Chapter 510 – Murderous God

One must understand that the Gnome Kingdom had been in a drought for a long period of time by then; not only w there a lack of food, there was also a lack of water as well.

It was also thanks to the clean water that Prince Dorna had brought them, stolen on his first day of return that allowed them to last so long; if not, they would have died of thirst and hunger long ago.


The food that Dorna gave Huan Qing Yan was not much, it was slowly saved by him over a period of time.

He did not know why he decided to save food as well, it might be because he had subconsciously wanted to save some for the gluttonous Huan Qing Yan. During the period when he was hiding inside the ball, he had observed how Ji Mo Ya had always prepared food in advance for Huan Qing Yan daily, he might have unconsciously learnt thus habit while observing.

Nowadays, whenever he has food, he would always keep a bit of it, and the first reaction he had when Huan Qing Yan entered his territory, was to take out the food he saved to give it to her.

This strange behavior was something he decided not to think too deeply…

Very soon, Huan Qing Yan had distributed all the food that Dorna gave her.

She had also warmed up and became friends with the gnome children due to this.

The young gnomes were not shy as they taught her to play games such as mud slinging, stone throwing and wall painting etc….

Huan Qing Yan was extremely happy, as she immediately felt that these gnome children were much cuter than Bally.

She also stopped harassing Dorna.

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As for Dorna…

He should be feeling happy that he was able to escape her, yet he somehow felt a tinge of sadness?

Suddenly, a powerful murderous aura wrapped the entire cavern!

Ordinary gnomes who did not cultivate aside, even those with some level of cultivation also turned pale…

“Not good! Enemies!”

“Prince Dorna, it might be the King’s people, we must quickly evacuate!”

“Take the women and children away first, us gnome warriors shall stay behind and battle to death!”

“We can’t, this energy is extremely powerful, it is not something we can handle, wait a minute… this seems to be energy emitted by humans…”


Ji Mo Ya had followed the scent of blood and spent nearly four hours before he arrived at this location.

This cavern has a spell formation that prevented his divine sense from performing,

It was highly likely that Huan Qing Yan was hidden in this place.

Ji Mo Ya’s baleful aura covered the entire cavern without holding back, he summoned his Cosmos Brush and rode on his dragon spirit treasure as he charged in.

In white snow robes, his form and action seemed as if a heavenly god had descended, a murderous god at that!

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“Hand over the hostage or die!”

When his cold voice was heard, many gnomes were unable to withstand the powerful pressure; some women and children immediately broke down into tears from fear.

Amongst the commotion, many had also started planning their escape.

Huan Qing Yan was originally playing happily with the gnome kids but was suddenly badly interrupted. This caused her to be very unhappy; she faced upwards and shouted with displeasure, “Uncle, why are you scaring Little Yan’s pals! Come down now and apologize to my friends!”


The entire cavern turned silent.

Including Ji Mo Ya.

Ji Mo Ya looked at this cave that was in chaos, as well as an extremely annoyed Huan Qing Yan who had her hands on her hips; his exquisite handsome face blushed slightly as he lost his ability to maintain his usual calm appearance.

Something is not right?

It was a misunderstanding?

It was also not his fault, right? A barrier had prevented his divine sense from probing; in addition, it was also in such a remote location. Plus, the candy that Huan Qing Yan dropped and the traces of blood on the ground… all those signs had misled him to think that Huan Qing Yan had been kidnapped.

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