Chapter 508 – Prince Dorna!

Huan Qing Yan followed Dorna and eventually they reached a huge hidden cavern.

The cavern was extremely deep and dark even with her lighting equipment, their surrounding was also covered with strange stones that seemed to be arranged into some sort of formation or some sort of barrier.

The smell within the cavern was also not pleasant as it gave off a musky dull smell…

However, Huan Qing Yan possessed a strong adaptability in new environments.

She only pinched her nose for a moment before taking her hand away.

“Bally, where are we going?”

Dorna was already completely defeated by her.

This area was filled with holes and pits, knowing that her intellect was limited, and concerned that she would fall and cry, he was currently holding her hand. Huan Qing Yan’s hand was obviously bigger than his, yet his strength was bigger than hers; he was also the one that needed to hold on to her hand tightly as Huan Qing Yan in her curiosity was often found looking around and would have fallen if he had not pulled her back.

“This is where we will be staying temporarily, there are many gnomes here but do not worry, they will not harm you if I am around.” Dorna gloomily replied.

As he spoke, the human and gnome duo entered the large hall space within the cavern.

As expected, hundreds of gnomes were gathered here, each of them secured a small area and built a small tent or laid a fur carpet etc., near the tents were female gnomes busy with food preparation or creating stone weaponry.

The young and abled male gnomes were gathered together, training.

There was also an area where gnomes gathered to nurse their wounds, these group of gnomes were the ones that Huan Qing Yan met earlier on.

The remaining ones were young gnomes who have yet to reach adulthood, they were playing around in different groups, releasing laughter of joys that brought some color into this huge gloomy hall.

Everyone noticed Dorna’s arrival and said in unison, “Prince Dorna!”

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Dorna waved his hand and nodded his head in acknowledgment, the next moment, Huan Qing Yan entered the area following him.

Rage instantly appeared on the gnomes when they saw Huan Qing Yan.

Some young gnomes picked up stones nearby and wanted to hurl it towards Huan Qing Yan.

Huan Qing Yan displayed an innocent expression plus she was born with innate inability to sense situations; there they were planning to greet her with stones, yet she happily greeted them still, “Hello! How is everyone!”

Dorna scolded something at those young gnomes in gnomish.

The young gnomes immediately stopped their actions.

As the young gnomes stopped their attacks, several female gnomes approached quickly and shielded their children behind them as though a great enemy has arrived.

The group of gnome warriors who were training also started to surround them with weapons in hand.

Dorna explained, “Everyone, she has no ill intentions and is not a bad person. There are also good people amongst humans, not all of them are bad; just like us, not every gnome is a good gnome as well. Earlier on, the lackey guards of the King nearly caught us, but this young lady covered for us, it is thanks to her that our warriors were able to safely return back to us!”

Everyone looked at the group of injured gnome warriors…

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Some of them nodded, “That is correct, we were indeed helped by this human lady.”

Of course, as they conversed in gnomish, Huan Qing Yan was unable to comprehend, but she magnanimously accepted this fact and acted normal.

Bally was on her side anyway.

After a series of explanation and an absolute guarantee from Prince Dorna, the hostility issue from the gnomes slowly decreased.

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