Chapter 507 – Dared To Touch His Woman!

“I am not leaving…”

The situation repeated itself once again.

Dorna was totally defeated, he displayed a ‘whatever, do as you like’ expression while using all his strength to free his leg before he turned around to leave.

Huan Qing Yan looked at the path she came from and looked once again towards Dorna’s direction, and then decisively followed after Dorna.

The terrain was rather complex plus it was a mess due to the destruction, Dorna did not dare to let her walk around casually, so he made sure to keep himself within her sight. Since she wants to follow, then just let her do as she pleases.

The foolish girl’s way of thinking has him completely defeated.

If the entire human race intellect were like hers, would the gnome race have fallen so low?

They would have conquered and ruled over all humans!


Ji Mo Ya was verifying and confirmed that this place was where a Nine Star Treasure Vine grew.

There were many broken pieces of interconnected nine stars everywhere.

In addition, this place gave an extremely rich soul energy that also confirmed that a Nine Star Treasure Vine grew here.

As this place was very suited for Treasure Vines’ growth, Ji Mo Ya searched the area and hoped that there would be another one nearby.

But unfortunately, nothing was found.

Although it took more time then expected, he eventually returned.

Only to discover that Huan Qing Yan had disappeared!

Where did that the Little One go this time!

He sent out his divine sense to detect the divine sense he had left behind on Huan Qing Yan’s Phoenix Feather Bell…

In the end, he discovered that there was nothing to be found within a radius of several kilometres.

The Gnome Kingdom was not a place where his divine sense could reach everywhere, there were some places that were made from special minerals that could affect the link between two divine senses.

Of course, it was not surprising for a Kingdom to have a place that could completely block off divine senses.

Ji Mo Ya’s gaze darken, a murderous storm started to grow within him.

Huan Qing Yan would definitely not leave her spot for no reason, someone must have acted.

Good! Dared to touch his woman!

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Ji Mo Ya as unable to determine who was the person, it was possible that it was the Gnome King as he was worried that Ji Mo Ya would not agree to summoning spirit rain, so he kidnapped Huan Qing Yan to ransom him.

Another possibility would be the gnome rebels; they bombed the equipment factory when they were visiting it, to say that they did not possess any enmity towards Huan Qing Yan was impossible. If not, of all times possible, they would not have chosen to bomb the factory when the King was bringing them around for a tour.

Ji Mo Ya still had some hope that Huan Qing Yan might have returned to their accommodations back at the palace, but when he returned, he found that she was not there as well.

Ji Mo Ya’s heart got more and more worried while his face turned more and more ugly.

No matter the reason, if anyone dared to use Huan Qing Yan to threaten him, that would be toeing past his bottom line, and they were just asking for death!

Ji Mo Ya returned to where Huan Qing Yan had disappeared again but still could not discover any signs of struggle.

After a detailed investigation, Ji Mo Ya discovered some minute traces of blood.


Ji Mo Ya’s heart tightened, was the Little One hurt?

His eyes turned cold as his poise of a young noble master disappeared, only the baleful aura like that of an infernal god was left.

Ji Mo Ya followed the scent of blood and tracked for a distance.

That was when he discovered some strands of long hair;; when he picked it up, it emitted a familiar fragrance.

The scent of Huan Qing Yan.

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In the corner, he noticed the candy that was covered in dirt.

The Little One was a glutton and would rarely discard her food unless it was for some uncontrollable reason.

When he thought of that fact, the temperature around Ji Mo Ya once again fell to a new low…

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