck towards Su Yan Bin incredulously, “What did you say?”

Su Yan Bin nods towards Liu Bing Xing, “Ask him.”

Liu Bing Xing stares at them dumbly.  He is taken aback by that expression on the usually indifferent Zuo Yiyi.  “This-  Don’t listen to that Su Yan Bin.  Boss is indeed married, but not to Zhuang Nai Nai.  He is married to Gu Enterprise’s Eldest Young Miss,” Liu Bing Xing says hastily.

As though suddenly putting two and two together, Liu Bing Xing turns to Su Yan Bin in shock, “Don’t tell me that Zhuang Nai Nai is that Eldest Young Miss who went missing and was raised by poor people?”

Su Yan Bin nods his head repeatedly, like a chicken pecking on rice.

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The room becomes quiet.

Everyone is shocked by that sudden news.

But then again, if they think about it, Si Zheng Ting never has any other girlfriend these past few years.  To others, him not dissolving the contract with Gu Enterprise signify his integrity as the head of his company, but to them, he was only doing that to shut the mouths of all the gossipers outside.

If an heir does not have a girlfriend, various rumors will crop up.

They have been waiting with bated breath, to see which woman will enter Si Zheng Ting’s eyes.

But, after thinking over this and that, they come to one conclusion:  if there is someone out there who can make Si Zheng Ting marry, that person will be Zhuang Nai Nai.

After the initial shock, everyone starts to slowly accept things.

Zuo Yiyi’s round eyes are huge and watery.  Trails of tears make their way down her cheeks as she bite her lips.  She clenches her fist before turning around and grabbing her handbag.

Su Yan Bin and Liu Bing Xing are shocked as hell.  They quickly block her from going towards Zhuang Nai Nai.

Zhuang Nai Nai is considered their sister-in-law now, they must protect her!

The most important thing is, if Zuo Yiyi really dares to hit Zhuang Nai Nai in the face with that bag, big boss will not let go of her.

Just as they thought she would rush towards Zhuang Nai Nai while showering her with profanities, she turns around, her back straight and dignified, before walking out of the room.

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Su Yan Bin and Liu Bing Xing stares at her retreating back blankly.  The way she makes a dignified and beautiful exit feels so out of this world.  The sound of her high heels coming in contact with the floor can be heard, before gradually growing fainter.

All of them know how much Zuo Yiyi likes Si Zheng Ting.  If there is one person she wants to marry, it will be him.  But now…..

Su Yan Bin tugs at Liu Bing Xing, “Do you think she has turned crazy from the sorrow?”

Liu Bing Xing does not reply him.

When Su Yan Bin looks at him, he sees a bitter expression on Liu Bing Xing’s face.

Liu Bing Xing quickly takes his coat and says, “I should leave first.”

And then, he hastily left.

Su Yan Bin laughs, “That brat left so fast he forgot to take all the money that he already won.  Haha, I am rich now!  I am all set for the next two months!”


One side of the room is lively and noisy as the rich brats joke around.  None of them dare to glance at the corner of the room.

Zhuang Nai Nai and Si Zheng Ting ignore their existence.

She is grabbing his wrist, at the moment, a resolute expression on her face.


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