Chapter 512 – Sage’s Chosen One

Ji Mo Ya looked at him for a moment, the six hundred spirit stone toy he bought was unexpectedly royalty, a scion of the previous Gnome King.

“Did you guys cause the factory explosion?”

An elderly gnome replied agitatedly, “Yes, the current factory was mostly manufacturing defensive equipment for humans, the new King is crazed and cruel. He wanted to work with humans and thus started selling equipment to them; his actions have called a catastrophic disaster onto our race! Since a disaster that would cause the extinction of our race is here, we had decided to blow up the factory.”

“And blow up me and Little Yan along the way as well, right?”

“We had always assumed that the two of you belonged to the group of humans that Herbu is working with, therefore… we are very sorry. If that Herbu had not worked together with those humans, his revolt would never have enough power to succeed, this caused us to hate all humans greatly!”

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Ji Mo Ya did not argue about this matter as he understood where they were coming from.

He had no choice but to accept and understand it anyway.

Just by looking at their living conditions, what else could he do? Seek compensation? That was simply impossible.

As for killing all of them? That was not his style.

The most important point was the Dorna saved Huan Qing Yan, although he wishes to kill Ji Mo Ya but the thought of killing Huan Qing Yan had never crossed his mind, and that fact was enough for Ji Mo Ya to let this matter go.

It was fine if they attacked him, but they should never try to attack his precious baby.

“What happened to the Life Totem? Why did it extinguish? How can it be reactivated?” Ji Mo Ya used this opportunity to clarify his doubts.

Dorna replied, “The Life Totem of the gnomes requires royalty to activate. When the late King passed away, the totem also extinguished along with his life, only the new King can activate it again. Herbu killed my Lord Father, so our guardian Life Totem extinguished along with him, and on the another hand, Herbu is also not a King that have been recognized by the ancestor sage, therefore he was unable to activate the Life Totem. Now, the gnomes have reached a dire situation; there is no food and also no water, while our last bit of food reserves are also nearly depleted.”

Dorna was very furious and had deep regrets. The time when Herbu revolted, he happened to be away and was not in the palace, otherwise, Herbu would not have succeeded so easily.

By the time he returned after settling his matters, it was already too late for anyything.

The Life Totem had been extinguished, Herbu had placed an arrest warrant out for him. With no other choice, he could only hide himself and act as a magic equipment to be sold to the humans.


At the same time, the gnome children who were playing with Huan Qing Yan had all started crying.

This was a reaction after eating the food that Huan Qing Yan gave them…

They were all covered in tears as they said, “Mama, Mama, this white bun is truly delicious!”

“Sis, try some, this fruit is so delicious that it can make you cry, this is the first time I am eating this…”


Cries of blissful happiness could be heard, some young gnomes felt so much gratitude towards Huan Qing Yan that they started to kiss her sleeves, shoes and skirt…

Huan Qing Yan was also laughing out loud with happiness.


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Ji Mo Ya could not beared to look at that scene any longer, so he focused on the discussion, “Since you possessed the royal bloodline, why did you not activate the Life Totem and return prosperity to your people?”

Dorna was silent for a moment, “Activating the Life Totem requires the King’s Scepter that was in the hands of Herbu, he will never give it to me. In addition, the Life Totem had lost its light ever since my Lord Father was bedridden; I tried to activate it that time, but the Life Totem did not light up…It was highly likely that I am not the one chosen by the sage as well.”

This was also one of the reasons that Herbu used when he revolted, the first was because the totem had lost its glow ever since the late King fell sick. Next was because the Prince was also not the sage’s chosen one as well. With these reasons, Herbu was able to successfully establish a cause for his revolt.

At that time, Dorna left his home because of the setback he experienced. By the time he returned, the entire Kingdom was already in chaos.

He sees himself as the cause for everything that had happened so far.

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