Chapter 509 – Hostility

Everyone dispersed to continue their respective tasks.

Dorna brought Huan Qing Yan to a raised portion of the hall where a large clean stone was located to sit, it was Dorna’s living space, and there were nothing but a piece of clean white stone.

Dorna had just aided in a prison escape that would have ended with him being given a death sentence if caught; in addition, he was carrying a great burden of revenge and had no time to accompany the foolish girl to play. After searching for a while, he managed to secure some food that were black in color, he placed it on the white stone and said, “Be obedient and play here, I still have something to do over there and will return later.”

This was a large space with no obstructions and Dorna pointed towards the injured members.

Huan Qing Yan was very visible in her current location, it would not prevent him from keeping an eye on her.

Huan Qing Yan’s attention was caught by the food on the stone, she sat on the stone that was just big enough to accommodate one of her size and started to shake her legs happily while putting the black food into her mouth.

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After taking a bite, she immediately found out that the food had a waxy taste to it, and that caused her to spit it back out.

“Bally, what is this disgusting thing?” Huan Qing Yan complained towards Dorna’s direction.

A group of gnome children had slowly approached the white stone without anyone’s notice till now.

All of them looked skinny and malnourished, the eyes on their sunken faces possessed the glint of hunger as they stared at the food that Huan Qing Yan detested.

“¥—¥%%#?¥” – “These are the delicious Black Rice Bugs, why did she dislike it?”

“**——……%¥#?” – “Prince Dorna seems to favor her greatly, if not, he would not have given her such delicious food to eat right?”

“¥?!##%%” – “I am so hungry, I have not eaten my fill for several days already.”

“**()%¥#” – “Do not steal it, she is Prince Dorna’s friend, someone acknowledged as a Friend by our Prince is also our Friend…”


As a qualified glutton, Huan Qing Yan was very familiar with any ‘I want to eat’ eyes, and these young gnomes in front of her were without a doubt displaying such eyes.

Therefore, she magnanimously took one piece of the black food and offered it to one of the young gnomes.

And sincerely said, “You want to eat? Here, take it.”

That young gnome jumped in shock.

While there was a great desire for the food being offered, after taking a peek in the direction where Prince Dorna was, it shook its head and took a few steps back, before a blank stare was fixed at her.

Huan Qing Yan was not offended by the rejection; instead, she threw the black block of food onto the ground in front of the young gnome.

With a an expression of ‘I understand very clearly’ she said, “if you are afraid of Bally, then just eat it sneakily, I will not tell him.”

The young gnome had been starving for a long time, it was very hard on him to refuse Huan Qing Yan once already, now that she had thrown the food right in front of him, how was he able to bear with it…

He quickly bended down and pick the food block up and wolfed the food down, the dirt and dust on it ignored.

With an example presented, the remaining young gnomes all looked at Huan Qing Yan with expectant eyes.

Huan Qing Yan chuckled, she finally discovered something fun.

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She divided these disgusting and unknown food provided by Dorna into many pieces and gave some to each gnome child.

As the gnome children received food from her, their attitude towards her had also grown greatly.

Along with them were the mothers of these children who were monitored everything in secret, when they saw how Huan Qing Yan magnanimously gave out those hard to obtain food to their children, the hostility they had towards her also reduced greatly.

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