Chapter 513 – The Son Of The Late King

He is the sinner of his race.

Ji Mo Ya raised his brows and pondered for a while, “I have heard about the Gnome’s Life Totem, is it truly that mysterious? Other than royalty, are there any methods to activate it?”

“Rumor has it that there is another method, but it requires spirit rain, and that has the probability of reactivating the Life Totem. The late sage of the gnomes was a Rain Sage who possessed the spirit cloud spirit treasure. However, it is said that using this method possesses certain side effects, in addition, as no one has tried this method before, no one was able to determine what is the side effect. Recently, Herbu gathered priests who possessed water related spirit treasures and had tried to use them to reactivate the Life Totem, but unfortunately, their efforts were in vain as they failed…”

Side Effects?

Ji Mo Ya had known a long time ago that the Gnome King has been withholding certain information.

“Then do you know who are the humans who were colluding with Herbu?”

Dorna replied, “While I am disguised as a magic equipment, I had also done an investigation about this but was unable to obtain much information. All I was able to find out was that this group of humans has a powerful background, they should belong to one of the Eight Great Clans; before I could find out more, I was being treated as a useless magic equipment and sent away to be auction. They seemed to be supplying Herbu with water and food currently, gnomes who willingly serve under Herbu would be able to obtain some water and food rations from him every day…”

Ji Mo Ya’s eyes darkened, one of the Eight Great Clans?

This matter was starting to get out of hand!

Initially, Ji Mo Ya had thought that it was simple; some greedy people wishes to use the gnomes to acquire magic equipment to do business, that was why they supported Herbu and aided him in his revolt.

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But if the Eight Great Clans was involved, everything would not be as simple as it seems.

The Eight Great Clans were all ancient clans, none of them would lack money!

It is highly likely that things were not as simple as they seemed, it needed to be investigated further, what were they plotting?

Ji Mo Ya said, “What do all of you plan to do now?”

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All the gnomes looked towards Dorna, they would never submit to a King that could not even light up the totem. Even if Herbu managed to borrow external powers to light up the totem, they would still not accept it.

If they must choose, then it will only be the son of the late King whom they respect.

Dorna was akin to their King now!

“Defeat Herbu, light up the totem and restore peaceful lives to the gnomes.” A firm resolution was within Dorna’s pair of large eyes.

This was his responsibility.

As he spoke till here, he glanced at the childish Huan Qing Yan uncontrollably.

He felt that the current Huan Qing Yan was pretty good, a low intellect meant she knew nothing and could always stay innocent and carefree, he liked her current state of being…

Ji Mo Ya was able to sense Dorna’s gaz;, he light frowned while his attitude had also turned colder by a few notches.

“Dorna, this Young Master suddenly remember that when I bought you, this Young Master spent six hundred spirit stones, how do you plan to repay this? If you cannot pay it back, I am willing to accept a Nine Star Treasure Vine to pay off this debt if you can find one.”

They were talking about the great matter of avenging for their country a moment ago, then suddenly, the topic was changed to debts, this caused the gnomes to be unable to react in time.

Dorna’s face flushed, “Please put this debt on tab for now, when the chance arises, it would naturally be repaid. I do not have the Treasure Vine.” Their current situation was very dire, let alone possessing spirit stones to pay off the debt.

The treasury had been in Herbu’s control long ago, they were currently just refugees without a single dime on themselves.

Ji Mo Ya lightly acknowledged his answer and adopted his celestial-like image once again, “Herbu gave me a withered Nine Star Treasure Vine and told me that the withered Treasure Vine could be restored if I help him reactivate the Life Totem, were those words trustworthy?”

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