Chapter 514 – Heart Sank

Dorna and the gnomes asked in shock, “Your spirit treasure can summon spirit rain?”

Ji Mo Ya displayed a calm and aloof expression, “Yes.”

The gnomes caused a great commotion, some pointed at Ji Mo Ya and scolded angrily, “Herbu’s lackey, he is helping Herbu to activate the totem…”

Others were pleasantly surprised, “You gone crazy!? If the Life Totem can be activated, it will return the blessings to our entire race. No matter what Herbu plans to do, the totem will be able to provide ample rainwater and eventually food. Do you know how many gnomes have died from hunger already?”

“This human is truly great, if the Life Totem really reactivates, he will be the benefactor of our entire race, we must thank him…”

Objection was plainly displayed on Dorna’s tattooed face, “No, I disagree with you doing that. The Life Totem is indeed able to revive a Treasure Vine which had only withered for a couple of years, however, another longer than that, the odds will be minimal. In addition, it is not guaranteed that you can activate the Life Totem after summoning spirit rain. We have only heard of the ascended sage using spirit rain to activate the totem, as an outsider, you are not the same as us, the risk you need to face might be greater…”

At that moment, Huan Qing Yan who was laughing and playing with the gnome children nearby, suddenly displayed a pained expression and felt dizzy, she called out in a soft voice, “Uncle…”

Ji Mo Ya had been keeping an eye on her, even though she spoke softly, it was still possible for a Mystic Spirit Master like him to capture her voice.

He instantly felt something was amiss and used Phantom Shifting Steps to reach Huan Qing Yan before she touched the ground.

“Little Yan, how are you?”

At the moment Huan Qing Yan’s eyes were unfocused, that happy smile she had on whilst playing earlier was still plastered on her face, but her limbs were weak as she rested on Ji Mo Ya’s chest, “Uncle, I suddenly… feel like sleeping…”

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Immediately after the words left Huan Qing Yan mouth, she fainted.

The gnome all jumped in fright and started to panic.

Earlier on, this human lady was still playing happily with the gnome children, then she suddenly turned out like this, they were worried that this powerful male human would shift the blame to them, it was a consequence that they were unable to bear.

Therefore, the mothers of those children quickly went to their children and brought them far away.

“Little Yan, Little One? Wake up…” Ji Mo Ya checked her breathing and noticed it was still there, it was very even, as though she was sleeping.

However, this was definitely not a simple matter of falling asleep.

Her body was limp, and her eyes were shut, these signs pointed to nothing strange, however, she seems to be lacking vitality!

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The small Dorna ran over and displayed a shocked expression when he saw her condition, “This… might be the side effect of consuming a low rank Treasure Vine! All Treasure Vines that were lower than Nine Stars would still be able to achieve the desired effects despite being younger, however, side effects such as fainting, or child-like intelligence and childhood memories would occur randomly.”

Ji Mo Ya glared at Dorna sharply.

Dorna’s heart was carefree and his eyes were clear, he was not afraid of Ji Mo Ya’s examination.

Dorna has never done anything wrong to the foolish girl and has a clear conscience, he was not afraid of Ji Mo Ya.

Half a second later, Ji Mo Ya kept his glare and trusted his words.

Little Yan’s current situation should not be due to Dorna, it might really be the side effect of a Low Rank Treasure Vine.

“How can I save her?”

“Only by using a Nine Star Treasure Vine, will there be no side effects…”

Ji Mo Ya’s heart sank.


Holy Court.

The six elders were gathered together and were in some sort of discussion.

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