Chapter 79: Complaint

Nanny Li smiled, “Did Miss Gu forget the rules of the household? That list will have to be handed to an external third party to double check and make a copy, so it won’t be returned so quickly! Don’t worry Miss Gu, when the list arrives, laonu will immediately have someone send the list to Miss Gu!”

Gu Fangzi held her anger back. She was speechless as her face was red and pale. I’ve been back for quite some time now these days, so how could I know that your efficiency would be this low? Much time has passed by already, and the list still hasn’t returned!

“Does Miss Gu still have any more inquiries she might like to ask?” Seeing that she was speechless, Nanny Li asked savagely.

“No more!” Gu Fangzi could only return a smile. “So it turns out to be a misunderstanding! Then it’s my fault. My mood’s been quite flustered these few days, making my memory quite disorderly and causing lack composure in the way I do things. Nanny, I hope you won’t fuss over it! Because of Fangzi, Aunt had to worry about nothing again!”

After hearing the matter, Wang Shi was actually somewhat dissatisfied, but seeing Gu Fangzi apologize remorsefully, her heart melted and she smiled. “It’s good enough that the misunderstanding has been resolved! I know you’ve been in a poor mood these few days, so you might not be in the right frame of mind to make a judgment. How can I blame you? No one will blame you!”

Nanny Li and Sang Wan immediately concurred.

Sang Wan smiled and said, “Mother is right, but why has Younger Sister become so polite after becoming part of the family?”

“Ah, after hearing Sister say so, my heart feels more at ease!” Gu Fangzi’s heart was secretly filled with hate, but her face showed a sweet smile.

Seeing the two in harmony, Wang Shi was extremely happy, and she urged Gu Fangzi, “In the future, if you have anything else you need, you can go find Sang Wan. Sang Wan does things very meticulously, so she will surely not make any mistakes!”

Sang Wan quickly smiled humbly before speaking about the gifts Shi Fengju had brought back and how she had distributed them. She then smiled at Gu Fangzi. “Cosmetics and satins aren’t of use to Younger Sister as of now, so I’ve picked out a few pieces of jewelry, ornaments, and display decorations, and I will have someone place them in the warehouse! In a few days, I’ll also have the list of Younger Sister’s current property delivered together with them. How about it?”

How about it? Of course that isn’t good! Gu Fangzi thought in her heart, Who knows what worthless trash you’ve given me when I cannot even see any of those items? But at this moment, she did not dare to say it so bluntly, and she could only left to say that all was good.

Sang Wan then sat for a while longer before smiling to take her leave. Gu Fangzi was also urged by Wang Shi to return to Peony Park2Peony ParkGu Fangzi's place of residence to resume her mourning. Gu Fangzi felt extremely annoyed but could not refuse, so she had to leave.

“She really has no shame to even complain to Missy about such a small matter! Really, does she think that everyone’s just as ignorant and shallow as her to crave for her stuff!” While heading back to the small garden, Nanny Li spoke vehemently to Sang Wan before adding, “Saying that those were hers is already being in her favor! Just what isn’t tangible! Seriously, to think she’d even make a fuss out of it!”

Sang Wan found it humorous. Deep down, she knew that that person was now also a part of the family, and Shi family property also belonged to her! If Shi family had no objection, then who gives!

“Forget about it, Nanny. Just keep a closer eye on Peony Park in the future. Don’t let anything as trivial as this get brought up in front of Mother-in-law, or else she’ll surely get annoyed!” Sang Wan smiled.

“Yes, Ma’am, laonu understands!” Nanny Li could not help but sigh, “Truly, only Ma’am cares a lot for Missy and Young Master! But you ah, there’s something slightly bad about you. You don’t make your intentions known, so it’s really difficult for others to follow! Not following is one thing, but taking advantage of others really does them no justice!”

When she said her words, Sang Wan, Liu Ya, and the rest of the servants could not help but laugh.

“It isn’t like what Nanny said! Isn’t Nanny all-knowing! With Nanny, everything will be fine!” Sang Wan laughed.

While the master and the servants talked, a young girl in a beautiful flowery dress with her hair down by her temples came towards them before greeting Sang Wan with a smile. “Sister-in-law!”

“Third Sister!” Sang Wan quickly smiled and return the greeting. “My guess is that Third Sister’s heading to the flower garden to take a stroll?”

“En, I’m going to check if the flowers of the sweet osmanthus by Water Pavilion has bloomed!” Shi Lian smiled gleefully and initiated, “Would Sister-in-law like to come along?”

Nanny Li saw that the weather was quite good and she urged, “Why don’t Ma’am go along with Third Young Miss? The osmanthus here is of a rare species, and you wouldn’t find any in Qingzhou like the large ones we have here by Water Pavilion! In the past, Missy had always loved bottled flowers. If the flowers have bloomed, why not pick a few and place them in a bottle before gifting it to Missy?”

Since Nanny Li had already said so, Sang Wan could not refuse, and she instructed Nanny Li to return to the small garden first while she brought along Liu Ya and two other servants to follow Shi Lian. They chatted happily as they headed to Water Pavilion.

“Oh yes, thank you Sister-in-law for sending the gifts to me. I like them very much!” Shi Lian waved the fan which was embroidered with a hibiscus and a kingfisher as she grinned.

“Those were what your Big Brother brought back. I ah, was only just doing others a favor at little cost! If you want to give thanks, give it to your Big Brother!” Sang Wan smiled.

Shi Lian smiled cheekily at her. “Aren’t those the same!”

Sang Wan was taken aback, but she smiled without a word.

Shi Lian then sighed, “I think Big Brother really treats Sister-in-law really well! In the past, Big Brother rarely comes back early! But now that Sister-in-law is here, he’s changed.”

