Chapter 511 – Really Not Worth The While

In the end, the Little One was completely fine, she had even managed to be good friends with some gnome children, this caused Ji Mo Ya to feel embarrassment even if he did not wanted to.

Huan Qing Yan’s hands was still on her hips as she puffed angrily, “Uncle, I drew something really pretty just now, but because of you scaring them, my picture has been stepped on. You must compensate me!”

Ji Mo Ya descended from his dragon spirit treasure and stood in front of Huan Qing Yan, his malicious aura had also dissipated.

He lightly coughed, “What happened? Can someone explain the situation to me? Who had the guts to kidnap my woman!”

Dorna walked out from the group of gnomes.

His expression was lukewarm and did not showed any signs that he welcomed Ji Mo Ya.

“Little Yan came herself, no one kidnapped her. Since you are here, please take her away then. I hope you will not speak of this place when you return, treat it as you had never found this place…”

Before Ji Mo Ya could reply, Huan Qing Yan who was beside him, was already jumping at those words.

“No, I still want to play. Uncle, it is so fun here…”

Next, without waiting for Ji Mo Ya’s reply, she stretched out her hands and started to search around Ji Mo Ya’s waist, slipping her hands in between his clothes…

“Uncle, do you have any food? Little Wintermelon, Little Pumpkin are all still hungry, they did not even have the strength to draw… they need to eat something.”

Huan Qing Yan had somehow given names to all her little pals during this time.

Little Wintermelon, Little Pumpkin, Little Watermelon, Little Cucumber, Little Beansprout etc.…

Ji Mo Ya knew that everything was likely a misunderstanding on his part, ‘Bally’ had saved Huan Qing Yan during the factory bombing, he would not be hostile towards Huan Qing Yan who chose to follow him, truly a misunderstanding.

He felt slightly ashamed.

Therefore, he listened to Huan Qing Yan’s request and took out all sorts of food such as rice cakes, buns, pastries and spirit fruits.

Huan Qing Yan raised her head and happily gave Ji Mo Ya a kiss, “Uncle, you are the best.”

Next, she addressed her young gnome friends, “Line up guys, time to distribute some fruits…”

She started playing house and got them to seat down neatly and played a game of fruit distribution.

Ji Mo Ya casually stood at one side… Knowing that the Little One was fine and so energetic, his worried heart had also calmed down.

He started to observe his surroundings.

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In fact, it only took him one glance to sweep through the entire area, other than the four walls, there was nothing else that caught his eye.

The gnomes were living harsh lives, why were they hiding here?

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The gnome warriors at one side were all still adopting a high alert towards Ji Mo Ya.

Dorna spoke to Ji Mo Ya, “Young Master Ya, it is better if we discuss about some matters.”

Ji Mo Ya did not reject his offer, he wanted to know what was happening in the Gnome Kingdom.

In addition, he spent six hundred thousand spirit stones to buy “Bally” from the auction house, this matter also required some discussion as well…

His spirit stones did not appear out of thin air, the toy that he bought for Huan Qing Yan ran away, and on top of that, the toy had even seduced Little Yan to run away with it; this purchase was really not worth the while.

They reached an empty area within the hall; Dorna sat and several elderly gnomes that looked to be filled with wisdom also sat behind Dorna. They gave Ji Mo Ya a piece of pelt to serve as his seat while inviting him to seat down.

Ji Mo Ya possessed a strong adaptability and sat down by kneeling. His position was pretty good as it allowed him to observe Huan Qing Yan whenever he lifted his head.

She was currently seating in the middle of a group of gnome children and despite being seater, she still stood out clearly from the group.

‘Young Mater Ya, I believed you might have understood certain matters about the current situation of the Gnome Kingdom. My name is Dorna, I am the son of the late King, and the current King, Herbu, is my maternal uncle. Three years ago, Herbu colluded with humans and used their strength to stage a revolt when my Lord Father was bedridden due to an illness, killing him in the process, and  he then usurped the throne to become the new King. Everyone you saw here were once loyal subordinates and subjects of my late Father…” Dorna revealed his identity.

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