Chapter 515 – Saintess

Each of them was emitting auras that were deep and profound.

Sage Xun was one of the individuals gathered.

The six of them were all Half-Sages!

A Sage level entity has yet to appear within Spirit Treasure Continent for several years, the ten Half-Sages of humanity were the peak battle powers that humanity currently possessed.

They are also part of the highest planning organization of humanity: The Sage Conference.

At each Sage Conference, they would gather to discuss and decide matters that would cause an impact on humanity.

“Confer the title of Saintess to Bai Li Zi Xi? Isn’t it too early?” a Half-Sage frowned.

“This old man had witnessed that lass’s Boosting Dance, it is definitely extraordinary.”

Sage Xun quickly added, “Giving her the title of Saintess is indeed a tad too hasty. However, this technique would greatly improve the fighting power of humanity, we must grant it to her. What’s more, the position of Saintess was simply a matter of diverting additional cultivation resources towards her, she will not hold any actual authority, it should not be a major problem.”

“Your words made sense, it was indeed nothing much.”

“Agreed, this old man feels that this girl is worth grooming.”

In the end, they decided to confer the title of Saintess to Bai Li Zi Xi.

Six Half-Sages make up more than half the total members of the Sage Conference; with their six votes, the matter was immediately confirmed.

The Holy Court quickly took action, making arrangements for the conferring ceremony as well as disseminating the news to everyone…


“Young Master Ji Mo, you agreed to summon spirit rain and activate the totem for the gnomes?” the gnome king, Herbu, verified with Ji Mo Ya.

Ji Mo Ya replied, “Yes, I must obtain the Nine Star Treasure Vine.”

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Huan Qing Yan had yet to awake, she looked like she was still sleeping while being carried by him.

“Then good, Lady Huan’s situation does not seem to be good, this King also hopes that you can cure her of her sickness earlier…”

Ji Mo Ya emotionlessly replied, “I need three days to prepare. I will find you after three days.”

The gnome king displayed a happy smile, “Sure, sure, sure. Please go ahead to prepare; do you need the palace maids to help you take care of Lady Huan?”

“No need.”

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Ji Mo Ya would only feel reassured if he was personally taking care of Huan Qing Yan.

Soon after Ji Mo Ya had left, the Gnome King waved his hand and the old priest appeared from a corner.

“Your Majesty, there are some suspicious movements by Young Master Ji Mo, although we were unable to follow him too closely but this old one judge that he had most likely returned from where the rebel camp was located…”

Herbu revealed a cunning smile, “No matter where he came from, there will be no problem as long as he agrees to summon spirit rain. Since he would not be leaving the gnome Kingdom anyway.”

“Is Your Majesty confident?”

“As long as the totem lights up, I will want to see if there are anyone not willing to submit to me left! Dorna might have returned, but so what? Our human allies are also powerful, and with their help, I, Herbu, will be able to seat on the throne firmly! Hahaha…” Herbu seemed to have foreseen a perfect future.

“Yes, Your Majesty is wise! Under the rule of Your Majesty, the gnomes would absolutely rise to a higher place!”

Herbu continued, “Quietly open the barrier and send a spirit crane to our human allies. Inform them that the totem will be reactivated soon… If any accident happens, we might need their assistance.”

“Okay, this old man will go immediately. Do we still continue to perform the rites at the Nine Ring Pillars?”

“No need. Stop it.”


Nan Gong Bei Cheng was currently meditating.

He has been working hard recently, as he actively trained to improve his cultivation.

Ever since the heartfelt words of the Old Clan Patriarch, he had decided to shoulder some responsibility of the clan and prepare for the upcoming centennial competition between the Eight Great Clans; no matter what, he must take it seriously.

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