Sang Wan remained silent. If things were really as you think, that would have been great!

“Maybe the business isn’t as busy as it used to be?” Sang Wan asked, but Shi Lian shook her head as she smiled. She took a glimpse of all four directions before whispering to Sang Wan, “Sister-in-law doesn’t actually have to acknowledge Cousin Gu. Just wait and see, Big Brother will surely be able to see her true face sooner or later and understand who’s a pearl and who’s a fisheye bead. Even though it is indeed our family’s wrong that Cousin Gu has married in, she still has to observe three years of mourning! Sister-in-law, three years!”

Meaning, she would have to make full use of those three years!

Sang Wan rarely heard a member of Shi family speak as such to her, and she could not help but feel a gust of warmth in her heart. She stopped in her spot and measured Shi Lian strangely with her eyes before smiling.

Before Sang Wan could speak, Shi Lian initiated, “Sister-in-law must be finding my statement strange! After all, in the eyes of everyone else, I’m always quiet, like a mouthless gourd that’s not willing to speak! Those kinds of judgmental words are something I’ve never spoken to others before!”

Having what she was thinking in her mind be pointed out by Shi Lian, Sang Wan was surprised. Never had she expected Shi Lian to be so talkative. Not just that, talkative, but also saying things more than what she should.

“I won’t hide it from Third Sister, but my heart truly is puzzled!” Since she had already said so, Sang Wan laughed honestly.

Shi Lian glanced at her and smiled. “Perhaps, this is may be the fate between Sister-in-law and me! Since Sister-in-law is so approachable and easy to talk with, I believe in Sister-in-law, and I am willing to speak about anything to you. Sister-in-law, you won’t find me annoying, right?”

“Why would I! I can’t wish for more!” Sang Wan could not help but smile. Shi Lian went silent for a moment. She seemed to be a person who thinks before she speaks. She was definitely a person worthy to communicate with and put her trust in. She was unlike Gu Fangzi whose words always held a different meaning to it, making her difficult to guard against!

“Then that’s good! Since Sister-in-law says so, I’ll come to visit the small garden often to rant. I hope that won’t bother Sister-in-law!” Shi Lian smiled when she opened her eyes once again.

“Ho, then I can’t wait!” Sang Wan said, and the two smiled as they gazed at each other.

“Oh, Sister and Third Cousin, what’re the two of you talking about that’s making you so happy! Say it for me to listen to!” A fictitious voice traveled from a distance. Needless to say, that voice was from Gu Fangzi.

The enemy has arrived! Or in other words, the spirit of the enemy still lingers!

“Why did you two stop talking? Am I that hated by others? Or is it because Sister still blames me for what happened just now?” Seeing that the two were no longer talking anymore, Gu Fangzi laughed awkwardly.

“Sister, you’re thinking too much!” Sang Wan smiled. “That was all just a misunderstanding. Since it’s been solved, it’s all fine. If I’m still mad at that, then the days ahead will surely be difficult to live through!”

“Yes ah, Cousin,” Shi Lian smiled from the side. “Even though I don’t know what happened, a misunderstanding is just a misunderstanding. I’m sure Sister-in-law will not keep it to heart!”

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“Really? Then that’s good! It seems I’m really thinking too much!” Gu Fangzi raised a brow. Her eyes looked at Shi Lian, and then Sang Wan, but she could only smile. “Speaking of which, I really have to admit defeat! I can’t win against Sister who’s so diligent! Even the quiet Third Sister is so close with Sister! Sister, you’ll have to teach me in the future, don’t just keep it for yourself.”

Sang Wan found her disgusting, but she smiled as she humbly spoke, “Younger Sister, you’re making it sound so mysterious! All I did was treat others with sincerity! I’m sure even someone as clever as Younger Sister can understand, right?”

“Oh, so it seems! Younger Sister here finally understands!” Gu Fangzi laughed in ridicule as her heart chanted, Hypocrite!

Sang Wan couldn’t care less about her, and she turned and smiled at Shi Lian. “After walking for a while, I’m actually feeling a little tired and thirsty. I’ll be heading back now. Would Third Sister like to come along?”

Before Shi Lian could agree, she was interrupted by Gu Fangzi coldly, “Third Cousin, I happen to want to speak with you for a while. Do you maybe want to come with me first?”

To everyone’s surprise, Shi Lian just laughed her off. “I’m sorry, but would Cousin return first? If you would like to speak to me, I’ll come over to listen to you tomorrow when you’re free. Today, I’m also quite thirsty, so I’ll follow Sister-in-law!” With that, she tugged Sang Wan’s arm and smiled. “Sister-in-law, let’s go!”

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“Okay! We shall leave now then, Younger Sister!” Sang Wan smiled and left with Shi Lian.

Don’t you always like to complain? Then why not complain again? Sang Wan secretly sneered.

Gu Fangzi nibbled her lips irritably as she watched their figures became distant. After a while, she took in a deep breath before calming down.

“Only a person intoxicated by ambition will follow them!” Lan Xiang gently sighed before going up to Gu Fangzi. “Missy, let’s not talk with them. Let’s go back now!”

Surprisingly, Gu Fangzi did not throw a tantrum. She calmly stopped her before turning to ask, “Lan Xiang, tell me truthfully. Am I being a little too anxious these few days?”

“Missy…” Lan Xiang was startled. The serious Gu Fangzi made her somewhat at a loss for words.

“Just tell me.” Gu Fangzi saw her hesitant look and knew what was going on in her mind. Her heart felt dejected for a moment, but she quickly cheered herself up and asked, “Tell me the truth, I won’t reprimand you!”

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